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Green_Ma_4's Avatar Green_Ma_4 06:24 AM 08-20-2010
and I have been up since 3am...again.this little girl growing inside me has decided that 3am is her wake up time. Its odd, and I haev said this before, that its been this way since I was about 12 weeks. Not every morning , but a few times a week...I am up, shes up tossing around, having hiccups, singing outdated broadway show tunes...whatever shes doing...shes up. therefore I am up....and its dark...and its 3am....*blink*

Melly24's Avatar Melly24 06:31 AM 08-20-2010
Oh mama I hate it when that happens! And its impossible to get back to sleep isnt it. When it happens to me it's not my belly boy who wakes me, but my big girl getting into bed with me...and I have such a hard time getting back to sleep

Do you have any relaxtion/hypnosis type stuff you can listen to?
Green_Ma_4's Avatar Green_Ma_4 06:45 AM 08-20-2010
I hear ya on the big girl in bed with you. Out 4yo is still in the bed with us, and I think part of the waking is because he is a very active sleeper...and baby girl in the tum is a very active sleeper and together they come up with a master
I do have some cds actully for relaxation, the problem is that I need earphones for the player, because That will for sure wake my girls, whom are not sound sleeprs....
here we
I mean I should go back to bed and read till my eyes get heavy again...maybe thats what I will do. I have a doc appointment today at 12...yippee...we finally find out what their gonna do with thats part of the reason for my eary wake up call as well. My mind is spinning.
Thanks Mama.
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 06:57 AM 08-20-2010
I have such trouble quietening my mind when I'm awake at night. But my Hypnobirthing techniques help heaps. As well as singing the chorus from Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" over and over in my head

Hope you get some peaceful sleep soon. It's 9pm here (Friday) and I'm about to head off to bed for the night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 10:39 AM 08-20-2010
Ah, that stinks! Usually I can sleep through him dancing around, though the other day I woke up around 5am and he was going nuts and I couldn't go back to sleep. Good luck with your appt today!
TabithaB's Avatar TabithaB 11:22 AM 08-20-2010
Yeah. I totally get it. I think I could set a clock by the time that she wakes up. She wakes up for a couple of hours and it is absolutely impossible to sleep while she is doing her rolling around kung-fu acrobat routine.

Maybe she will get this out of her system now. (Probably wishful thinking)