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Ahhh deep breath, so recap from beginning...Friday the 14th began with my water breaking I kept busy anxiously waiting all day for labor to start with no luck. As the 24 hour mark was approaching I began trying to help things along with castor oil still nothing, followed by more breast pumping, vigorous walking, black and blue cohosh all with no luck. I began to try to prepare myself for hospital transfer and had decided that 48 hours after ROM was as long as I was comfortable waiting. 3:30 am on the 15th as I was in the middle of my 2nd round of cohoshes I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move for a while and tried to poke around my belly with no response, I was getting frantic drank a glass of OJ and still nothing...I think I was almost shaking my belly. I started to cry, woke J and said I wanted to go to hospital NOW. He at first thought I was crying saying I didn't want to and then he realized I was frantically grabbing cloths ready to run out the door. He woke Tina my doula and great friend that was here and we left, calling midwife along way to hospital just a few miles away. I get there and checked in pretty quickly, I was very short w questions and just wanted to see if baby was ok. Thankfully everything sounded great and I began to feel her.
With that scare over it was now time to start preparing. Nurses seemed a bit concerned that it had been close to 48 hours since ROM, told me what I already knew that I would need to start antibiotics and were sure that the OB on call would want to start pitocin but first wanted an ultrasound and blood work up. All that looked good and then came my first "rebellious" moment, the lab tech came to get more blood I ask why and she says so that they can compare my blood time and confirm it I say well I know my blood type why is it necessary to do it again so she laughs at me and stumbles with her words because she has no idea and says my nurse can answer that. Nurse comes in and says "what's the problem?" she says that they need to compare to first because it could be wrong and I could need a transfusion so I say I can tell you what it is, it's in my chart that my midwife who was now with us brought, and it is on file from when I came in with blood pressure issues. "so you're refusing it" "Yes!" I get the eye roll and nurse apologizes to tech.
Now the 7am shift change is coming and I just know that they are drawing straws for who is going to have to get the difficult patient. To our surprise an awesome RN, CNM in training comes in saying she is so delighted to have me and had to fight w another CNM in training to get me! I go over all the "I don't want pain meds, hep b, erythromiacin" and all that and she is cool w it all. We even try to come up with a plan for setting up my pool on the room and how to keep baby monitored while on Pit. She tells about OB on call, apparently they have a pretty good relationship she really trusts my nurse and is as hands off as possible. They start the pit low and increase slowly but also let me know that there is a since of urgency since ROM. Around 2pm is when I shed my first tear, partly because of pain and partly because it was really real now. In the room we had MW(jennifer), doula(tina), MIL and DP(John). Tina was soooo awesome, and really gave J great cues and how to help and comfort me. As the pitocin climbed up and intensity increased I pretty much stayed on ball leaning on bed or J or in bathroom on toilet. I was really feeling close to done at one point and asked to be checked, I didn't know how much longer I could do this. Nurse said that I was a 6 and 90% i started to cry and asked for something intravenously, I believe this was around 5:30 pm. I can't remember what they gave me but for about 3 contractions it took a tiny bit of the edge off. My MW kept reminding me that this was the shortest part and I was almost there, my body was starting to push and I started to say I can't do this. OB came in and wanted to check me, she said "umm you're about 8, maybe 9 baby still a little high so don't push" she and nurse walked out. My MW and Tina were talking and said they could she her head when OB checked and thought she was wrong, MW decided to check me and said "you just have a lip you can push through it" I felt like i had a long break and prepared myself to push on next contraction. I could feel her coming and laying on my side gripping the bed rail I gave it all I had MW yelled to J to push call button and I think he pushed every one but haha. With 1 contraction and one push 7 min after OB said I was 8 Lorelei was out and on my belly as the OB and nurse came back in, my MW caught her. I was in shock she was finally here and it was over. OB looked me over no tears placenta came out easy and everything looked great.
Lorelei was 6lb 5oz and 20", a champion nurser right away. We had talked to nurse prior about keeping placenta so she told us she was "throwing it away" put in container and put gently on top of garbage. Tina grabbed it and put it in a bag. Nurse said that she talked to OB and that they were ok w us leaving after 6 hours but I would have to sign out AMA. After 3 hours I was ready to rest, baby had been doing great, I had peed and we decided to leave then. Everything went smooth and we we're soon home snug in bed.
So as far as hospital birth with pitocin everything went great! I am still mourning the peaceful waterbirth at home that I wanted but know that with what we were given things could not have been better.
One downside... The next day after reviewing my chart my nurses manager was pretty livid about everything. Nurse called my MW from her cell to tell her that manager had called CPS on me for refusing erythromiacin. Manager told nurse that she should have forced me, or made me wait for ped to convince me. I haven't heard from CPS but I know that if a case is filed they have to look into it.
Yesterday doula came from Austin the encapsulate my placenta, that was a fun all day thing. I know that with things not going as planned I am more prone to PPD. Everything has been great, we are so in love with our sweet little boobaholic. My older kids came home tonight from vacation with their dad and they are of course sooo in love.
Wow, that was really long! But even if just for myself I needed to get it all out w mamas that would understand. After all that I don't have time to proofread haha, but you know what I mean
Thank you again for all the support.

