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DDCC ... This was actually said to my husband. We have (excuse me, HAD) the same primary doctor. He broke his toe right around the time we found out I was pregnant and he mentioned it to her. She asked about our plans (dd#2 was born at home) and when he told her we wanted to have another homebirth she told him I was going to kill the baby and he had to find some way to talk me out of it.

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UGH I feel bad for all of you, but I also love that we can all vent here. It's like, yeah I gave up all the time caring for myself for the past year to support my family, then I was stuck in bed with sciatica so even on vacation I couldn't work out, so my butt is huge as well as my belly, but I'm still obviously pregnant, and finally able to really savor this pregnancy, so keep it to yourself! I'm measuring perfectly, too :P Last pregnancy the ladies from the school office were all like "you're pregnant?!" at the baby shower for our principal. I was due right around the same time as her, in just a few weeks And I had been quite slender just before getting pregnant, so I guess they just thought I got fat? I mean, I was coming into the office to pee between every single class! I looked way more pregnant than our principal, who is very tall and skinny and never looked pregnant at all, it was crazy (NOT that I ever said anything but that she looked beautiful!). Ah well, I figure I must just carry funny and it's all part of my awesome peasant stock which also allows me to pop babies out with the greatest of ease
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I have been very fortunate to not get rude statements from strangers. For one thing, when people do ask when I am due they all say I don't look that far along. Also, I think I tend to give off the vibe that their comments about my pregnancy are unwelcome.

It was my FIL that didn't read that vibe a week and a half ago. When he, my MIL, and SILs came down to visit (after not making the 2 hour drive since January) the first thing he busted out with after saying "hi, how are you?" was to call me "chubby." He clearly thought this was hilarious. My response was to say "gee, thanks" and walk away. So....his family couldn't believe how rude I was. The nerve of me saying that and walking away!

In good news, after a botched email apology attempt on his part and further rude things said by him, I got to send him a long email airing my feelings and told him not to talk to me again before the baby is born because I don't need the stress.

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WOW--people are so rude! I got so many comments last time that were completely rude or inappropriate, but I've been lucky to escape that this time. Although some guy did say to me last weekend (after hearing that my due date was 2 weeks away)..."Well, I hate to say this to you sweetheat, but you LOOK does look like you've been able to avoid water retention, though". What? I had to laugh because it was just an observation, but such a funny one to share. Perhaps I was a little sensitive to it because last time I was heinously swollen.

The point it, I think the ONLY thing anyone should ever say to a pregnant woman is "you look fantastic!" And you know what? Every pregnant woman does look fantastic and should inspire awe because they are GROWING ANOTHER PERSON!

Mama to DD (10/8/08) and expecting someone new in November!
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I was at the chocolate store the other day and this older fellow (who had a really big stomach himself), says "that chocolate is going to go right to your thighs", in a very disgusted manner. I couldn't believe that a fat man was telling me this! Any man for that matter. So I ordered 4 chocolates

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My grandfather last night says to me you look like that mom that had the eight babies.


I have gotten numerous multiples comments this whole pregnancy and I want to kick people that say that or try to scare me with them. Well, you know one twin can hide behind the other and you'd never know it.

Nic, loving mama to 5 with a SURPRISE 6th on the way.

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DDCC Inspirational story:

at work yesterday as i'm 2 days late, walking with co-workers, one says, "when are you due?" and i say, "two days ago". and expecting the usual responses, "whoa! when are you getting induced?" "when is your c-section?" "you must be just D-Y-I-N-G." instead he says, "wow, really? you aren't really that big! I can't believe it! you look great."

I wanted to through my arms around him and kiss him. this guy is normally so socially awkward and not necessarily the person i expected to say something like that. So as loudly as I could, for all other co-workers to hear, I said "Thanks Dan, I feel great and that is the best thing anyone has said to me! usually the comments are something like "oh you're so HUGE!" and even LOUDER "no one should ever tell a pregnant woman she looks big, just tell her she looks great, no matter what your opinion of her size!"

I know they all heard me and I hope they all got the message!

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Originally Posted by Choaners View Post
"no one should ever tell a pregnant woman she looks big, just tell her she looks great, no matter what your opinion of her size!"
This needs to be a public service announcement or something.

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So granted, I was at a bar which my cousins had dragged me too when I was visiting them, and the girl was drunk, but she came up to me and said

"I want to tell you this in love, I used to weight like 200 pounds and I've lost over 50 pounds so far...If I can do it I know you can too. Cause you just have to love yourself enough and realize that you matter as a person."

To which I replied

"Well thank you but I'm actually 7 months pregnant, so I'm not exactly allowed to go on a diet you know."

Now the most annoying thing people have said is "How are you feeling?" over and over again....I'm pregnant....I feel pregnant... end of discussion

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.
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DDCC...with DS I was huge. really huge. I got a lot of multiple comments, horrified looks from store clerks, the works. honestly everywhere I went in my third trimester people acted like I was going to squat and push out a baby right there. But the OP's comment, that is just simply takes the rudeness cake. How horrible. mean. small minded. I hope you have good karma on the way too!

><> I'm a Christian, knitting, sewing, cooking SAHM to the fearless adventurer Jack born 11/08, and  a  USCG wife
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I've gotten lots of bizarre comments ("Are you having a cesarean or a regular?" or "Do you have a day picked yet?" [me: a day picked for what?] "A day to have the baby?"), but nothing straight up rude. Instead I thought I'd share some of the sweeter comments --

I take the subway to and from work, and when I'm leaving work there are always a few homeless people pan-handling at the bottom of the escalator to go into the station. Without fail, every single time, at least one of them will say something like, "Congratulations, Mama!" Sometimes three or four will chime in, so as I'm walking up to the turnstiles I'll hear, "Congratulations!" "Looking good, ma!" "Good luck to you!" "Babies are such a blessing!"

At first I thought they were messing with me, but it's all in complete sincerity, and never fails to make me smile.

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I haven't received anything truly terrible in all 3 pregnancies. I have gotten several, "Well you don't look miserable yet," but most of those were followed by compliments and I was not bothered. I've actually gotten more nice comments than ever before.

And then there was today. Went to vote. First woman said, "It can't be much longer now." Okay, not really bad, completely unsolicited, but whatever. I vote, walk toward the exit. Second woman, from somewhat farther away, in a loud voice, "WOW, you've got quite a load there."

I mean, really? Do you think before you speak? That's a lesson that I'm constantly trying to teach my ds (7yo) and apparently many grown people have never learned this.
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