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BaMo's Avatar BaMo 08:27 PM 09-08-2010
my dear old friend, I was wondering when you were going to pop up this time. Last time it was at week 38. This time the new ones are just being added to the old ones. I need to think of them as my own pregnancy battle scares.

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 10:58 PM 09-08-2010
No new ones here, but don't be jealous, I just don't think it's possible for me to get anymore (I'm being serious, unfortunately )
eleonrauis's Avatar eleonrauis 11:50 PM 09-08-2010
I don't have any new ones yet, but some of my old ones are getting longer. The tips of them are a nice purpley-red color.
outlier's Avatar outlier 11:54 PM 09-08-2010
I started getting belly ones around week 34 and boob ones in 2nd trimester. I think post-partum, when my milk comes in, my boobs will be covered more by stretchmarks than normal skin. That or they'll explode.