Likes a little crunch with occasional sogginess~Misty,Mama to L1, L2, L3, L4,L5 and Loving J!
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She's beautiful Mama. Congratulations. Enjoy your babymoon

Mama to Toad (08/06), Frog (01/09)... and new baby Newt born on his due date, Sep. 8, 2010
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congrats mama and thats awesome they let you keep your placenta!

Unschooling Crunchy Mama of 5 babies. Welcome Emily-Rose born September 7th 2010!
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Yay! I had a pitocin-induced birth after ROM with my last one, so a lot of this was really striking a chord with me... I'm so glad that you had such a great team with you, and I had to laugh when you pushed out the baby right after being told you were only an 8. And YAY for supportive L&D nurse, I had one too and it makes such a difference.

Congratulations again on your daughter!

Kelly (28), in love with husband Jason (38) and our awesome babies:  Emma 4/09, and Ozzy 8/10

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She is so precious and perfect! Congratulations!

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." ~A.U.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story and your pictures! Congratulations on your beautiful Lorelei!

I before E, except after C.  Weird.
DD: 8/2010.
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She is beautiful!
I'm glad you were able to have a fairly positive birth experience even if it wasn't what you had planned.
I wouldn't worry too much about the CPS call. They may not have even done it, and if its the same as here they do not need to open a case on every call (in my line of work we work with them alot).
I was warned about the erythromycin situation if we end up in hospital too.

Mama to three sweet boys ('04, '07 and the new addition arrived on Sept 8, 2010)
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And I'm livid about that manager. Sounds like someone does not like informed patients.

Mom to two intact boys, born at home. DS1 11/07, DS2 9/10
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That's crazy about the OB not thinking you were ready to push! You were so fortunate to have chosen such a wonderful support team--and to have lucked into a nurse who was excited about your birth

Congratulations on the addition of your beautiful L5!!

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Excellent birth story - while things didn't go they way you planned, she's here and healthy, and you did it! Sounds like you had a wonderful team supporting you (MW, doula, DP, and super nurse )

Congrats mama!

SAHM to one precious 2 year old and wife to my loving DH. And here we go again!
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I'm so glad you got the support you needed when you needed it. Sorry abou the headaches of others, though--not cool. Still, it seems like a pretty incredible birth! Way to go, mama!!

RedOak ~ Momma to DS (8) , DS (4) , DD (3) , & DD 9/10 ~
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Yeah! Happy times!

"If you keep doing the same things you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results you've always gotten."

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Love your rebelliousness! Way to go, Misty! Lorelei is perfect and I'm so happy she got here safely!

All pioneers are considered to be afflicted with moonstruck madness. -Gilbert Blythe
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I'm so in love and still can't believe she is here and I'm not pregnant anymore.
As of yet I haven't heard anything from CPS hopefully they just laughed it off.
After have some classes he had to teach J is finally on paternity leave so maybe I can catch up on some sleep.
So excited to see all the babies starting to come in.

Likes a little crunch with occasional sogginess~Misty,Mama to L1, L2, L3, L4,L5 and Loving J!
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congratulations!! she is gorgeous!!!

Amanda~ mommy to Brayden (06/05), Noah (08/07), Alex (11/08), Lucy (09/10) and Kara (10/12)
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Awww! Congrats! I hope the CPS stuff turns out to be nothing. Enjoy baby!

sleepytime.gifC.- WOHM, CPST Instructor, and all around busy Mama to  blowkiss.gifA.- 02/04, bouncy.gif I. 01/07,babyf.gifE. 09/10 and

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thank you for sharing! what a wonderful story and a goregous baby!!!


- Staci, Mommy to Mollie (3/06), Jamie (5/08), Annie (9/10), Bently (2/13) , and Robin (11/15)
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Congratulations! It sounds like you had a great birth despite not being at home, and so nice u could leave after 3 hours! You and Lorelei both look beautiful!

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keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin' it's time to die.

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Congratulations mama - she is beautiful! I wish you luck with the CPS thing; hopefully she was just bluffing. I wish you a wonderful baby moon and a speedy recovery with no ppd!

Laura, mama to Henry 01.28.07 uc.jpg
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