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gen24's Avatar gen24 05:11 PM 03-30-2010
Ok so I probably shouldn't have but I just got a first trimester screening (at 13 weeks) and all the results came back fine except that the doctor told me he was a little worried about my placenta previa. He said there was a 40% chance that it would remain that way and that I would need a c-section. He also said I needed ultrasounds like every months to make sure it was moving out of the way!!! I was so freaked out until I spoke to my midwife. I'm still scared it will remain that way but at least she reassured me a little. She was kind of upset that he told me that because she said it was way too early to tell if it was a real placenta previa. And apparently, there is absolutely no need to do ultrasounds every months which is good news. I will cross my fingers and try not to worry too much.

Anyone else experienced this and ended up being fine at the end of pregnancy?

Melly24's Avatar Melly24 05:41 PM 03-30-2010
That doctor sounds way OTT. Glad your midwife managed to calm you a little.

With DD I had a marginal previa at 18 weeks. The placenta was just at the edge of the os. I had another scan at 30 weeks specifically to check placenta placement and it was 5cm clear of the os. You don't need an U/S every month to check it. If you have no bleeding, you can wait til at least 30 weeks to have it re-checked.

Try not to worry. I did lots of visualisations when trying to go to sleep of my placenta moving on up.
tessie's Avatar tessie 05:45 PM 03-30-2010
The majority will move as the pregnancy goes on. I've never heard of one being diagnosed so early because they know that most will move. Here standard care is to have another in late pregnancy to confirm it's moved sufficiently then you're cleared for vaginal birth.

Try not to stress, it will very likely be fine. And if it doesn't move and you do need a c/s, well it's not the end of the world. It's possible to have a positive and enjoyable c/s.
hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 06:22 PM 03-30-2010
I had the same thing happen to me in my first pregnancy at my 9 week ultrasound I had full previa they did another scan at 35 weeks just to see and it was totally clear.

There is no reason to do continual scans and there is no reason to worry to much. The 40% number is way off.

According to Williams Obstetrics, placenta previa diagnosed at less than 20 weeks gestation has a subsequent chance of placenta previa and/or hemorrhage at delivery of 2.3 percent; diagnosis at 20 to 25 weeks carries a possibility of 3.2 percent; 25 to 30 weeks of 5.2 percent; and 30 to 35 weeks of 23.9 percent. The actual incidence at the time of delivery is small, about 0.3 to 0.5 percent.

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neverdoingitagain's Avatar neverdoingitagain 06:31 PM 03-30-2010
ddc crashing.
When I was pregnant with my oldest child, her 20 week ultrsound showed that I had developed placenta previa. I was scheduled for another ultrasound at 30 weeks to check if it had moved. It did and I went on to have a relatively "normal" delivery. My doctor told me at the time that it was perfectly normal and nothing to worry about unless it was still there at 30 weeks.
In other words, relax. Listen to your midwife who seems to be less of an alarmist as the doctor who told you that.
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:40 PM 03-30-2010
13 weeks is way too early to be diagnosing placenta previa. It's fairly common this early on, and odds are good that it will shift.
FireWithin's Avatar FireWithin 08:28 PM 03-30-2010
I was shown that I have a low lying placenta, but it was really stressed that most likely that it will move up. It is just so early still.
Eresh's Avatar Eresh 09:39 PM 03-30-2010
I'm honestly pretty shocked he wants to do a u/s every month. What would be the point?? And honestly what's the point of even diagnosing it this early since 1) no one can actually DO anything about it at this point and 2) there's a good chance it will resolve on it's own before anybody can actually DO anything? So not impressed.
MrsMike's Avatar MrsMike 09:46 PM 03-30-2010
What a nut. 40%??? Where on earth did he get THAT number? The odds are in your favor that the placenta will move to a nice spot in the coming weeks. Definitely no need for repeat u/s unless you have complications. I'm glad you also have a midwife who is more realistic.
gen24's Avatar gen24 11:58 AM 03-31-2010
Thanks everyone for the reply...I'm never seeing that doctor again. I don't even know what kind of doctor he was. He just came in for a few minutes after the tech did the US to tell me the results. From now on, I'm transferring my care to my homebirth midwife. I should have done that from the beginning.
Thank you...all your comments made me feel a lot better
belchers1's Avatar belchers1 12:01 PM 03-31-2010
I didn't read replies, but I just wanted to chime in... I had placenta previa with #1 at my 20 week u/s. I went back at 34 weeks, and it had corrected itself. I feel that most early cases of placenta previa correct themselves as the uterus grows.
miso_soup's Avatar miso_soup 02:14 PM 03-31-2010
I had an ultrasound last week to determine gestational age (I'm at about 13 weeks now, incidentally!), and my doctor noted placenta previa also. She said she wasn't concerned about it at all at this point: in the large majority of cases, the placenta shifts upwards as the baby grows anyway. She didn't recommend any further ultrasounds until my routine, second trimester u/s. Sounds like your doc may have been overreacting a wee bit!
gen24's Avatar gen24 02:25 PM 03-31-2010
And I have no idea where he got his statistics either, because everything I read suggests that if you have placenta previa in the first trimester, your chances of having it at birth are around 1-2% not 40%
And my midwife said that in the first trimester, it shouldn't even be called "placenta previa" but a low lying placenta because it is way too early for a diagnosis like that.
Anyway...sometimes doctors are ridiculous and I can't believe I fell for it and got all nervous.
magentamomma's Avatar magentamomma 04:04 AM 04-01-2010
I am glad you won't be going back to him.