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corban's mum 03:54 PM 10-30-2010
awww look at finn's pouty kissy-lips!!

more babies please chop chop!!

outlier's Avatar outlier 10:55 PM 10-30-2010
I'm a little paranoid about online privacy, but if any of my fellow DDC-ers want the link to my little guy's picture album, send me a PM and I'd be happy to give it to you. Trust me, he's super cute!
MaybeJ's Avatar MaybeJ 11:13 AM 11-02-2010
corban's mum 01:21 PM 11-02-2010
oh maybej! shes lovely her pout! gorgeous full lips
BumkinsMum 06:37 PM 11-02-2010
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 10:14 PM 11-02-2010
Originally Posted by Katri'smama View Post
and the curls!
BumkinsMum 10:56 PM 11-02-2010's good to be a mom
corban's mum 06:49 AM 11-03-2010
Originally Posted by Katri'smama View Post

she almost has as much hair as madison! but it's blonde! that's adoooorable! good looking babies i tells ya!
sunwillshine's Avatar sunwillshine 02:45 PM 11-04-2010
Another lover of the the curly hair!

My little Beatles fan.

Oh how I love her angel face.
Melly24's Avatar Melly24 02:16 AM 11-07-2010
MaybeJ's Avatar MaybeJ 08:34 PM 11-20-2010
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 08:36 PM 11-20-2010

Love her surprised eyebrows!

macandcheese's Avatar macandcheese 09:40 PM 11-20-2010

DDCC from January to get my baby fix :D


You ladies have had some absolutely gorgeous babies! 

lotusma 04:39 PM 11-27-2010

Elora birth 976.jpg

brokentail's Avatar brokentail 09:40 PM 11-27-2010

maggie 8 weeks! time flys! 


blue butterfly's Avatar blue butterfly 10:05 AM 11-28-2010

Phin at 7 weeks



blue butterfly's Avatar blue butterfly 10:08 AM 11-28-2010

And here is miss phin at 9 weeks



lotusma 02:13 PM 11-28-2010

Elora birth 1148.jpg

lotusma 05:55 PM 11-28-2010

 i thought i commented in my picture post.


i purposely got one of her w/ her eyes open. she's 8 weeks.


love seeing all the babies!

MaybeJ's Avatar MaybeJ 10:06 AM 11-30-2010

I love seeing all the babies!!  It's hard to believe how quickly time is passing...

Melly24's Avatar Melly24 11:58 PM 12-01-2010

Here is Ben at 6 weeks old today love.gif



sunwillshine's Avatar sunwillshine 03:09 PM 12-05-2010

Caught a great smile at 6.5 weeks, and a shot of her briefly trying out the bumbo (even though I know she's too little.  Lol!).





blue butterfly's Avatar blue butterfly 12:50 PM 12-06-2010

oh my goodness lyndzies, that outfit is so adorable (not to mention how edible the baby wearing it is!)

kallyn's Avatar kallyn 06:08 PM 12-06-2010

sweet baby girl tummy time smiles


Lilah at 10 weeks.  <3

FtMPapa's Avatar FtMPapa 06:13 PM 12-06-2010

bb phd.jpg


This is us, last week, on her two month day!



Melly24's Avatar Melly24 09:14 PM 12-06-2010

Gosh we made a bunch of cute babies! Kallyn, I'm lovin Lilah's fishy lips and Papa, you two look amazing!


Here's Ben today at almost 7 weeks.



outlier's Avatar outlier 08:49 AM 12-07-2010


chely7425's Avatar chely7425 10:15 AM 12-07-2010

Ok, here are some pics of my tiny man :D







MaybeJ's Avatar MaybeJ 07:34 PM 12-07-2010

These babies are killing me!  So cute!  Papa, I love Elise's little sweater vest!

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:32 AM 12-08-2010



Hmm, we make some pretty cute babies :)






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