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lrpurro's Avatar lrpurro 11:16 AM 10-15-2010
Came on last night and wrote a fairly complete birthstory and was horrified to lose it before it posted properly...arrgghhh! So now here is the super abbreviated version:

Izabella Rose is here!
Born at 3:14pm on Wednesday, October 13th.
She was born at 36 weeks, 5 days.
She weighed 7 pounds even and is 20 inches long!
The second induction "took" and we were able to still birth with our regular midwife consulting with a maternal fetal specialist re: my BP, although it was a completely different experience [from my previous births] with having to keep my head level with my body and no moving around, standing, shower or tub to help with relaxing, etc. That part was excruciating.

She is here and we are both safe and so very grateful for the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC care we received during this experience.

All the women here in our due date club were so supportive also!
Keep those babies coming!!! Women ROCK!

In Joy,
Lisa and Family

juliebird's Avatar juliebird 11:23 AM 10-15-2010
Welcome Izabella Rose!

So glad and excited for you and your family. How wonderful that she was already 7 pounds at 36 weeks. So glad for you!!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 11:33 AM 10-15-2010
I am so glad it went well for you! Congrats!!!
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 11:51 AM 10-15-2010
Congratulations on your beautiful little girl - I'm so glad things went as well as they did for you. Welcome, Izabella!
MamaPhilly's Avatar MamaPhilly 12:07 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations on your little girl!
Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold 12:36 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations! Wowzers - 7 pounds at 36 weeks!
Lisalee2's Avatar Lisalee2 12:58 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. Welcome Izabella!
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 01:05 PM 10-15-2010
Congrats mama and welcome to the world, sweet baby Izabella Rose!

Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!!
Lemoncello's Avatar Lemoncello 01:17 PM 10-15-2010
Welcome to the world, Izabella Rose! Good work, mama!
MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 01:48 PM 10-15-2010
welcome Earth-Side baby Izabella Rose!! Congrats mama. Im so glad you got to have a natural birth! im sorry it wasnt exactly as you would have liked.

Happy Baby Moon!!
earthyamber's Avatar earthyamber 02:10 PM 10-15-2010
Congrats!!! She sounds perfect! Take care of yourself, momma, and I am so happy to hear everything went well.
Stitches's Avatar Stitches 02:16 PM 10-15-2010
ILoveMySofie's Avatar ILoveMySofie 02:32 PM 10-15-2010
Welcome to the world baby! And congratulations to mama, you sound exhilarated!
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 03:40 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations! Welcome, Izabella! I'm so glad everything went well and you are both healthy!
BirdMum's Avatar BirdMum 03:45 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations! Welcome Izabella Rose. :-D
Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 05:07 PM 10-15-2010
Welcome Izabella!! Congrats Lisa & family!

Wowza! My first was 7lbs, 2oz & 20" at exactly 40 weeks - you cook 'em big (& wonderfully healthy!)

Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 08:22 PM 10-15-2010
congratulations! So glad to hear that you are both so well.
BumkinsMum 09:52 PM 10-15-2010
pomegranate's Avatar pomegranate 10:22 PM 10-15-2010
St. Margaret 10:35 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations!!! Great job, mama! Take it easy and enjoy that babe. Love the name!
Tori19's Avatar Tori19 10:33 AM 10-16-2010
josie143's Avatar josie143 10:25 AM 10-17-2010
SashaBreeze's Avatar SashaBreeze 02:09 PM 10-18-2010
naturelady's Avatar naturelady 12:39 AM 10-19-2010
Congrats! You chose a beautiful name!