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I am wondering if any of you have experienced a previous LEEP procedure and have then gone on to have a standard labor/delivery with NO cervical dilation delays or issues in subsequent pregnancies?

I ask this because between having my DS2 and this pg, I had a LEEP procedure down due to pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. I have been reading a lot of stories lately of women who have had this done and then experienced hours/days of little to no dilation as a result of scar tissue build-up on their cervix from the LEEP procedure. I would love to hear any stories from those of you who may have had this procedure but then did not end up with dilation delays or the need to have your OB or midwife manually break apart the scar tissue during labor (which I hear can be very painful)... actually any experience with laboring/delivery after a LEEP procedure would be helpful to hear!

At this stage of my pg with DS1 and DS2, I was at 3 cm dilated and 4-5cm dilated right around my EDD. My EDD for this pg is today, and as of a few days ago, I was at 1 1/2 cm dilation. My FEAR now is that I do have some scar tissue build-up that is not allowing me to dilate as fully as I have with my previous pg prior to labor - I would think I'd at least dilate as much as my 1st pg, if not more since my body has "done this before." I have another midwife appointment today (am planning my 2nd homebirth) and will talk to her about it, but in the meantime thought if I heard some stories from women who have 'been there, done that' then maybe it would give me a little peace of mind.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and/or stories!

Kelly, mama to DS1 and DS2 (8/05, 7/07) and expecting DD around 10/7/10
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DDCC. I had a LEEP prior to having children. I did not have any issues. With #1 my water broke at 39 wks and she was born 12 hours later after 3 hours of pushing (she was OP) My second was born at 41w3d after only about 3-4 hours of 'active' labor. I did not dialate prior to going into labor either time. In fact, the day before I had dd #2 she tried to strip membranes and could barely get through the cervix to do it. I dont know if that is due to LEEP procedure or if it is just what my body does but once I got going it was smooth sailing.

Good luck to you, I hope all goes well. I'm sure your body will do its thing and do it beautifully!

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I am having similar concerns, I had a d&c for a missed mc about 3 years ago. I have 5 children and with all of them I have dilated at least 3cm and effaced almost completely by 37-38 weeks. I have really quick labors and I think that is because most of my vervical changes happen pretty easily. Fast forward to this pregnancy and I am about 3cm but am not more than 50%effaced and have noticed since the d&c I have what feel like scars on my cervix. They were not there before the procedure. I am hoping that EPO helps to soften the cervix and that I dilate soon, it is getting annoying to have all of this prodromal stuff and then have no real cervical change when it has always been different for me.

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I had a LEEP done when I was 17. I was induced with dd1 and never dilated past 1cm, so I wonder in retrospect if it was scar tissue. With dd2 I had a mw and she said I had "purse strings" that she took care of, I did dilated to 7 with her but had another c/s for other reasons. With dd3 I had an easy hospital vba2c.
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I had a LEEP done last October, and am due in November with #2. I have been having similar concerns, as has my MW. She checked my cervix today (didn't do an initial cervical/pelvic exam) and said that it didn't feel like there was any scar tissue build up, and that my cervix was very soft and would most likely "melt away" and give me a fairly quick labor. She is going to check again at 38 weeks (i'm 35+5 right now) and said that we should know for sure by then if there is going to be any issue with the LEEP.

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I had cervical stenosis (cervix scarred shut) following a D&C. I was getting my period every month but the menstrual blood was trapped in my uterus (ouch!).
After another procedure to break apart the adhesions, I had an IUD inserted a the same time which seemed to work.

I had no trouble dilating when in labour with DD.

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I just bookmarked an interesting blog post about this...

Here it is!
Cervical Scar Tissue

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Had a LEEP between #1 and #2. No problems dilating at all, just problems getting the babe to come out!

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I had a LEEP in April of 2009 and am also interested to see how this goes. My midwife said that they had a girl last week who was at a 2 for 2 weeks with very painful contractions. They broke apart the scar tissue and within hours she was at a 6.

I won't be getting checked until 40 weeks. I'll be keeping an eye out to see how yours goes- best wishes for good dialation and quick and easy labor!

DH (34) and Me (31) 1/20/10 @ 5 weeks, Awaiting our October pumpkin due 10/30/10!
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I had a LEEP procedure about 5 years ago, and just gave birth a couple of weeks ago. My waters broke with zero prior contractions (PROM), so after waiting for 18 hours for my body to begin the labor process by itself, I ended up being induced. Even with the pitocin, I dilated extremely slowly - whether this was the result of the LEEP and residual scar tissue, I honestly can't say. I do know that my OB was not concerned at all about the LEEP adversely affecting dilation, and she didn't voice any concerns during any of the cervical checks. She's pretty conservative, too - so I imagine she would've been quick to discuss any potential problems had there been any.

Good luck mama! You'll be fine!

Catherine, DH and DS kid.gif Dylan Michael, born 9/23/10 
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I had my m/w appt yesterday and asked to be checked to see if she could feel any scar tissue as well as see if I progressed at all with dilation. I was told my cervix felt extremely soft and the m/w was able to even dilate it a bit further with her finger, I think from 2 cm to 3? She told me not to give the scar tissue build-up worry another thought and that everything felt really good. Also, both the m/w's that are attending my birth have experience with breaking up scar tissue if the need should arise, although they did say most women do just fine without this needing to happen. I feel a lot better knowing my dilation will be monitored and also that there wasn't anything that stood out when I was all I need is for this baby girl to decide to make her appearance! My first time going past my EDD!
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I had a LEEP in 2008 and just delivered 10-5 without complications of any kind. I had my OB check for scarring on the cervix and there was none so I am sure that had a lot to do with the cervix dilating well. I did discuss the possibility of having to massage the cervix to break up scarring with my OB and she assured me that if there was no visible scarring that it was very unlikely that there would be any issues during my birthing time.
I did use Barleens Brand EPO 3-4 capsules nightly and I do feel this helped the cervix to ripen easily.
Overall my labor was easier, faster, and less complicated than my first and I hope my story gives you some peace of mind.
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Thanks for your story and congrats! Did you take all the capsules vaginally or orally? I've been taking 2 orally and 1 vaginally, but then last night decided to up it to 2 vaginally, although I have no idea how CLOSE I'm getting to my cervix - does it matter if placement isn't directly hitting the cervix??
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I had mine done many years ago before having children. Both of my labour were 4 hrs or less. When I had dd1 my doula had two clients that week deliver. We both had previously had a LEEP and both of us delivered really fast.

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