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Melly24's Avatar Melly24 05:42 PM 06-02-2010
Who has some tried and tested heartburn remedies? It's keeping me up at night!
With DD, a glass of milk before bed would help. But I've since discovered that cows milk is what causes my eczema so have been dairy free for two years. I only discovered that as I had to go dairy free for DD who is dairy allergic, and surprise! my eczema went away.

So anyway...who has some great remedies?

hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 05:59 PM 06-02-2010
I carry tums with me and during the end of my last pregnancy I took daily doses of papaya enzymes and it helped a ton. One in the morning one before bed.
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:59 PM 06-02-2010
Calcium magnesium capsules usually work well for me, though I think I might pick up some papaya enzyme because the cal mag hasn't been working as well this time as it has in the past.
Eresh's Avatar Eresh 10:26 PM 06-02-2010
I did a lot of Tums last time and I'm really trying to avoid that this time. So far I've picked up papaya enzyme, some mildly sweetened papaya spears, and some slippery elm lozenges. Of course my heartburn has not been bad at all so far so I don't know if these will cut it when the heartburn really starts up.

If cow milk worked for you last time, you might try almond milk. Can't hurt to give it a whirl and it won't set off your eczema or allergies like cows milk. I've also been told to avoid bready things but I've gotten heartburn after eating a hard boiled egg so I don't think that necessarily works for everyone. I've also been told to avoid spicy food but I have no problems with having habanero sauce with my fried eggs though it seems ginger might give me problems.

Good luck and report back what works for you. Heartburn just sucks!
Tummy's Avatar Tummy 10:32 PM 06-02-2010
Papaya enzymes are great!!!

An old wives tail...
teaspoon of vinegar.. dunno how or why it works, but IT DOES!
ryansma's Avatar ryansma 12:56 PM 06-03-2010
Papaya works really well for me
Ashley_R's Avatar Ashley_R 11:38 PM 06-04-2010
I've never heard the papaya solution and am excited to try it!

I like Earth Mama Angel Baby's Heartburn Tea, but with it being so hot out I haven't been in the mood for hot tea and I'm not sure it would work the same cold. Its main ingrediant is marshmallow root.
rparker's Avatar rparker 12:29 AM 06-05-2010
1) Birth.
2) Zantac.
JessieBird's Avatar JessieBird 03:49 PM 06-05-2010
Oh too bad, I was going to suggest milk! I don't go anywhere without a sport bottle of milk these days. I've tried Tums and Gaviscon also. Tums did nothing and Gaviscon worked a bit but not nearly as effectively as good old milk. Hope you find a solution!
oliversmom7213's Avatar oliversmom7213 04:31 PM 06-05-2010
I find that the one thing that gives me heartburn the most is water!!!! Ugh. So i vote for milk too. Although with Ds I was so desperate that I took a shot of yellow mustard after reading a tip online and it actually worked. Tasted horrible though.
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 05:40 PM 06-05-2010
Yes water makes it worse. We've got soy and rice milk but they are not heavy enough to stop the acid I'll try and hunt down some papaya enzymes here. Thanks everyone!
Jessie Mae's Avatar Jessie Mae 12:49 AM 06-14-2010
Tums is the only thing that works for me. Lots and lots of Tums - Ultra 1000 peppermint to be exact. I think that I have every natural remedy for HB in my med. cabinet. I have tried them all and always go back to the Tums. I have a bottle sitting next to the computer as I type this!