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BumkinsMum 03:04 PM 09-01-2010
Australian woman gives birth to 27wk twins and brings her still born son back to life after Dr. claimed not possible. Very moving, just wanted to share!

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 03:50 PM 09-01-2010
I heard about that the other day, so amazing!
Monarchgrrl's Avatar Monarchgrrl 03:55 PM 09-01-2010
Wow!!!! That is so amazing!
mistymama's Avatar mistymama 05:42 PM 09-01-2010
southernmommie's Avatar southernmommie 07:40 PM 09-01-2010
Saw that story. I'm so glad she stuck with it and proved those doctors wrong!! I know she didn't intentionally try to prove them wrong, but glad the way it all came out.
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 11:42 AM 09-02-2010
Wow ... that is crazy.