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October 2010 > Birth Plans Changing Again (hopefully for the last time)!
BirthNut's Avatar BirthNut 03:00 PM 08-26-2010
Well this pregnancy has been full of unknown. We had planned from the start to go with the CNM/OB group at the hospital just a mile from our house, labor at home as long as humanly possible before going there though. I've been a doula at births with 3 of the providers there & the midwives at least were totally supportive of me going for a VBA2C. Things were going great, then at 20 weeks when I had my 2nd required visit with the OB she changed her tune and was no longer supportive of it. The midwives still were, but there was nothing they could really do, they work under the OBs of course. After that I tried despirately to find another provider or a homebirth midwife that would work with us financially. I could not find another provider that both accepted IL Medicaid & would do a VBA2C. And with my husband being unemployed over a year now I couldn't find a homebirth midwife willing to do payments as low as what we can afford. So we thought about having a UBAC here at home in IL, but the thought that if anything were to go wrong I'd have to deal with the hospital here anyway which is horrible, pretty much everything in this state is worse compared to IA where I had my other 2 children. Sooo, eventhough I'd love to labor & birth in the comforts of my own home, we have decided to drive an hour away to Iowa City where I had my last baby. We plan to get a hotel room there and UC, but we would be less than a mile from U of I hospital where I had my son & had a wonderful experience eventhough his birth also ended in cesarean. I don't really feel comfortable going anywhere else so I think doing this is our best bet. I also attended many births there as a doula before I moved to IL & have talked to many other doulas in the area who think this is the best thing to do as well. So I am hoping we can get there fine early in labor & everything goes smooth.

hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 06:18 PM 08-26-2010
wow to you mama I hope this last change is it for you and I hope everything goes really well.
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 11:03 AM 08-27-2010
Good for you for taking charge and finding a creative solution that will work for you. It is too bad you don't have other options and have to be put in this situation, though. Maternity care options in many areas of the US just suck.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful UBAC!
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 04:09 PM 08-27-2010
That sounds really frustrating! I hope it all works out for you