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FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 12:26 AM 04-28-2010
Anyone else getting really terrible headaches?

I'm not dehydrated, I ate a bunch of vegetables (raw celery, carrots, cucumber, green pepper) and then the headache started. It went away for a bit after dinner, like as soon as I touched my chicken, but then it came back huge an hour later.

Any advice?

I just took Tylenol, this is terrible, it's getting into migraine territory with light sensitivity and nausea.

Pineapple Head's Avatar Pineapple Head 12:38 AM 04-28-2010
I know that the extra blood we are producing can cause migraines . Ive been taking extra iron as per my doc(I am generally slightly anemic.) and I havent had a migraine yet and I used to get them all the time. I also drink litres of water a day but you say your not dehydrated.
Maybe eat some carbs and see if that helps? If its not gone by morning Id call a doc.

Hope it passes soon!
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 01:01 AM 04-28-2010
I'm getting headaches too. They're not as bad as what you are describing though. Enough to make me easily annoyed and extra grumpy though

Sleep cures mine. Which is a bummer when I've already napped for the day with DD and it comes on in the afternoon. Mostly I wake up with them in the morning, have a midday nap and that helps.
rparker's Avatar rparker 01:27 AM 04-28-2010
Have you cut back on caffeine? A shot of espresso helps me when sleep doesn't.
chainedangel's Avatar chainedangel 05:50 AM 04-28-2010
I've gotten migraines since I was a teen. Last time I got a headache that did not turn into a migraine was about 10 years ago. Until recently, that is.

My migraines before this preg were about one every week or two. Then I got hit with a migraine a day for about a month. Tylenol does nothing for my migraines and I was worried about the effects of the prescription meds on the bean. So I suffered as long as I could before resorting to the meds.

A cpl weeks ago my best friend suggested it might be my sinuses causing the migraines. I did a bit of research on clearing sinuses without drugs and found the neti pot.

I've been using my neti pot once (sometimes twice) a day and have not had a migraine since! (Though I have had 2 headaches. They never got close to migraine level.)

I'm not saying the neti pot will cure everyone's migraines. Just saying that it is something that worked for me. Wishing you the best.
JessieBird's Avatar JessieBird 10:39 AM 04-28-2010
Yup - I've started getting them in the last two weeks and I remember the same thing happened when I was pregnant with DS at exactly this time, around 16 weeks. Just as my nausea was starting to let up, the splitting headaches started.

I discovered last time that ice packs worked wonders for making a head ache disappear. I hold it to my head where it hurts for about 3-5 minutes - just until the pain from the cold becomes too much to bear. Voila! Headache gone for about three hours, then repeat when it comes back. Today I brought an ice pack in to keep at my office just in case. This doesn't work at all for regular headaches when I'm not pregnant.

Good luck, I hope this helps!
mistymama's Avatar mistymama 11:25 AM 04-28-2010
Yes - I've been having headaches too.

I've always been prone to migraines, but over the years I've learned to head them off early with large amounts of Excederine when I feel one coming on .. something I of course can't do now.

For the last two weeks I've had a low grade constant headache for the most part that at times starts pounding and getting into migraine territory. Tylenol does nothing but ease it up for maybe an hour and it comes right back.

I've found drinking an extra 1/2 cup of coffee in the am is helping and of course plenty of water. The neti pot is also an excellent suggestion as I know sometimes my headaches are triggered by sinuses ... also foods, so I'm keeping my meals bland. The last few days have been MUCH better, so I'm thinking maybe there was a surge of hormones or blood flow that my body is now adjusting to.

Hope you can find relief soon.
FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 06:30 PM 04-28-2010
Originally Posted by rparker View Post
Have you cut back on caffeine? A shot of espresso helps me when sleep doesn't.
Yeah, I've been mostly off caffeine since I got pregnant. Well, coffee. Before pregnancy, I was a one-big-travel mug full, maybe five days a week, in the morning. I've had coffee maybe twice in the past four months.

I'll keep in mind to try applying some caffeine in the future.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks! I think my headaches have mostly been in the late evenings, and the worst part is the light sensitivity, I have a hard time if I have to drive home or if I'm trying to work on the computer or something, it just gets worse and worse and worse and then I start getting really light sensitive and nauseated.

Last night, I don't think the Tylenol did ANYTHING, but I ate some really high protein, salt, fat, food, felt immediately better, and then went to sleep and I woke up feeling fine. I think takeout might be my friend here.
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 06:44 PM 04-28-2010
I hope the headaches let up, they can be awful! I had horrible migraines before my first pregnancy, but haven't had any since (nearly 9.5 years later!) Weird how that works.
Choaners's Avatar Choaners 07:48 PM 04-28-2010
FtMPapa, I've also been getting evening headaches. Pretty much since second trimester started. I decided maybe I was lacking in something so tried extra protein and Vit B (no idea why, but that's what I chose). Usually Ibuprofen is my headache remedy, but I'm not going to take that now, even though some say it's ok in 1st and 2nd tri. Anyway, I happened to have some Haagen-dazs coffee ice cream. A (big) spoonful of that seemed to help quite a bit. I'm not sure how much caffeine is in it, but probably less than a cup of coffee. And it's ice cream, so it's totally good for you!

Trying to sleep works the best for me, but sometimes when I wake up there is still a hint of pressure behind my eyes. I hope this doesn't last!

Hope you feel better.
Annemarie42's Avatar Annemarie42 09:44 PM 04-28-2010
Yes-- mine started a couple weeks ago and a few have been pretty bad. But I had headaches toward the beginning of the second tri with both of my previous pregnancies, and they have passed quickly. I do use some caffeine sparingly and I think that helps. Hope yours go away soon!
Annemarie42's Avatar Annemarie42 10:32 PM 04-29-2010
Saw my midwife today and was discussing headaches since I have been having them-- she said they almost always end by 18 weeks, to stay well hydrated, and take tylenol as needed-- she said more than once if it lasted.
happythistle's Avatar happythistle 12:36 AM 05-01-2010
second trimester headaches suck! mine come on in the evening and usually last all night into the morning. i've had migranes since I was 10 and the only thing that works now is regular craniosacral therapy sessions a few times a year. Going for an adjustment next week, hoping that will help the pg headaches.
hope they end soon for you!
virgo's Avatar virgo 01:23 PM 05-01-2010
I've been getting headaches every day for the last 2 weeks too. I hope they end soon.