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October 2010 > Have you spotted and STAYED pregnant?
AmBam's Avatar AmBam 06:11 PM 02-28-2010
I'm spotting again... It's still brownish, not red and not a ton, but it's there. This is so frustrating. I'm ready to be off this freakin' roller coaster. I don't know what to think at this point.

Jazzmin's Avatar Jazzmin 06:47 PM 02-28-2010

I am right there with you. I started spotting brown again too. I had terrible cramps last night, I did end up passing a lot of gas (sorry, TMI), but my bleeding did not increase.

I was hoping my MW would have my results yesterday, but I won't find out until tomorrow. I would love to get off the roller coaster too.
Sihaya's Avatar Sihaya 07:46 PM 02-28-2010
My spotting is getting heavier and I'm feeling real crampy, so combined with my low progesterone number from my draw last week (12.7), I think I'm out. I won't officially withdraw until something difinitive happens, but I'm pretty sure this is it for me.

I will be thinking very sticky baby thoughs for both of you Jazzmin and AmBam
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 08:54 PM 02-28-2010
Hugs to all of you. I've been in limboland a couple of times in past pregnancies and its a sucky place to be. I'll keep you all in my thoughts, and hope everything turns out to be OK for all of you.
AmBam's Avatar AmBam 09:49 PM 02-28-2010
Jazzmin and Sihaya~ to both of you mamas! This is no fun at all!
MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 10:43 PM 02-28-2010
to you all.
Amila's Avatar Amila 11:37 PM 02-28-2010
Hugs to you all! Sticky vibes! I bled last pregnancy and it is SCARY!
MommaMoo's Avatar MommaMoo 01:54 AM 03-01-2010
AmBam, Jazzmin, Shihaya, I really hope your babies stick tight and the spotting stops...hang in there mamas...
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