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Momtotwo2004's Avatar Momtotwo2004 03:35 PM 09-08-2010
Hi everyone. I haven't had a moment to update until now. Please forgive how convoluted this might sound since I'm very tired.

I had my baby on Saturday, September 4th. The day before was my due date. Before I went to bed, I called my mom and finally was open and honest with her about what I wanted IRT visitation during birth and after. I also listened to my hypnobabies Fear Release cd because I was experiencing alot of anxiety about the pregnancy and the birth.

In fact, the entire pregnancy had been very anxiety filled for me. I felt, from the very beginning, that something was wrong. I thought for sure I would lose the baby in utero or that s/he would have something wrong with him/her. I never once doubted my decision to homebirth, though.

Throughout the night I woke to some strong contractions but had been in prodromal labor for a week and thought nothing of them. At 5 am I woke to a pretty strong contractions. They were about 8 minutes apart then. At 6:30, when they were about 4 minutes apart, I called the midwife. She arrived around 7:30 and the contractions were then about 2-3 minutes apart.

The contractions were then becoming very intense. I had a pain free birth with my previous baby so I was a bit surprised and even said out loud that I felt duped! LOL The contractions continued to get closer. The midwife checked me around 8:30 and I was a 4 1/2 with a bulging bag of water. I couldn't stand to contract standing or laying down. I could only be comfortable sitting on my ball.

At around 9:45, my contractions were SUPER intense and they was about 1 minute or less between contractions. I was getting loud and uncomfortable. The midwife suggested I get in the pool. I could barely stand because I felt like the baby would fall out. She helped me get in and during the next contraction, I felt my water broke. I had another immediate contraction and his head came. I was so loud and felt very out of control.

I wasn't pushing. My body did all the work. The baby's head came out in one contraction. I had a few seconds between the next contraction and with that, his body was born. He was under the water and outside my bag of water for maybe 3 minutes.

He looked a bit purple but still normal. He breathed immediately but wasn't particularly noisy. He was MASSIVE. 11 lbs 15 oz. Not too long at 19 1/2 inches. 14 inch head. The midwife said he seemed fine during all of his exams with her in the next several hours. I did notice and comment on his breathing but she felt it was fine. I cried and told her how relieved I was that he was actually here and that he was healthy and that all my anxiety had been over nothing.

The next several hours, I kept getting nagging feelings about his breathing. Even my family and my children mentioned it. By 9:30 that evening, I was getting very worried. He was breathing way too fast and he was retracting. His nostrils were flaring. He was bubbling at the mouth and wasn't nursing anymore.

We called the midwife and she came to take us to the ER. They took his O2 stats upon arrival and they immediately whisked him away to be worked on. It was a panicky, loud, scary situation. Our hospital is small and doesn't have a NICU. Our ER honestly has no idea how to care for a baby that small. They were only trying to keep him stable and alive to be transported.

We waited there for 6 or 7 hours with them working on him furiously. They were very grim and nervous and were unable to tell us that he would even survive. We spent all night thinking our baby was going to die. At 7 in the morning, the NICU team from a nearby hospital arrived. They were the first people to help me feel confident that he would live. They see so many things and this, to them, was serious but survivable.

He was transferred to the NICU at this hospital. He had a few days where he got better and then worse and then better again. They had him intubated and had a terrible time keeping IV's in him. He is currently on room air and in a private room with us. The only thing attached to him right now is an IV port for his antibiotics which he has to keep taking until Saturday.

They think he aspirated something. They are claiming he either got an infection from mec (his water was clear) or maternal stool in the pool water. His cultures came back negative but his inflammation test came back positive. They're calling it pnuemonia.

This was a scary, emotional thing for our whole family but I feel so blessed that everything turned out so well. It is bittersweet to sit in the NICU with this massive baby who will be going home soon and seeing all these tiny, tiny babies who will be here for months.

I have to go, baby is ready to eat. Before I forget, someone on my other thread asked how he was weighed. He was weighed on a hanging scale, completely naked. And his weight was verified at the hospital. He's currently down to 11 lbs 6 oz which I think is pretty darn good seeing as he wasn't really nursing for the first 3 days. Now, he is nursing *beautifully.*

ETA: I hope I didn't sound negative about my midwife. I honestly believe everything *was* fine with him at first but i knew in my gut that something would become wrong. Does that make sense? She was extremely supportive. She spent the entire night in the ER with us. When I passed out in the ER, she sat with me, comforted me, and made sure I got what I needed. She has also come to see us here at the NICU.

