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As soon as I found out my EDD (1/1), I started thinking oh no, my poor babe will forever have birthday celebrations mixed with the Holidays. Have you heard anything positive or negative about having an EDD so close to the Holidays?
I've heard both negative and positive from friends and co-workers...

Though a teeny bit of me wishes DH and I took April off from TTC to avoid a 'holiday baby'. Is that bad?
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DDCC - My birthday is Jan 19, and that isn't even close to holidays (I don't think) and I still get combo christmas and birthday presents. I had a friend born 2 days after Christmas. My mom growing up would be like "we got all the bills so we can't go overboard" Now she just gives me my present in March anyway!

It's really how you celebrate. I think if you separate the days and make them special, it won't be a big deal.

i forgot to add, I like the holiday season so much that I got married a week before my birthday. So I have Christmas, New Years, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday within a month. And now #2 is due the 10th!

Mommy to 2 beautiful girls dust.gif4/07 and babyf.gif1/11
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I was born on Thanksgiving and I always got combo gifts, but it is what it is and if you make it a point to separate it for your child then it is no biggie. I am due on Christmas, though I doubt I will have the babe on that day. DH was worried at first about it, but I think that it will be what you make of it.

Jessica ~ SAHM to Julianne (5-19-07) & Jocelyn (8-10-08) #3 12-25-10
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DDCC- My DS was born on January 5th. The first thing my dad (who's b'day is 1/8) is "the poor kid will get happy birthday/merry Christmas presents."

For his first birthday, we had the party the last week of January mostly because people go to so many events those few weeks around Christmas/New Year. Now this baby is due January 1. Maybe we'll celebrate for this kid the first weekend of December. We'll have two issues, holiday birthdays and two kids born on almost the same day. poor kids. I'm sure we'll work it out.

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My birthday is 12/3 and while I do hate that if people forget or are late for my birthday it kinds of gets rolled into Christmas, I've really always loved that Christmas Tree lightings and holiday lights and decorations tend to go up right around my birthday. I've always pretended they were secretly all for me, and that I was celebrating my birthday ALL month.

(The real downside was that in college my birthday was always the week of or the week before final exams, and everyone was miserably studying and did not want to celebrate.)

My Dad's is on 12/20 and I think it's probably a little harder for him. The key is having there be a strict rule -- to celebrate the birthday with NO Christmas trappings. For instance, never wrap a holiday-season-birthday-gift in holiday wrapping paper! We holiday babies are very sensitive about that!

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Your child's birthday will be as special as you make it!

I was born on Dec 15. I NEVER remember feeling short changed by having a b-day 10 days before Christmas. In fact, I remember as a kid having people make comments to me like, "Oh, poor you with a Christmas birthday..." and always being confused WHY it was a bad thing exactly.

Things that my mom did to make it special:

~ It was NOT combined with Christmas. The only "Christmas" thing about my b-day was she has *always* made sure to have the tree up by the 14th because my gifts go under it. I always LOVED this and still do! This past year was the ONLY year in my 34 years that the tree wasn't up in time.

~ I got cupcakes for school, a birthday party, and whatever else I would have normally gotten for presents/celebration whenever my birthday would have been. Yes, it can be a "tight" time of year for money, but neither your child's b-day or X-mas is a surprise. Budget appropriately and plan ahead.

I'm really curious if this baby will be born *on* Christmas. My due date is the 17th, and both our girls went exactly 1 week and 1 day over their due date. 1 week & 1 day past the 17th is the 25th! It will be interesting, but even if the baby has a b-day on the 25th I have no doubt we'll find lots of ways to make his/her day a special one.
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My oldest was born Dec 19 and there is definitely something special about a holiday baby! He is ten now, and we have always maintained his birthday as a separate holiday. As he has gotten older we have had to do some manipulation of dates in order to celebrate his birthday with his school friends, as Dec 19 is often the last day of school before Christmas break or it falls during Christmas vacation. On the day of his party we have, of course, the party; but on the day of his birthday we have a special dinner for him, and he opens the gifts from his family. All birthdays are a big deal in our family, and his is no exception.

My birthday is the week following Christmas and while I didn't get many gifts (and part of that is that we were not affluent by any stretch), my parents did a very good job of ensuring that I had a special party with lots of friends -- often we had to wait for school to be back in session to have it, but it didn't bother me.

There is really something special about a baby born in the teeth of winter-- the world is dormant and cold, and the baby comes, bringing a sense of hope and warmth. Definitely a great time to be born!

Joy, mama to Aquaboy (10), Goldilocks (8), Squidge (4)
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oh I wanted to add, my birthday is Jan 19, now I never got this "special" treatment my mom gives the grandkids...but my sister has 2 boys (not twins) that share a Jan 13th birthday and one is born Jan 10th. She takes them out to lunch and gets them a present. The ones born on the 13th get to pick if they want it on their birthday or not because she doesn't want to do both at the same time.

