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Magali's Avatar Magali 05:13 PM 09-22-2010
I wasn't putting too much thought into my Lo's position. I just assumed that the lump I feel up top is the butt. But if that is the case, then I can't feel the head. I have been poking and prodding this poor baby and driving myself crazy trying to figure out all the parts. Spinning babies has been helpful, but I'm still not 100% certain. I've been uping most of this pg, and don't have a healthcare provider and I always told myself that if I had a concern I would head to one. So I'm going to a walk in clinic tonite. Anyways, for those with heads down babies, can you feel the head when you touch your belly? Is it possible my baby isn't breech, but the head is just tucked way back? I'm 38 weeks btw.

seekingtruth's Avatar seekingtruth 05:17 PM 09-22-2010
Probably, the head is tucked behind your pubic bone. My mw can feel about half the baby's head from above the pubic bone. She puts fingers on each side and wiggles it back and forth. I can feel it by checking internally. It's the hard bump at the top of my pelvic floor! Are you feeling hiccups anywhere (down low, ideally), and have you listened to the heartbeat (down low, ideally also)? These are the things that keep me sane as to my baby's position, bc other than knowing it's head down, I have zero idea what to make of it. It feels to me like the butt and the feet are in the same place!
hyz's Avatar hyz 05:21 PM 09-22-2010
You know, when my baby is head down, I haven't been able to feel the head with confidence, either. I mean, I can feel something hard down there right above my pubic bone (which is where my OB always checks right before she confidently announces that the head is there), but I can't get a really good feel and tell for sure it's the HEAD. When the head is up, though, I can tell for sure. It feels like a big cue ball, hard and uniformly round on all sides--I can kind of grab it and cup it in my hand. When the bum is up, it's only partly round, but then leads into something that feels big and flat (the back) or smaller and flat (a leg). Sometimes I've been momentarily tricked thinking that a knee is the head, if it's sticking out a certain way, but I can tell it's a bit too small, and when I grab it he generally jerks it away quickly, and he doesn't (can't?) do that with his head. HTH.
MaybeJ's Avatar MaybeJ 05:22 PM 09-22-2010
Baby has been head down for me since week 24 or so, and I could never feel it. I think it's just further back and that I have more padding there. Now baby's head is 3/5th in the pelvis so I really don't expect to feel it.

Have your health care providers said anything about position? My midwives check at every appointment. And where do you feel kicks?
EzzysMom's Avatar EzzysMom 05:24 PM 09-22-2010
I can't feel the head either. I feel the bum up top and then I can trace the spine down my righthand side. Head seems to be low, and it's quite honestly under enough fat that it's hard to reach. Midwife this week tried to feel the head from the inside, don't know if she was successful though as I asked to not hear results of the internal.
mojobot2000's Avatar mojobot2000 05:26 PM 09-22-2010
I can feel head lying flat on my back and putting the first 2-3 fingers of each hand a few inches in from my pelvis. Keep the fingers flat, like a paddle, and you can kind of bounce the head back and forth.
BumkinsMum 06:00 PM 09-22-2010
I actually bought a Fetusscope for this very reason (had a surprise Frank Breech vag delivery for my first birth, yehaw!). I can always tell for sure where the back is by where I pick up the heartbeat and then lead down to the head. My husband has gotten very good at checking externally for me (like O.B and midwife) so if I ever have a doubt I ask him
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:02 PM 09-22-2010
Originally Posted by seekingtruth View Post
Probably, the head is tucked behind your pubic bone. My mw can feel about half the baby's head from above the pubic bone. She puts fingers on each side and wiggles it back and forth.
Yeah, apparently it feels a certain way if it's a head, this is how my ob checks, too. I can feel his butt at top, but I can't feel his head (internally or externally!)
outlier's Avatar outlier 08:07 PM 09-22-2010
I'm glad you started this thread! I've had similar concerns myself. As far as I know, my baby's been head down pretty much since I've been able to palpate it (the baby). At every appointment since then, my midwife takes her thumbs and pushes in hard above my pubic bone with her thumbs about 4 inches apart (this hurts, by the way!). She's always said she can feel a head down there. I've tried feeling it myself and really can't tell what I'm poking at. As far as I know all I can feel is my bladder or maybe a baby shoulder. Since I'm one of those who refused all ultrasounds, I admit I've had a slight unspoken fear that maybe this babe doesn't really have a head at all. The midwife is reassuring, but I just wish I had more proof, you know?

I do think before 30 weeks I felt the baby lift his/her head up out of my pelvis a couple times. I would get what felt like a cramp on one side of my pubic bone and could feel a big, hard lump there. It never lasted for long as I guess the baby decided there wasn't any room to keep its head there and it would move it back after a few minutes. Still, this was only a couple instances and months later I'm wondering if that was what I was really feeling...

I've tried feeling the head from inside as well but just cannot reach high enough. I can barely touch the tip of my cervix, which is still closed up tight at 38 1/2 weeks. I almost hope baby drops soon, even if it means I'll be staggering around like I just hopped off a horse for the next few weeks.
lotusma 09:21 PM 09-22-2010
as seekingtruth said, hiccups down low and heart tones low as well are good signs of a head down baby. little sliding feet up high would be too.
Magali's Avatar Magali 01:57 PM 09-23-2010
You have all been extremely helpful and reassuring. Thank you. I kind of had a meltdown last night about this, and when my dh got home we got out the fetoscope and he had a good feel all over my abdomen. He says he can feel the head right where it should be. And I *think* I can, but not really, but kinda. The lump at top doesn't feel uniformly round like a head, and there are what can only be legs coming out of it. Sometimes when I push on it, I can make what I think are feet poke out of my right side. We can hear the heartbeat starting at my navel and all thru the left bottom quadrant of my tummy. So I am back to being confident about what is going on inside of me .

As for trying to feel internally...not gonna happen. I've tried 2x now and the only thing I accomplish is getting into some awkward positions lol.
JessieBird's Avatar JessieBird 02:31 PM 09-23-2010
I'm glad you're feeling better! It definitely sounds like your babe is head down.

With my first, my midwife tried to teach me how to feel his head but I never could. DH had no problem though so maybe it has something to do with having to curl slightly over to reach ourselves. With this one, even my midwife couldn't feel his head at Monday's appointment. She said all she could get were shoulders because his head is already so low (I think that means that he's engaged). I feel hiccups down low and a huge cantaloupe of a bum up high so I never had any doubts though I also feel "kicks" down really low, which sometimes throw me off. Either he can fold himself right over or they're actually strong punches.

I certainly can't feel anything inside either. Just a big soft squishy mess in there. I can't even identify my cervix these days!
hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 02:44 PM 09-23-2010
How I could tell when my baby was head up a few weeks ago was that lump at the top that should be the butt, i could put my hand on it and make it move like back and forth like a head.

Now that it's a butt it won't move like that.
happythistle's Avatar happythistle 08:24 PM 09-23-2010
big cue ball is right - or a bocci ball. I can feel it when I lay flat on my back. It's comforting to know the babe is head down.