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Lemoncello's Avatar Lemoncello 07:45 PM 08-14-2010
Originally Posted by DirtyHippyMama View Post
yeah, i thought about looking at your siggy to see if you had any other children before i asked that, but i forgot to.

i have seen this type of wrap closed with regular old buttons -- that's what i have considered using because aplix doesn't last forever (i.e. is a pain to rip out/replace) and a snappi could damage it (a little, over time). then again, it is a newborn size, so it won't get as much use as, say, a large (<--in our case, as my 2.5yo has been in larges since 6 months!). it's easy/simple enough to move buttons as baby grows.
Oh yeah, buttons! I had seen that done before, too, but forgot about it! That might be a good way to go, especially since I wouldn't have to bother with ordering aplix. Thanks for the reminder!

Just got around to posting a few more pics...I was really waaaaay behind on updating my blog, so I'm trying to make up for lost time.

kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 02:59 PM 08-21-2010
Finished some stuff. Anyone on ravelry:
DirtyHippyMama's Avatar DirtyHippyMama 03:11 PM 08-21-2010
cute! i added you as a ravelry friend

here's my ravelry notebook
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 03:43 PM 08-21-2010
I added you as a friend.

Love your projects. Especially those felt crowns. I have been wanting to try that forever and a day!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 06:26 PM 08-21-2010
Kittywitty and DHM, I added you as Rav friends. Here's my project page. I don't have too much up yet, but I'm nearly done with a fingering weight cardi - totally adorable! And I'm planning on doing some soakers soon.
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 07:26 PM 08-21-2010
Looks great, kittywitty!

I really wish I was a speedier knitter...I have a zillion projects I'd like to get done, LOL! Working on a pair of longies now.

Good thing I can sew faster than I can knit. Here is a knit outfit I just finished for the babe. I am in love with the Micheal ****** knits that my locla quilt shop just got in. Yum!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 09:18 PM 08-21-2010
Me likey, Karen! So jealous of your knitting skills!

Ashley, love the outfit. How stinkin adorable!
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 12:14 AM 08-22-2010
I added you Rav ladies as my friends. I'm knitmama9.
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 02:48 PM 08-22-2010
I just finished a linen maternity skirt using this tutorial. Kinda sad that this is my 6th babe and I've never made any maternity clothes for myself. Ah well, I had a bunch on linen laying around that just looked like it needed to be a skirt so I went for it. I'll take my 29th week pic this week in it to show y'all.
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 07:16 PM 08-22-2010
Very cool idea, Ashley!

I am having trouble deciding what to do next. I just finished a soaker and then have a pilot cap and longies done. I have 1 skein Lion & Lamb, 2 skeins mal merino silk of the same color (and a few assorted skeins of different colors) and 2 skeins malabrigo worsted. Trying to decide if I need more hats, should try for booties, or make a sweater. Can't decide!!!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 08:10 PM 08-22-2010
I vote sweater! :-)

There are some really cute ones out there. One of my favorite is the Baby Yoda sweater - quick, easy, worsted weight, kimono style, adorable, and a free pattern.
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 08:18 PM 08-22-2010
I have the mossy jacket and a couple other printed out, but none of my fabric seems the right gauge for it. My brain is not math-friendly right now. So I don't know what to do!
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 08:20 PM 08-22-2010
Very cute, Ashley!

I went wool shopping yesterday (one of my local yarn stores was shutting down their classroom - also where they store a ton of overstock - and most of the yarn there was below cost) - got some beautiful light pink 100% wool (sweater for dd or dd2), some beautiful variegated yarn in autumn colours (scarf for me, I think), some wool/acrylic blend in brown and white (sweater for ds?) and brown cotton/wool/acrylic blend for a sweater vest for dh. I had a GC that I got for my birthday, so the wool was even cheaper. Now I just have to finish sil's shawl so I can start on another project!
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 09:23 PM 08-22-2010
Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
I have the mossy jacket and a couple other printed out, but none of my fabric seems the right gauge for it. My brain is not math-friendly right now. So I don't know what to do!
Ooooo...I have been lusting after making one of these. It is based on the mossy jacket. Super cute!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 09:27 PM 08-22-2010
That's a great idea!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 02:34 AM 08-23-2010
Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
I have the mossy jacket and a couple other printed out, but none of my fabric seems the right gauge for it. My brain is not math-friendly right now. So I don't know what to do!
Do you want some help? I do conversions for customers all the time...
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 12:00 PM 08-23-2010
Doh! Not fabric, yarn. I think I figured it out. I sat there with a calculator last night and think I managed it. I cast on for the mossy jacket with Malabrigo Silky Merino which has a *much* different gauge, but I adjusted the whole pattern to accomodate that. I wasn't sure about making it smaller than 6 months as I have big, fast growing babies, so I just made it a tiny bit smaller in the pattern. Hopefully it goes well! I used to do this all the time, my preggo brain is just malfunctioning!
iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 12:29 PM 08-23-2010
can I join the rav fun too? Here is my notebook

