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Yesterday I woke up looking barely pregnant and by the afternoon a usually tactful friend told me to start wearing baggy clothes if I didn't want people to know yet. I went from flat to 12 week pooch in a few hours. I don't want to tell my family until we at least have Nuccal translucency to determine if there's a problem or how much to worry. ( My mom is a terrible blabber mouth and I just can't handle people I never liked from high school learning about my miscarriage, fetal anomaly, etc. She's seriously connected with the parents of everyone I ever knew)

I see my parents next week and I'm "forgetting" my swimsuit so I don't have to deal with that (It's in San Francisco-who wants to swim when it's foggy and chilly anyway?)

Hopefully it will be cold and I can just wear a jacket the whole time. Any other tricks or sleights of hand to throw them off the scent? I won't flat out lie if they ask, but I'm just not quite ready to deal.
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I had to hide it for a court date at 5 months. Trust me I LOOKED soooo pregnant most of the time. What I ended up doing was wear a t-shirt that was not fitted, but rather loose... and a skirt up around my belly button. It made me look fat, rather than pregnant.

http://www.mothering.com/discussions...pictureid=1490 was from the day before the court date.

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Oh, man, I couldn't hide it if my life depended on it. I assume it's a combo of fourth pregnancy + having had weight-loss surgery and a lot of extra skin = I've been in maternity since 10 weeks.

I'd probably do better by asking them for some discretion?

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I hid this one for the first 14ish weeks... and only 'came out' because my almost 15 year old ratted me out to family. When I was around my family (the only ones I really wanted to hide from) I tended to wear a shirt with a jacket or a bulky shirt. Loose and baggy would work, too, but I think that would have tipped more people off because I never wear loose and baggy unless I'm at home.

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i hid my last pregnancy until i was about 20 weeks. It was not easy, as it was my 13th pregnacy, and i am a bigger girl, and all my fluff moved to the front to make me look more pregnant than i was.
This time, there was no hiding it. By the time i was 7 weeks, it was obvious. I had just lost about 25 lbs, and it looked like i gained it back overnight. I told my mom, a couple days before mothers day. I was not even 8 weeks. I wanted to her "get over it" before i saw her for Mothers day. Then i texted my dad ( who lives across the country) because i didnt even want to hear his reaction. LOL

Now i am 11 weeks, and i HAD to buy real maternity clothes. I have outgrown my pants being worn with a belly band, and my tee shirts are getting too short. I still had clothes from before my weight loss, but they didnt fit right.

Melissa- homeschooling mom to Samantha ( 9) Gabby ( 8) Emma (6) and Diesel (12 months) and Rachel Rebecca Brock Erik Joe Noah 6-25-10 5 early miscarriages
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I'm 12 weeks, and I don't *think* my boss knows yet. I stick to loose tops, high-waisted dresses, the Bella Band or hair-tie trick to close my pants. Leggings are surprisingly great too - with a funky top and heels, no one thinks twice about it.

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You could get one of those little cotton dresses that start right under the bustline. They make everyone look "pregnant" so you could just say it is the dress

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While our close family already knows, and I'm about to tell some more extended family, I'm still hoping to keep it under wraps from certain groups of people.

I already get tons of (unintentionally, I hope) crappy comments about my family size from the other parents of ds's baseball teammates. Next year, he'll be one of the few boys aging out to a different division, so I won't need to see these women anymore. Our end of the year picnic is in 2.5 weeks. I'll be just over 13 weeks. I'd like to get through it without any stupid comments from that particular peanut gallery.

Right now, I feel like I look obviously pregnant, but I'm still trying to pull off "fat". I'm actually wearing my "fat jeans", and I'm a fan of comfy, boxy t-shirts anyway, lol.

Eating a lot in front of people may reinforce the idea of general weight gain!

Carrie .. 
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I've been doing the leggings-and-tunics look at work til I officially announce it at the end of this week, but I think if anyone really took a look at me they would suspect. People I have told say they can see my baby bump, but that it's because they know. It seems to inflate at night!! Maybe because I'm not sucking it in at home??

With my last pregnancy, I went to a job interview and I must have been around 5 months pregnant and I had maternity dress pants on but wore a blazer. I think I fooled em othewise it would have come up, it was not a job they allow pregnant people to do (youth protection worker, you go on preventative leave, but I digress...) I suggest a jacket that hits mid-thigh (perfect for the foggy and chilly ) like a short trench. Maybe a shirt with some distracting detail like a busy print or some shirring. Something flowy. Good luck!!

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Yup. Still in the 'closet' at work about baby # 3. I just got back from maternity leave in mid-March and now I'm expecting again!

I actually gave my notice this past Friday. Dh and I decided awhile ago that if we ever go for #3 there is no way I'm working outside the home. And with the two little ones going to be so close in age....

In the meantime I'm wearing a lot of baggy baby doll tops. Thank goodness the 'maternity' flowing tops are in this season! I think I'll drop the bomb on my last day of work!! I have 3 more weeks to go...somehow I'll think I'll be discovered before then. I can only suck my stomach in for so long
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I told my boss at 12 weeks thinking that I had made it to that point without anyone knowing. Within hours a dozen different people stopped by my desk to tell me that they totally knew a long time ago. In a very nice way, they basically said I started looking terrible and they've all been there, so they recognized what was going on. lol Same with my family, they claimed they knew a month before we actually said anything. So, there you go.

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