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juliebird's Avatar juliebird 07:49 AM 11-05-2010
It's 5:52 am here and my water broke about a half hour ago. It's a slow trickle but what's unexpected is that I also passed a big blood clot (size of an orange) too.

I'm waiting for the doctor on call to call me and tell me to go to the hospital but it's been like 10 minutes! Where is he?? LOL.

Wish me luck ladies

mzminty's Avatar mzminty 08:47 AM 11-05-2010
Yikes! I hope the blood clot is nothing, and hope you have a wonderful and speedy delivery!
MamaPhilly's Avatar MamaPhilly 09:30 AM 11-05-2010
Hope the clot is nothing and the baby comes out quickly and easily! Happy day for birthing!
Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold 11:29 AM 11-05-2010
ELV to you!
birthdancedoula's Avatar birthdancedoula 11:44 AM 11-05-2010
Lots of gentle birthing vibes for you, mama!!

my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 11:47 AM 11-05-2010
I also hope the clot is nothing - update us when you can!
Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 11:49 AM 11-05-2010
Woo-hoo...the babies are coming!! (This is beginning to feel like the grand finale of fireworks, isn't it?)

ELVs & i hope everything goes smoothly!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 12:32 PM 11-05-2010
I can't wait to hear if you both are alright!
Lisalee2's Avatar Lisalee2 12:48 PM 11-05-2010
Thinking of you and sending ELV's your way
caseykn's Avatar caseykn 12:53 PM 11-05-2010
I hope all is going well with you!
Stitches's Avatar Stitches 02:16 PM 11-05-2010

HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 02:17 PM 11-05-2010
Hope all is going perfectly for you and that you're well on your way to holding your little one!
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 05:50 PM 11-05-2010
and for you!!!
Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 06:47 PM 11-05-2010
Thinking good thoughts for you! Hope you are holding your little one now.
St. Margaret 09:36 PM 11-05-2010
Yay, ELV! Hoping you're cuddling, too.
BumkinsMum 12:18 AM 11-06-2010
You can do it mama!!
SashaBreeze's Avatar SashaBreeze 06:42 PM 11-06-2010
Thinking of you and hoping all is well. Looking forward to hearing an update.
juliebird's Avatar juliebird 11:47 PM 11-07-2010
Thanks for all the well wishes mamas! Everything went beautifully. Benjamin Porter was born at 1:55 pm on 11/5/10. He is perfectly healthy and so beautiful. It turns out the clot was not an issue, although just the thought of it still freaks me out

I only pushed twice (maybe 3 x) and my little man was in my arms! He hardly cried at all and latched on to nurse before we'd even cleaned him up. My ds (almost 4) said, "He's crusty" LOL!

Benjamin is nursing like a champ, my milk is coming in and all is going well. I had a first degree tear but it's not been a tremendous issue (I'd had episotomies with two earlier deliveries and in comparison, this is a cake walk).

Wishing all of you happy birthing vibes and quick/speedy deliveries AND a wonderful, healthy baby to meet at the end.

I'll post pics soon)
BumkinsMum 12:11 AM 11-08-2010
Yay!! So relieved to hear the clot was not an issue! How weird though ..

Benjamin! Great job mama! Fast healing to ya
Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold 12:21 AM 11-08-2010
Lisalee2's Avatar Lisalee2 12:35 AM 11-08-2010
Yay! Congratulations! I was wondering today how you were doing. Glad we got such a great update. Welcome Benjamin!
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 12:54 AM 11-08-2010
Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Benjamin! Enjoy your babymoon!
butterflies's Avatar butterflies 01:03 AM 11-08-2010
So glad to hear the happy update. Congratulations mama and welcome Benjamin!
Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 01:11 AM 11-08-2010
Congratulations! I've been thinking of you--so glad to hear your good news!
MisaGoat's Avatar MisaGoat 01:35 AM 11-08-2010
Congratulations! Welcome Benjamin! I love the name although I may be partial because I am married to a Benjamin
Frisbee's Avatar Frisbee 02:15 AM 11-08-2010
Congratulations! So glad to hear it went so well! I had been wondering about how you were doing. Welcome baby Benjamin!!
avasmom's Avatar avasmom 04:14 AM 11-08-2010
congrats!!! Welcome Benjamin!!
juliebird's Avatar juliebird 01:10 PM 11-08-2010
oh thanks mamas! I don't think I would've made it through the last 9 months without you all

now I have to figure out uploading pics
Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 10:49 PM 11-08-2010
Congrats Julie!! Welcome to the world, Benjamin!
pomegranate's Avatar pomegranate 07:26 AM 11-09-2010