Monkey Keeper's Avatar Monkey Keeper 03:54 PM 09-08-2010
Wow, momma! What a story. I'm so sorry to hear your no-so-little one ended up in NICU. How very scary. But go you for relying on your instincts.

I cannot even imagine an 11lb 15oz baby that was only 19.5" long! He must be sooo fat
bri276's Avatar bri276 04:00 PM 09-08-2010
DD was in the NICU, too. She was about the same length but five lbs lighter and she still looked huge compared to the preemies!

Glad to hear he had turned the corner and hope soon you can get on with enjoying him in normal, non-NICU life.
tribord's Avatar tribord 04:16 PM 09-08-2010
Wow, what a scary experience! I'm so glad you trusted your instincts and that it looks like he's turned the corner. And CONGRATULATIONS!!
Beneficial Bee's Avatar Beneficial Bee 04:23 PM 09-08-2010
i'm so sorry! there is nothing harder than having a sick baby in the NICU. i'm glad that he id doing well now!
RedOakMomma's Avatar RedOakMomma 04:26 PM 09-08-2010
big s, mama. You'll be home soon.
Baby~Braatens~Mama's Avatar Baby~Braatens~Mama 05:05 PM 09-08-2010
What a birthstory! I am so glad to "hear" that everyone is doing well now, congratulations on your baby boy! Wow! Over 11 pounds!
JTA Mom's Avatar JTA Mom 05:45 PM 09-08-2010

Having a baby with breathing problems is terrifying. Ds had issues too, and was also in NICU. It's so scary.

I hope he gets better soon and you all get to go home and enjoy each other.

gradstudentmommy's Avatar gradstudentmommy 06:31 PM 09-08-2010
So sorry to hear about your scare with your little one. I'm glad he's doing better. That must have been beyond stressful and scary.
Laurski's Avatar Laurski 07:45 PM 09-08-2010
I'm so sorry that things got off to a scary start, mama, but you were so great and strong to listen to your instincts and get him checked out. I hope he continues to recover rapidly and you're home very soon.
Pippi L.'s Avatar Pippi L. 08:43 PM 09-08-2010
What a roller coaster ride! I'm so glad to hear he's doing better! He's lucky to have such a perceptive mother!
AustinMom's Avatar AustinMom 11:46 PM 09-08-2010
You are such a strong mama! I'm glad that must be genetic because your baby seem pretty strong too!!!!

Much Love, glad to read the wonderful and intense birth story, and glad that all is on track now.
teamsalem's Avatar teamsalem 02:58 AM 09-09-2010
That must have been terrifying for you! I am so glad to hear that he is doing well, now. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope you are able to get some rest very soon!
Lisalee2's Avatar Lisalee2 12:19 PM 09-09-2010
Good for you for listening to your mama instincts. I'm glad he's doing better.
pacifica's Avatar pacifica 01:11 PM 09-09-2010
Oh Mama......I'm so glad you and baby are alright. That's a huge amount of stress. to you and you're family.
Thalia's Avatar Thalia 01:48 PM 09-10-2010
So glad everything turned out okay. DD#1 had meconium aspiration and some breathing issues right after birth. I didn't have any intuition that anything was wrong beforehand; her heart rate was always great and she looked good right at birth; she was just struggling a bit to breathe. She spent a day in an oxygen tent and then a week in the NICU getting antibiotics to keep the stuff in her lungs from giving her an infection. She was 8 pounds 1 ounce, but also looked huge next to the preemies. Wishing you a good transition home!
josie143's Avatar josie143 03:54 PM 09-10-2010
You are such a strong mama!Good for you for listening to your mothering self!Welcome baby!
Schae's Avatar Schae 04:03 PM 09-10-2010
Motherly instincts are amazing. I'm glad to hear your little (big) man is doing better!
Lit Chick's Avatar Lit Chick 07:01 PM 09-10-2010
How scary! So glad that he is doing well now! Congrats on your baby!
foodmachine's Avatar foodmachine 08:25 AM 09-12-2010
I can not imagine how terrifying that must have been. I'm so happy he will going home soon. Congratulations and welcome baby.