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xtara2003x's Avatar xtara2003x 08:15 PM 02-22-2010

So I woke up this morning to some brown discharge. There were two tiny tiny specs of pink on the tp..but I have not seen any other pink all day.

I just went to the bathroom again and saw some more brown discharge...this time half as much as the first time.

I told my midwife...and she suggested I get some progesterone cream because that could help.

Anyone have any thoughts on this???

Risks? Benefits? Might as well try it? Any one who has used it?

I am trying to stay calm and not worry but I dont' remember having any spotting with DD.

I'm 5 weeks 2 days. It's definitely been brown (which means old blood right?). And I haven't seen any pink or red at all. It's only really been noticeable twice today. Once around 9am and just now around 4pm.

Also. the brown discharge looks to have SOME light mucus in it..but hardly enough to notice unless you are inspecting quite well....but I've noticed EWCM ever since I got pregnant.

Also took my temp today and it was 98.2 making me feel as though my progesterone is definitely staying up (it was the highest that I've seen since becoming pregnant).

Any advice mamas?

Melly24's Avatar Melly24 09:30 PM 02-22-2010
If its brown, its old blood. It could be left over blood from implantation, thats takin a while to find it's way out.

Seems weird for the midwife to have suggested progesterone. If your lining was starting to shed due to low progesterone, I would think it would be red - not brown.

. It's hard not to worry. Extra progesterone will not harm you or the baby. So if it will make you feel better to take it, then do.
breanna31's Avatar breanna31 11:57 PM 02-22-2010
I have had the same thing happen a few times in the last week. It has been a very small amount of brownish discharge that seemed to have mucous in it. I didn't have any bleeding or spotting with my first daughter so it freaked me out. Then last night in the middle of the night I went to the bathroom and there was the smallest amount of bright red in the toilet, maybe half the size of a dime. Nothing on the toilet paper and nothing the rest of the night or today. I am trying not to stress but like you mentioned I didn't have this before so it weirds me out. I have tons of pregnancy symptoms so I keep trying to tell myself that has to be a good thing but seeing any color makes me worry. I am right there with you! Just stay positive and think good thoughts. From everything I have been reading brown sounds like it is ok.