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October 2010 > Need a recipe for postpartum perineal tea
mojobot2000's Avatar mojobot2000 10:43 PM 09-21-2010
I'm about to order some herbs to make tea to bathe my sore parts in after giving birth. I did this with my first daughter, but now I can't remember what I used, other than comfrey. Anyone have a good recipe?

BirthIsAwesome's Avatar BirthIsAwesome 04:05 AM 09-22-2010
1 oz. chamomile
1 oz. comfrey
1 oz. lavender
1 oz. uvi ursa
heaping tablespoon of sea salt

Gently boil this in 6 cups of water, let it let it simmer until reduced to 1.5 cups of strong infusion. When you are ready to wash, put 1 T. of the infusion in your peri bottle, add a squirt of alcohol-free witch hazel (the kind with alcohol will sting a bit if you have torn) and one drop of tea tree essential oil, and fill the rest up with warm water. This recipe will give you 24 washes. When making the infusion, you can up the water to make a weaker infusion that will last longer if you wish. This solution is healing, soothing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

Hope that helps!
mcimom's Avatar mcimom 01:06 PM 09-22-2010
I also have calendula in my recipe.

I also fill up panty hose or socks (great use for those 'one' socks you can't find the match to?) w/the herbs and steeped them first in a big pot and then added the big pot to my bath tub. Then I squeeze the sock out and apply it directly - basically sitting on it b/t my legs while I'm in the bath.

I've also known others who have squirted it on or soaked their post partum pads in it and then frozen them.
mojobot2000's Avatar mojobot2000 05:09 PM 09-22-2010
Do you know if I should get comfrey leaf or root?
BirthIsAwesome's Avatar BirthIsAwesome 03:24 AM 09-23-2010
I use comfrey leaf. Calendula would also make a good addition---very good for the tissues.
ComaWhite's Avatar ComaWhite 03:17 PM 09-23-2010
I use witch hazel and calendula