Now I don't know why I got the "we are getting the holiday bills now" routine and they got special day with my mom, but that might be something you could do or it could be a "special" with another family member who takes them out

Mommy to 2 beautiful girls dust.gif4/07 and babyf.gif1/11
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My younger DS was born 11/30 and I have two SILs born 12/2 and 12/14. We don't mix gifts. Everyone gets birthday presents on or around the birthday and then presents at the holidays. My family has been really good about it too. We usually all get together around x-mas, so they either come to the birthday party or send a gift and then we do the normal x-mas stuff at the x-mas celebration. I'm technically due 12/21 with this child, and though I'd love a Solstice/Yule baby I sincerely doubt I'll go to 40 weeks since I've not gone past 39 before. I think my family will continue to separate the birthdays from the holidays.

Cindy + DH Paul = DS1 (4/26/06), DS2 (11/30/07), DD (12/20/10) & surprise 4th edition coming in April 2014.

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My "technical" due date is December 12 (although my cycle has always been wonky, so who knows if babe will be early/late), and that's one of my concerns: having a Christmas baby. Especially because we're not religious at all, and I KNOW that it will be mentioned (in the bible belt, here). We do celebrate christmas, but only in the good mood/gift giving way.

I plan on definitely keeping birthday/holiday separate, no matter what or how tight money is. I think that's very important!

I also think I might do a small "half-birthday" celebration in the middle of summer (this is my first kid so I can start that tradition)... I think it would be a fun thing to look forward to so all the big celebrations aren't in the same consecutive 5 months (oct-halloween, nov-thanksgiving, dec-christmas, jan-new year's, feb-valentine's day)... then we have a summer thing to have fun with!
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My brother's birthday is the 28th. We did the same thing that many of your families did, celebrated it totally separate from Christmas.

One of my student's parents old me that in Venezuela (where he's from) they often name baby boys due around Christmas Jesus. He said he knew it was different in America. I told him I'd probably not name my child Jesus. I was thinking oh god no!

Dp, me dreads.gif  ds#1  goodvibes.gif, ds #2 jog.gif and ds#3 drool.gif

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There are A LOT of December and November birthdays in mine and DH's family. I suppose there is more worry about falling on another person's b-day than there is competition with a holiday.

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my 2nd son was born on 12/21 and we just make sure to have a separate celebration for him - the gifts dont' so much matter (he gets combo gifts from other people) but as long as we celebrate his birthday just for him, I think we're good.

This one's due the same day he was, so I think we'll have 2 Christmas babies! My DH is Jan 7,'s nuts around here in December!

(my DH's name is Jesus - he's Mexican)

Mama to (10/05) and (12/07) (2/10) and expecting in December!
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My best friend in high school's birthday was Dec 25th. It was always disappointing to her. I wonder if any of us will end up with a Christmas day baby?

I'm not looking forward to one around the holidays, not least of all because of the financial issues... It's always a tight time of year.

But it'll all work out. DH's birthday is Nov 30th, we usually put up the tree next day. He enjoys having a birthday around that time.

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Crashing... I was born on the 18th and admittedly I did feel like I got slighted somewhat. But that could of been just the way I was looking at things and not reality. I was always given a birthday party separate from Christmas, so my parents did try.

My youngest was born December 10th. I don't guess we really did anything for her first birthday, but I am sure we will as she gets older.
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My dh is in early December and my twins are in January -- although this babe will probably be closer to Cmas than the others. I was just discussing this with Jwpsgurl tonight on the phone, I was concerned about the closeness to Cmas. But, hey, too late now!

With almost-5 kids, I always make an extra effort for birthdays to be YES days. I try to say YES as much as I can and let my kids choose all meals and daily fun.

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My Dad's birthday is on Christmas Day (1931!) and growing up, my sister and I did not do a good job of celebrating his birthday as a separate event from Christmas. I have to say my Mother didn't, either, and it was really she who should have established that as a tradition. As adults, my sister and I do a much better job of making sure to have a separate party on a different day when we're in town visiting, so as to fully celebrate his birthday.

My sister's second child was due on Christmas Day, and I thought it would be cool if she shared a birthday with her Grandad, but she was early on 12/21. Now my due date is New Year's and if s/he were to decide to come early and land on Christmas, I think that would be cool, to share a birthday. But I also have a grandmother who was a New Year's Eve baby, and a half-brother born on New Year's Day, so there's lots of family birthdays for possible sharing!

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Crashing . My 16 yo dd was born 1/10 (on her due date) and I always worried about the impact onf having her b-day right after the holidays. However, we always make it very seperate often having her party on MLK day because there's no school! As for the gifting - after holiday sales!
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