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October 2010 > Where are my late Oct due data mamas?
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 06:30 PM 09-30-2010
Well my doula thinks I'm going to go this Saturday (which is weird because I've had the 2nd stuck in my head!) so we'll find out in a couple days if we have any psychic ability or not

hotharmony's Avatar hotharmony 07:44 PM 09-30-2010
I don't really have time to have this baby any earlier than the week of the 25th, so I hope he plans on staying put no matter how uncomfortable I am lol.
BF124497's Avatar BF124497 08:12 PM 09-30-2010


Ponoma's Avatar Ponoma 08:37 PM 09-30-2010
Doesn't it feel some afternoons that time has stopped? Come one October, get a move on it! I'm expecting the 23rd. But truly if baby wants to amaze the me sooner, I would be thrilled. Ok, equally terrified and thrilled. I don't remember my other babes kicking and shoving me around so much. I think we are about as prepared as we are going to be.....
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