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DD went head down pretty early and stayed that way (mind you she was posterior, which causes its own problems) now I'm about 36 weeks and the baby had been head-down for about two weeks or more, well now he's flipped and i can feel his little melon under my ribs (or in the middle of my chest...) and I am realizing headstands are really not a practical option. I know there are websites dedicated to turining a breech baby, but how long do I wait before I start actively trying to get him to go back head-down??

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Don't wait, do it now. If possible, get yourself to a chiropractor who is familiar with the Webster Technique. I've had that done and I could feel the baby turning all at once within a couple hours of having it done. Spend 15 minutes in the evening with your bottom in the air (I get on my hands and knees and then lean over so I'm resting my face on my folded arms or pillow). When my fourth was breech, my midwife suggested doing handstands in water. Do you happen to have access to an indoor pool or do you know anyone with a hot tub or something?


Good luck!!! :)

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This might sound dumb, but are you absolutely sure she's breech? My LO is vertex, but I get his booty in my ribs all. day. long. The booty can feel very hard- like a head- and maybe she's just in a slightly different position? I just don't want you to worry unnecessarily.


That being said, I agree that seeing a chiro with Webster training IMMEDIATELY is crucial. I know that my chiro likes to see mamas ASAP- the bigger the baby becomes, the harder it is to get him/her to turn.



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Wow, that's crazy. I would also start trying now to get baby to flip back!

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If you're 100% sure that's his head and not his rear, start now!  My understanding is that hcps prefer to do external versions around 37 weeks.  I'd definitely take an EV if needed, but I'd also try to avoid it first!


Mine recently did some gymnastics (after hanging around in the same spot for weeks) that have left me absolutely clueless as to what's what.  Despite being told otherwise, I'm too afraid to do anything without confirming his position first.  Fortunately, I have an appointment on Tuesday!

Carrie .. 
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This might help.  I wanted to share my time line as I am in the same boat!


Julian was identified as breech via ultrasound on 11/2, just 1 day shy of 34 weeks.  From 11/3-11/6, I was on a business trip in NYC and saw a MD Acupuncturist on 11/6 for treatment and was given some moxa sticks (like a cigar of mugwort).

Came home and saw the chiro on Monday 11/8 and he used the Webster technique and I continued with the moxibustion nightly-this is hard to do alone.  You need someone to do it for you.

On Wednesday, 11/10 I saw my doula/mw and he had in fact turned head down.  I could feel it for myself.  She also noted that I had plentiful amnio fluid.

I returned to chiro on Friday and he's breech again.  My adjustment was followed by an acupuncture treatment and moxibustion.

They told me that it's promising that he will flip back since he's proven he could do it already.  It was still disappointing to hear he had returned to breech and I can feel it for myself.

I turn 36 weeks on Wednesday.  I have a CNM appt on Tuesday and we'll see what she says.  I set my next chiro appt for 11/23.  I should probably see him next week but I want to let Julian do what he needs to do also.  Perhaps if the CNM confirms his breech position on Tuesday then I will make an appointment for that week.

Julian will also have an u/s on 11/30, one day shy of 38 weeks.  If he's still breech at that point, they're going to try for an EV.


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I just read in Susun Weed's herbal book for the childbearing year that the best way to help a breech baby flip is doing a head or handstand in a swimming pool thumb.gif

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yup, get to it now!  I feel for you as my LO has been breech the whole time and it is a stress!  I am only 33wks now and trying to find ways of turning him/her.  Let me know what works for you!  I can't find anyone who knows what the webster technique is, so I am massaging my little toes (can't find moxi sticks yet either), and will prob buy the "turn breech baby" track from hypnobabies in the next day or two.  I am sitting upright all the time, and doing all the postural things on  but no success yet!  LO tips transverse a lot, but no full turn yet!  Fingers crossed for both of us!  Stay in touch and good luck!!!

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As PPs have said, Chiropractor who does Webster technique is great!


Just be ABSOLUTELY sure that baby is breech before doing ANYTHING.  Sometimes, some of the positions you can work on at home will flip a vertex baby to breech, so just be sure. has an e-book you can dowload to help you out.

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I'd work on getting him turned now. Check out for how to flip a breech. I agree with a Webster technique certified chiro. Also doing inversions should help. My midwife has recommended homeopathic pulsitilla. There's also a point on your little toe that you can do accupressure on or try a moxa stick. I think these are all on the spinningbabies site. So they'll go more in depth on them.


Here's the link

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Not in a DDC but had to respond.  First of all...don't panic.  My fourth decided to go breech after a pretty intense fight with DH at 38 weeks.  I was so worried and I think that contributed to her staying breech for as long as she did.  After the midwife told me she was breech I began seeing an accupuncturist for moxibustion and also a chiropractor who did Webster.  I saw the accu twice and the chiro three times.  Eight days after my midwife told me she was breech I saw her again along with two other midwives.  They were going to attempt a gentle form of external version if she hadn't turned, but she had!  She stayed vertex and was born 3 days after her due date.  What really made the biggest difference for me was getting a contingency plan in place that I was comfortable with.  I needed a plan for the case in which she stayed breech.  Talk to your care provider about what the options are and make a plan just in case while you do moxibustion and chiro.  BTW...I never felt a movement where I realized she had turned so even if you don't feel it, baby could have turned.  Good luck and let us know what happens!

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Ok, now I am feeling butt up and hiccups are quite low, whereas when he was head-up they were high. Perhaps for some women it's hard to differentiate head from butt, but for me, it's really distinctive, his head feels so round and hard like a coconut, instantly regognizable, whereas the bum isn't quite so round, or hard and you can feel how it's kinda attached to other stuff, KWIM? Not that the head isn't but you can really feel the difference, IMO. Anyhow, I talked to him about it (the baby) and I was considering putting a pkg of frozen veg on his head (suggested to me by someone) but that seemed kinda mean, so I thought I'd rather wait it out. Clearly he can do some pretty impressive flips in there still, but I will talk to my chiro about it when I see her next week. DH suggested headstands, but I did spend some time butt-up myself to get him to turn (kinda embarrassing, DH was impressed, haha!) but for now, anyway, he seems to have turned back. What worries me is until he actually engages his head, he could go back again...but I will try NOT to worry!!! Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions, if he turns back I will consult this thread for sure! Raspberry and Mahi, I really have no secret to why he flipped back, but good luck with your attempts to turn your LOs. The good thing is, even if he were to go breech again, there are docs here who can deliver him (which would mean no MW at the birthing centre, which is the plan) at least I can avoid a c-section, but not necessarily because I know depending on presentation it's hard to dilate using a butt or foot instead of a head, so I am not that comforted thinking about a hospital breech birth...good luck and update!!

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