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Hi ladies,

I've mostly been a lurker in our DDC during this pregnancy, but I need some like-minded women to talk to about my baby who decided to flip breech sometime in the past two days!!

I'm 36 weeks + 4 days today, and my midwife came for my HB home visit today. LO has been head down every other time she's checked, but today she couldn't find his head. She did a VE to see if she could feel it that way and no dice. So, she sent me in for a u/s to find out his exact position. Sure enough, he's breech! I know this is a new development, because he has hiccups constantly, and I definitely felt them by my cervix yesterday. I think he flipped last night while I was lying in bed. Anyway, my midwife will not attend a breech birth at home, and her back-up doctor won't attend one in the hospital either. (We're in IL, and she doesn't know of anyone who will attend a breech HB - I'm sure there are some, but I haven't started searching yet.)

Anyway, my MW recommends moving fast - breech tilt and warm bath w/ ice pack near baby's head tonight (plus anything else from Spinning Babies I want to try.) and then tomorrow try to see a chiro who can perform Webster technique and an acupuncturist for moxibustion. Also, she gave me a huge list of doctors who perform versions and/or "say" they deliver breech in the hospital. She said she thinks I should get in for a version on Friday! This all seem so stinkin' fast to me. I mean, if we do a version, do we really have to do it this soon?? If he was able to flip head up this late in the game, shouldn't he be able to flip back on his own? Dealing with a breech was so far off of my radar for this pregnancy, the worst I was worried about was a posterior baby, now I'm really overwhelmed by having to switch gears this late in the game! I still haven't given up on my HB, but I'm nervous about baby not flipping and then being stuck with my only option being a c-section.

Oh, and irony of all, I'm a brand-new provisional Bradley teacher/doula - you'd think I'd be able to take something like this in stride and be totally prepared, but I'm not!! Studying about a scenario in a book or teaching about it in class is a lot different than dealing with it when it's your own family/baby at stake.

Anyone BTDT or have any advice?

Me (27) and : DH (29), DD 12/08, DS 9/10, and #3 due 04/13!! Knitting, gardening/preserving, sewing, doulaing, loving God & others. Dreaming of my future farm...
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nope just good luck

i know how hard it is to find someone who will still do things naturally in the face of problems in Illinois. I was blessed to have an awesome doctor who talked me into homebirth but even she was not able to have her homebirth she wanted!

If baby can still flip breech, they can still flip vertex! So keep up hope!

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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post

If baby can still flip breech, they can still flip vertex! So keep up hope!
Absolutely! DS flipped breech right around 36 weeks and then (after A LOT of worrying from me) he flipped back at 38.5 weeks. Do what you can, it'll happen.

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Oh, that's stressful. I hope baby will flip back to head-down for you.

Mom to DD (3), my little peanut (9/10/09) and our newest addition 9/16/10
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When I was pregnant with twins, ds2 was breech, flipped to vertex, then a couple days later flipped back to breech. This was at 37 or 38 weeks, I believe. Pretty close to the home stretch. I think, if vertex was more comfy for your child for ALL those weeks, there's a good likelihood he will flip back for you. In ds2's case, he was obviously a breech-loving kid and didn't like his stint with being vertex.

In the meantime, try all the there's always chiro/acupuncture techniques. I've heard women swear by several other remedies...vibrators placed above the baby's head, cold packs of peas on their heads, strong flashlights, and standing on your head in a pool. Do what you can, and I'm guessing he'll flip back!

Best of luck to you! Also try posting in the general "I'm pregnant"'ll get a lot more feedback and ideas about this.

RedOak ~ Momma to DS (8) , DS (4) , DD (3) , & DD 9/10 ~
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I am breech too... trying everything BUT the version. I am really uncomfortable with that routine. I hear moxibustion has a very high success rate. Sending you head down vibes and off to get my cold pack...

Mama to Zach 6-18-04 & Naia 10-13-10 Partner to the sweetest DH. Loving our life afloat. TV Free!
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I'm sending you lots of heads down vibes! This baby was breech until I was just shy of 37 weeks and then flipped. I went in to consult with the midwives OB, and they actually don't do versions until 39 weeks, and in my case with Labor Day in there, I would have been about 39wks and 4days. I was also freaking out about things happening so fast, but when we actually met, the hospital had recently changed it's policy due the ACOG recommendation of avoiding non-necessary births between 37 and 39 weeks (early full term). This particular hospital does version/inductions when they do them, or version attempt/c-sections, and they wait until you're at least 39 weeks.

Anyway, I'm sure you've read all the tips and tricks, breech tilts, pulsitilla, chiro, accupuncture, hot/cold packs, etc. Best of luck! I hope baby turns for you soon, soon soon!

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