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I initially decided to get some very basic prenatal testing done, which basically included a blood test (no problem for me) and a nuchal translucency, which apparently involves an ultrasound. My midwife referred me out to the center that does this, and I scheduled an appointment for this Thursday.

I've started to tell close friends and work colleagues that I'm pregnant (I'm 12weeks now), and I don't know if it is due to others' influence or not, but I've started having second thoughts as to whether I really want to go through with this procedure. As much as reassurance that my pregnancy is low-risk and likely normal would be great, what if something shows to be wrong? I don't know what I would do with the information. I know false positives are common, so I guess I'd get the procedure done again, but I'm starting to fear that this could potentially start a flood of anxiety for me. I think I agreed to this initially for the reassurance factor, but now I'm really starting to become concerned about the other type of information (negative) I could receive. I also don't want to do too many ultrasounds unnecessarily, and I've had one already at my dad's office (not part of my prenatal care through my midwife) just to make sure the baby was ok.

Any thoughts? I feel like I should cancel by tomorrow morning if I do change my mind- I think I need to give 48 hours notice. I also don't want to freak out and cancel it without thinking it through, because I scheduled this appointment about a month in advance.
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This is perhaps oversimplified, but, what would you do if the NT scan showed a problem? Would you want more testing? What if further testing showed a "definite" problem? Would you terminate?
If you would terminate, then, you should probably get the testing done. But, if knowing that your baby had Down's wouldn't change your decisions then what is the point?

I realize this dismisses the potential value of knowing and keeping the baby and wanting to line up care/resources/support ahead of time, as well as potentially making the decision to have a hospital birth due to potential cardiac issues. In my head though, the essence of it is pretty simple.

What does your partner think? What is your risk level? (ie: are you of "advanced maternal age", have you had a previous child with chromosomal abnormalities, etc, etc) I hope you find your way to a decision that gives you peace (quickly!).

For greater things are yet to come...

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Since we would not terminate in the case of Down Syndrome, we're not doing nuchal translucency... no reason to. It is quite simple if you wouldn't terminate. If you would, it's not so simple!

Good luck!

Mom to My Little Kumquat born 1/21/01, My Little Plum born 12/28/10

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I agree with others, we wouldn't terminate, so I don't do the testing. It's not something I could do anything about or that would change my birth plans, but it would cause me a lot of stress. I figure, if I have a baby with Down's and I don't know it a head of time, I would be surprised and honestly, probably a little sad, but I'd have a baby in my arms that I would love regardless. If I found out in pregnancy, I would still be surprised and sad, but the baby is still more of an abstract for me and I'm sure it would cause me problems with bonding and I would spend a lot of time focusing on that aspect of the baby rather than the baby it's self. That's just me and I know others would feel differently.

Sarah-wife, mother, doula, and teacher.
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For me it was not about a decision to terminate or not, but just preparing myself if there is a problem. The AFI and NT scan can only give you an idea if you are high risk for trisomy/aneuploidy(spelling?) and whether an amnio would be recommended.

We got to see that the baby has a beating heart and the correct number of appendages. It really doesn't give you much more than that(of course the translucency of the nuccal area is measured as well). But I was thrilled with that and terribly relieved. I'm glad I did it. ( I should mention that I'm 36 and have gestational diabetes, so I'm higher risk to begin with).
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Originally Posted by shellnurse View Post
For me it was not about a decision to terminate or not, but just preparing myself if there is a problem.
I am getting the same nuchal translucency test in 2 weeks, I didn't get them last time. This is why I am doing it. I am not terminating or having an amnio. I am doing it for 2 reasons. I will be 40 when #2 is born, so I know statistically odds are higher for me, and my daughter had all sorts of issues as an infant, none of which could be found on a test, but if they could, I would want to find out because it was hard dealing with a child not knowing what was wrong for 2 years. If I know ahead of time, I can get resources lined up, I can prepare myself for surgeries if needed, I can research and find options.

I had a friend who found out her child had a cleft palate via u/s. She was prepared emotionally when the baby was born, and had met with doctors to plan the surgeries before he was born. For me, it just give me a chance to get a heads up on any help I can get now and get any emotional support I need now.

Mommy to 2 beautiful girls dust.gif4/07 and babyf.gif1/11
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I am soon to be 28 and this is my first pregnancy, so statistically I am in a pretty low-risk group by age, but I know there is never a guarantee. Many of you ladies brought up interesting points which pretty much describe all of the thoughts whirling through my head. My husband and I talked about termination and neither of us could conclusively say one way or the other that we would or wouldn't terminate. I guess it would really depend on the severity of the problem. My husband in particular hates to speculate about what he would do in a given hypothetical situation, and I also am not dead-set on the idea that I wouldn't terminate (even though I don't think I could do it in the end). It is one of those bridges that we would cross when we get there (god forbid we would be at that point). For those that said they would prepare given bad news, I can see the benefit of that, as I am a huge planner and like to have things lined up as best I can if I am able to do so. So, the possibility of bad news is somewhat of a grey area for me and us right now, hence my anxiety. I talked to my husband about it and he said just to do it and that the odds are that things will be ok.
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The NT is a new one to me this pregnancy. I chose not to do it because the options once you have the "positive" if you want to know more are amnio or CVS.
Those are two tests I refused with the other three because I felt they carried too much risk and my odds were with everything being absolutely fine.

also, dh and I would not terminate.

And, I worked just long enough in special education to learn that a diagnosis is pretty meaningless until you meet the person. (for example, I've worked with 3 kids of the same age who I know had a diagnosis of "cerebral palsy" One child was severly disabled, very limited ability to move independently, little/no language--some understanding, will likely be dependent on others for life. Another used a wheelchair, could speak but was *very* hard to understand--this was unfortunate, it led to people often underestimating intelligence--this child was intellectually close to average, some LD classes in school, could do some things, but adapted--feed self, use a computer to do schoolwork, etc. Ability to use hands was affected.
The third was entirely 'typical" other than using a walker sometimes and walking differently. (obviously things like running, climbing were affected too) )

So...for me, between the chance of the false positive, and the knowledge that individuals with the same diagnosis vary *greatly* in how it impacts their lives....there was absolutely no point in doing the test.

lovin DH since 1/04, best mom for my 3 boys 10/04, 11/08, 11/10 one girlie (1/07), one 13 wk (10/13) and 5/15 just your average multigenerational living family!!
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Originally Posted by robin-ma View Post
Since we would not terminate in the case of Down Syndrome, we're not doing nuchal translucency... no reason to.
This is how I feel as well. The fact that the screening just gives you the odds, but no concrete information at all unless it's followed up by an amnio, makes it seem completely pointless to me. It would just give me more to worry about, without actually giving me any information I can work with.

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The nuchal translucency isn't even offered where I am, so in a way it makes it easier - nothing to think about. They do have a blood test that supposedly gives you chances for downs and spina bifida and such which has a high false positive rate. I refused that one with my son, but am considering doing it this time.
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I just got my NT results today - happily, the tests showed that I am at lower risk than an average woman of my age (33). I didn't want to do the bloodwork, just the sono because we need to keep a close eye on blood flow through the umbilical cord due to my blood clotting disorder, but my dr's office won't do one without the other.

Here's hoping you get good news as well!

Mama to Ellie (11/11/05) and Owen, born 12/12/10 - a successful VBAC!
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