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October 2010 > A final u/s, maybe geared more to HB or UCers x-post
BirthNut's Avatar BirthNut 04:33 PM 08-25-2010
I basically only saw the CNM/OB group I was with until 20 weeks, then a brief discussion with the OB last week (34 weeks) where she tried to get me to consent to a cesarean and then since I was "non complient" & refused she discharged me from their care. Anyhow we've been planning to UC all along, but kinda wanted the "shadow care" in case we needed to transfer. Here are my feelings as of now, baby is still moving A LOT at 35 weeks, eventhough the nurse found the heartbeat low last week I'm not totally sure that he is head down & with how he has been moving & where I'm feeling kicks, jabs etc... not too sure he might even be transverse. With my other 2 children it was easier for me to feel their position however this time around I have since lost over 100lbs & have a lot of loose skin that gets in the way & its been a lot harder to feel what is what. Our last ultrasound was at 15 weeks & we are contemplating paying OOP to have one final one basically to check his position & where the placenta is, kwim. My wonder is should I have it done at 36 weeks or wait until 38? My only concern there is that I'd go into labor before 38 weeks if we wait. I trust my body, am not afraid of birth, etc... I just have a strong feeling he might be transverse & that is my instinct. My 1st baby was transverse & didn't go head down until after 36 weeks so I'm not sure if I should just wait it out or what. What would you suggest? (& please no anti u/s doppler comments) I am comfortable with very limited use of both.

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 04:43 PM 08-25-2010
If you suspect the baby is tranverse, I'd really urge you to either get a u/s to rule it out, or consult with a knowledgeable midwife that you trust to accurately palpate the baby's position. You don't want to go into labor with a transverse baby! And I think doppler can be misleading on positioning, I only ever find my guy's heartbeat up high, which would suggest breech, but i can feel his butt at the top of my fundus and the NP is pretty positive he's head down.

Good luck
corban's mum 07:26 AM 08-26-2010
Hey mama, i'm planning to HBAC possibly UBAC if they make me fight too hard to get a MW to attend.

don't know if u've read my story so far but a few days ago a MW came to see me and told me baby was breech, booked me in for a section and told me to cancel my doula lol (she also made a FANTASTIC COMMENT about my hypno/homebirth/doula choices....she said "we all like our aromatherapy dear, but this is serious" LMAO)

anyway.... i went for a private US two days ago for reassurance, she's head down, it was wonderful, the sonographer helped me to understand and see what each lump and bump is (she's head down and was LOP-but moves to LOT/LOA 50% of the time when im standing)

it really helps now that i know what im feeling to understand her positioning and fearlessly go into my birthing knowing that im not going to be greeted by a pair of buttcheex when i look in the mirror as she emerges hahaha

i'd say go for it - it'll help you release these worries x
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 11:26 AM 08-26-2010
I think I would wait until after 36 weeks for the u/s, because if babe isn't head down you would probably need another u/s later to see if baby turned (I'm thinking from a cost perspective). But, I would kind of assume babe is not in best position at this point, given your intuition, and take some other steps in the meantime... because it will be much harder for baby to move at that point. Have you checked out the spinningbabies.com website to encourage baby to move head down? I would also HIGHLY recommend going to see a Webster-certified chiropractor. The chiro could probably even tell you what position baby is in, and Webster technique is very successful at turning babies.

Good luck!
BirthNut's Avatar BirthNut 02:37 PM 08-26-2010
I am seeing a Webster chiro, but she can't tell what position the baby is in either, she isn't gung ho about ultrasounds herself, but thinks it'd be best if I got one to be sure. We will probably wait until I get paid that week that I will be 38 weeks.
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 11:10 AM 08-27-2010
I hope baby gets in the best position for you.