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I feel like the baby has slowed down A LOT over the past couple of days. It's making my anxiety kick in again. I know babies do slow down a bit at the end because there just isn't enough room in there but how much of a change is worrying? As far as kick counts go, I know the rule of thumb (at least at my ob's practice) is 10 kicks in an hour after you have eaten something. I think I get that. I try to pay attention. But I also have been having trouble eating organized meals 3 times a day. Earlier in this pregnancy, there was no reason to count - baby was a hyper girl. Last night I got worried and drank a glass of juice and baby proceeded to go bonkers.

How about the rest of you? Do you do kick counts? Anybody else worried about this too?
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I don't do kick counts.... I never have with any of my pregnancies. I'm pretty aware of the movements but notice that this one has quiet moments, that makes me nervous. Usually a poke or prod wakes him up and I get a couple wiggles that make me feel better. There is far less room to move now and as they settle into the pelvis and a good position we're less likely to feel all of the wiggles.

Sometimes I pull out my doppler for a little listen, that usually eases my mind completely.

Nic, loving mama to 5 with a SURPRISE 6th on the way.

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I think my OB says 6 movements in 2 hours.

Honestly, I don't bother with them as I find them needlessly anxiety-inducing. And the thing is, if you call and say "Well, my baby has only moved twice this hour" they don't really do anything besides tell you to call back if you feel no movement.

Plus, every practitioner seems to have their own guidelines.

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I had this too at 31 weeks. My intuition told me something was wrong. I assumed I was overly sensitive, but I chose to go in for a heart rate check. My babe was having severe decels into the 60's, and apparently I was having regular mild contractions that I didn't notice. After 3 days of hospital monitoring and increasingly scary, long decels, DS was born by C/S with the cord tightly around his neck 4 times.

It's more than likely your baby is fine, just running out of room to move freely. But, if you are having any intuition that something is wrong, have it checked out. One year to the day before I went in to the hospital with DS, my colleague lost her 40 weeker after waiting to go in for decreased movement.

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I agree to get checked if it stays low without some prodding. But in reality, the chances of something being wrong are very, very, very low, and the anxiety is likely to do more harm than good for you.

Try some loud music, orange juice, flipping positions (turning onto my side on the couch after sitting up usually gets some angry movements), poking and prodding usually help. Here at the end movements can be decreased normally-mine always have been.

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I know there are certain times of the day that she's most active, and would be worried if I felt severely decreased movement at those times. I don't do kick counts, because I just *know* if I haven't felt her move for a while, and usually I can get her to respond enough to stimuli to reassure me. That being said, she doesn't seem *as* active lately as she has been, and as everyone else has already mentions, I think that's our new normal.

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This past weekend, I noticed that the baby really wasn't moving too much, which made me kind of worried...then I went to the chiropractor on Monday morning, and the baby has hardly stopped moving since then. The chiro appts. I go to are to attempt to turn the baby from posterior, so I believe that it was just the position the baby was in before the appointment that made it hard to feel as much movement or made the baby move less.
I agree with others, though, that if your intuition tells you something is wrong, definitely get it checked out.

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My little one has been moving a ton so I'm not currently worried about it - though I have had different times where I've thought I was feeling less movement. I usually feel like that when I've been very busy and haven't been able to pay attention to the movements. When I start focusing on them (like feeling it and saying to myself, "That's baby moving," rather than, say, just grumbling about the fact that I'm being kicked in the pelvis) then I realize I'm still getting several good sessions a day of movement. (Now, I think it's even more than that.)

If you eat something - almost anything seems to work, though of course the standby is orange juice - and then feel baby wake up and start moving like normal (though, of course, that changes as they grow!), then I wouldn't be too concerned. However, I am *always* a fan of mother's intuition. If you think there's truly a problem, call your CP. If you ever feel like you need to be seen NOW, then go in.

The likelihood is that baby is entirely fine, but always go with your gut.

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Thanks for all your thoughts. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go in if I REALLY felt that something was wrong. I tend to forget everything that happened in prior pregnancies and it's likely that it happened in the other 2 as well. This morning she has been super active again (and was yesterday too. I wouldn't have waited that long before seeking help) and giving me such incredible pain in the cervix that I swear she was just going to pop out. I think it's just my anxiety again at the end.
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