I haven't added my new baby stuff yet. I finally got my dramatic sweaterbabe cardi blocked. need to take a pic when it is not 95F out. It is going to be perfect for nursing in. I also knit a pair of french press slippers- but I just couldn't get them felted down small enough- so they are a happy baby gift for my sister who had her baby 2 days ago. I will have to make myself a smaller size. And I started knitting her baby a little kimono sweater in ivory- I am going to make a little ragamuffin hat to go with it in mostly cream/white.

I have been going through my stash trying to decide what to do for a baby quilt- I want something stunning for no money- and I am getting closer I think. Just need to fine tune my idea. I am so over baby prints. Birthdancedoula- yours is so amazing- also I am in love with your baby clothes- the mm knit outfit is seriously the cutest thing ever!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 01:08 PM 08-23-2010
Just added you to my friends! (inProgress on Rav)

kittywitty - glad you figured it out! And I knew what you meant - anyway, we create fabric when we knit, so lots of knitters talk about their fabric (drapey vs. sturdey, etc) when they talk about knitting
LeslieABS's Avatar LeslieABS 11:12 PM 08-23-2010

I'm working on my baby's quilt, it will be a crib quilt with 8 green checked squares and 7 squares with applique animals. I use Eric Carle books to get 'models' for my animals. His illustrations translate well to fabric. I've made a bunch of baby quilts for family and friends, but had a hard time coming up with one for my own kid. I'm about 1/3 of the way there now, which is exciting though. I would love to do all sorts of other projects, but not enough time, so I'm focusing on the quilt and then see where that leaves me. here's some pics of the quilts, if this link works. I'm amazed at how much everyone else seems to be getting done though, how do you do it?
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 12:26 AM 08-24-2010
Wow Leslie, you are super talented!! I love the sweet Eric Carle inchworm block...super cute!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 03:49 AM 08-24-2010
Oh, we love Eric Carle! Got to see him work once on an old episode of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". That quilt is terrific
macly's Avatar macly 10:34 AM 08-24-2010
I'm almost done with this hat made from local wool from the same farm we buy our beef and lamb. Hat is for new babe in purple shades, then I have a natural gray for a hat in the same pattern for DS. I'll post pics when I'm done, and maybe that will be a good push for me to add projects on Ravelry. I'm a pretty slow knitter
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 12:07 PM 08-24-2010
Adorable quilt!

I love the hat pattern. Too bad I already have like 800 other ones printed out!
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 12:29 PM 08-24-2010
OMG, I think I'm going to have to make that hat. Too cute! I love little earflap hats (just witness my son in one of my first! ) I might have enough O-wool DK left in soft green to make it, too.

SInce my boys have been gone, I've finished a baby sweater, nearly finished the body of a wrap sweater for me, "made" 2 dozen cloth wipes (just cut flannel with zig-zag edges) and 2 burp cloths. I have to pack up the sewing maching this morning so I can get the house clean before they come home, but I'm going to leave the machine accessible so I can finish my projects - another dozen or so double-sided (flannel/terry) cloths and a "pocket" for my glider chair so I can keep phone and iPod to hand while nursing. Then it will be back to knitting!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 12:32 PM 08-24-2010
Karen-awesome idea about a glider pocket. Do you have a tutorial link? I'm sure I can figure one out, but am curious as to what would work best. I also have wipes & doublers and such to make. My OBV was backordered, so I won't get it for at least another week. Then I am going to do OBV & flannel wipes and such. I can't wait to get it just to touch the fabric!
Lemoncello's Avatar Lemoncello 06:10 PM 08-26-2010
Hey, I've been out of the loop on this thread to get caught up and see what everyone's been making! BTW, I'm on Ravelry,'s my notebook:
karen1968's Avatar karen1968 08:02 PM 08-26-2010
No tutorial. I'm planning on winging it I'm basically going to make a rectangle and only sew three sides, then add ties of some sort. I didn't get to while the boys were gone, so it'll have to wait now until after DS starts preschool in September (there is no safe place to leave the machine set up).
iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 06:19 PM 08-27-2010
I finally found quilting inspiration.... now on to iron my scraps.
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 03:54 AM 08-28-2010
Originally Posted by Lemoncello View Post
Hey, I've been out of the loop on this thread to get caught up and see what everyone's been making! BTW, I'm on Ravelry,'s my notebook:
Wow - you've made so many things! I'm a slow knitter, so my projects page is much, much smaller:
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