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We were talking about this in... either the prodromal thread or the One thread but it seems so interesting I thought we should give it its own thread.

Lately, my older cat (shes only about 2 years old and is also a September baby!) has been extremely protective of me. She sits under my bed while I am on the computer, sits in front of the bathroom door while I potty (well that ones not new) and follows me everywhere. When I am having a particularly painful contraction, she meows at me, as if to ask if I'm okay. Last night, DH kept the kitties out of our room while we slept (due to our kitten) and she sat outside the door meowing every time I got up to go potty.

My kitten today is extremely clingy. Partially because I have food and he wants it (he tried eating my fortune cookie) but even apart from that he is following me everywhere too and snuggling up to me when I don't have food. I call him my puppy most days (both of my cats play fetch and I find that hilarious) but today he seriously is acting like a puppy!

For most of the pregnancy (and time we have lived in this house) both cats have ignored me, except that the older one always watches me go potty.

Have your pets changed?

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I got my terrior a little over a year before I had my twins. He was aloof and difficult. We got him from a shelter and he was terrified of people especially men, he would pee when there was a loud noise, and he enjoyed running away. He was very difficult but we were working with him. When I got pregnant with the girls everything changed. He started sleeping very close to me and as I got bigger he would wrap himself around my belly. Before I could never hold him and only pet him for short amts of time.

After the girls were here he took to them so quick. When one would cry he would run and put his head near where they were. As they aged he kind of went back to aloof terrior only wanting attention when he wanted it. He was always in his own little world.

Shortly before I found out I was pregnant again, he started cuddling up in bed with me. I was starting to freek a bit because he is up there in age now and I thought this was a sign it was close to the end. Well shortly after I realized I was pregnant again and Rusty is cuddling up liek he did before.

Im still a bit worried and hope he gets to meet this baby. The vet said his senior blood pannel was great, but I can see him slowing way down and just acting a little off.
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My dog Buster (90lb bulloxer) is very protective of the babies pack n play. He runs our other dog(5 lb Jack Russell)Bayli off if she comes near it. Im sleeping in the living room with the baby and Buster sleeps right between me and the pack n play. He's our protector!

But Bayli gets very nervous if the baby crys. So cute! Buster will actually whine if the baby is crying. Animals have a good sense of whats going on around them. Really neat to watch their actions.

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I wish my animals reacted in a nice way! I have 3 cats, and the 2 females turned into nasty things when I got pregnant. They just dropped the whole pretense of being civilized housecats. For months, I thought that they were having a very delayed dominance war (the newest cat had been with us for a year), and then the young one started attacking me, and the old one got hissy and rude around me too. For a while, they were on cat prozac! In the end, we made the backyard cat-proof and kicked them out. They were always meowing to go out and sneaking out anyway, and they (and I) amd much happier now.

My 10 year old male has always been very affectionate to me, but he got even more so. He'll jump into my arms when he wants a cuddle, and unfortunately he does not always give me notice. I'm making dinner, and then a cat is flying at me. He's also taken to sleeping ON me most nights. Now that I'm big and restless he's given up on that, but up until the last few weeks I would have to twitch him off multiple times a night.

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My cats have had very different reactions to me being pregnant, and they are both boys. One (6yo I've had since he was 7 wks) is spending way more time with me than normal and follows me everywhere I go. When I am sleeping at night or just napping on the couch, he snuggles up to my head and purrs. It's cute but annoying, because he is 16 lbs.

The other cat (4ish yo we've had for 2.5yrs) has always loved my DH a little bit more than me, but would snuggle in bed with me every morning after breakfast before I shower. Now he wants little to do with me. He will tolerate me petting him and will walk across me to get to DH, but doesn't have the same affection he used to have. He was a rescue who was given up by a couple who had a baby with allergies though, so maybe that has something to do with it.

The dogs (both girls) seem to acknowledge that I have something going on with me (they definitely notice the belly), but they don't seem to have changed their behavior toward me much, still just as lovey and annoying as usual.

SAHM to one precious 2 year old and wife to my loving DH. And here we go again!
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Aghh our 6 month old pup has had a much harder time with new baby than an any older sibling ever has haha. He is driving me nuts! He still freaks out ever time she cries.

Likes a little crunch with occasional sogginess~Misty,Mama to L1, L2, L3, L4,L5 and Loving J!
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Mae you're going into labor sooner than later!! My cat started guarding me a little over a day before I went into labor w/ds.

So far my cat is acting normally, which is anything but normal - cats are strange.

XM,: mama to ds (5/08), dd (9/10) and ds (6/12) ! whale.gif :C.H.S & M.

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My cats have always been much more clingy as I get into late pregnancy. Sitting with me, ON me, kneading me...

However this time one of my cats, and we aren't entirely sure which but we have a very good idea, is peeing all over the house!!!! But only on DH's things? Yesterday ALONE she peed on his hat, his shorts and his laptop bag. We're going to take her in to see if it might be a bladder infection or something. I CAN NOT deal with cat pee all over my house and DH is likely to strangle her if she keeps this up. He was FURIOUS this morning, when he discovered she had climbed up onto the chair and peed on his laptop bag at some point over night. I have yet to find cat pee on any of my or the kids things though.

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Originally Posted by mommamisty View Post
Aghh our 6 month old pup has had a much harder time with new baby than an any older sibling ever has haha. He is driving me nuts! He still freaks out ever time she cries.
eee! this makes me nervous! We have a 6 month old boxer and I'm very curious to see how he reacts to baby. Just yesterday he started to be a bit more clingy/cuddly and our older dog has recently started sleeping in our room again, so I'm wondering if they're sensing a change soon.

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Until recently my pug, G, has been a bit standoffish--very strange for him, b/c he's a total mama's boy! He is usually in my lap as much as possible, but for a large part of my pregnancy he's avoided my lap (even when it still existed!) and seemed much more oriented to snuggling with DH.

However...for the past week or so, it's been all mama, all the time. He follows me to the bathroom, he is either next to me or on top of me on the couch, and he's constantly looking at me if he's sitting or laying down somewhere else. I told DH that maybe G can sense something about my body preparing for labor that I can't sense yet, which made DH panic because the closets he's redoing aren't done yet, and he doesn't want baby to come before he's finished with them!

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