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Late-Nov. EDD mamas' thread

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39+5 today.  i've lost a few globs of my mucus plug, starting thanksgiving day.  i also started using a few acupressure points to try to move baby down and get things going.  baby does seem much lower today than yesterday, but no real ctx still.


my dh and dd are both sick with colds but somehow i am not.  i hope my luck holds.  fingers crossed!!

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It is hard to be due at the end of the month, it feels like everyone already had their babies and are busy with them so our DDC is not as chatty.

I feel the same way.    MIL came to visit today.  She keeps reminding me that she is going back December 1st.  It is hard for me not to remind here that she picked her flight dates and not me, but I keep it to myself.  :D  COME ON BABY!!!!

luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids
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who is still left? I am 41 weeks and 3 days

Cassaba's Avatar Cassaba
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I'm still here. I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow (Tues) with no indication that baby is ready to meet us. Trying to be patient...
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Ugh. Still pregnant here too. I have been have been having lots of false labor though.  Never had that before.  I hate it!  I am what 41+3?  Tonight I really thought was it and was so looking forward to a baby by midnight and then it stopped.  My midwife was nervous she wouldn't even make it in time!  Heck- I was freaked she wouldn't make it in time.  I know it is progress though...  All those contractions must be doing something down there right?

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