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MamaPhilly's Avatar MamaPhilly 03:48 PM 11-08-2010
This is #3 for me. But with DS1, my water broke and then when contractions began (7 hours later) they were 4 minutes apart and really intense. With DS2, I was at 8 cm, my MW came to my house and broke my water so I wouldn't have the baby by myself. It was 2 hours before contractions began, and then they started at 3 minutes apart, ridiculously intense.

I guess I'm wondering what labor contractions with your water intact feel like. This is nuts b/c I teach childbirth classes. I'm just wondering if I'll know. Kind of funny to be on my 3rd and feel like a first timer!

At least I'm having a homebirth so I don't have to think about when to leave and go somewhere--I'm pretty sure I'd screw that up and be the woman giving birth in the car!

mitintraining's Avatar mitintraining 04:11 PM 11-08-2010
I could have written this with #3! I also dilate really far and then go into labor really quickly! I will say this I had my water broken for my first 3 resulting in a baby in relatively short time each time. With #4 I choose not to get checked at all at the end of pregnancy. I still pre labored but I did go into labor by myself this time 10 days early. Labor was a cake walk compared to the broken waters labors, and it was just as short-45 minutes. I did however end up giving birth in my bathroom with just my husband and I. I was waiting for my water to break and to throw up, the two signs I had with all 3 previous labors that I was going into transition! When contractions spaced out I actually told my husband to go back to work, labor was stopping, that is how easy labor was! My husband said no, I think you are going into 2nd stage, to which I went 'phhhffff, yeah right!' My water did break followed immediately by #4's head! #5 I went into labor myself again, had a really easy manageable 5 hours of contractions 10 minutes apart, followed by 5 minutes of intensity that resulted in DD2 being born! Have faith in your body. I also know that not being checked by a care provider really made a difference to me. I know it ended up being unassisted but it was totally worth it to feel the difference! Good luck momma!
Lucy&Jude'sMama's Avatar Lucy&Jude'sMama 04:57 PM 11-08-2010


butterflies's Avatar butterflies 05:25 PM 11-08-2010
It's so interesting to see the range of experiences.

With both my previous labors, waters were intact until I was ready to push. Yet they were totally different experiences!

With my 1st, I had a long, slow and steady kind of labor... contractions were manageable, I was very quiet throughout... the hard part was feeling like I never knew how much longer it would take. I was in labor for 20 hrs total with her-- pushed for about the last hr.

With #2, I woke up from a nap and started having intense contractions. The pace picked up very quickly. I was definitely very vocal! I might have had a few contrax that were 5 min apart and then jumped to every 3-4 min. ds was born about 3 hrs later.
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 06:42 PM 11-08-2010
It always felt like BH contractions that were regular (lik 4-5 min a part). The pain didn't get really really bad until about 6cm ... and with my last two I went from 6-10 in about 45 min -- pushed for 5 min.
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 07:48 PM 11-08-2010
I have had three labors where I had mild but regular ctxs intensify and get closer over time (lots of time!) until I was in a strong, active labor pattern. With my 3rd one, that active labor pattern was mostly "semi-active" where ctxs would be anywhere from 4-15 minutes apart, but it did the steady build up over about 3-4 days and never let up at all in there.

I'm going kinda nuts this time because this is NOT steady or consistent. I know that once I really need to focus through them that it's the real deal. Having no idea when that will happen despite having ctxs all day long is enough to make me crazy.

I will say that ctxs with waters intact are MUCH easier than after the waters break. Still entirely engrossing and such - not easy when they get strong, but easier.
Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold 10:22 PM 11-08-2010
Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
I will say that ctxs with waters intact are MUCH easier than after the waters break. Still entirely engrossing and such - not easy when they get strong, but easier.
This has been my experience too. I had AROM with my previous pregnancies to get the babies to move down. It certainly brought about more intensity.
3 little birds's Avatar 3 little birds 10:42 PM 11-08-2010
I have had one out of three labors where my water broke before labor. That labor seemed more painful-more bone against bone is the only way I can describe it. One short, intense labor with waters intact and one long, slowly building labor with with waters intact.