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southernmommie's Avatar southernmommie 12:10 PM 10-05-2010
I am now in the prodromal labor club.
Started at 2am the night before last. Lasted all day yesterday and all night. I think I was too exhausted and slept through them last night but felt them every time I had to get up to go pee. I actually got up late this morning because I wanted blissful sleep and to not feel them all day. They are making my back sore. Although I am kinda glad that it has started. Because for me, it means that labor has started and even though it could start and stop for a couple of weeks, it means that it will be over in only a couple of weeks and I'll be going through our birthing time and holding our baby boy soon too!! So I'll take it. I've always had prelabor with all my kids. Including my first. I was in early labor with him for weeks before my water broke and he appeared not long after that.