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With my last HB, I had to wash/sanitize and bag up all items into seperate bags and keep in a readily available location.  This time around, my MW is very laid back and I feel like I have nothing prepared.  How does your midwife like to have your supplies (linens, blankets, towels, etc.)?

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Ayyye, I feel the same way. I grabbed a waterproof mattress protector when I was at Target a few weeks ago. Other than that, I don't think I've done a single thing. My midwife went over the "supplies" we needed a few weeks ago, but she was also very laid back about it and hasn't really brought it up again other than to say we don't need to do a lot of preparing. She's bringing the tub.


I know we need towels, but we have so many old ones I think we're just going to use those (don't care if they get ruined). We should probably have an extra set of sheets, since we only have one set of King-size ones.


I have a pretty sizable cloth diaper stash built up over the past nine months, though I haven't "prepped" any of it at all. In fact, it's all in boxes because we just moved into our new house last week. Same for the baby clothes.


Our Kanoe (baby hammock) is lying in the corner of our bedroom, it hasn't been hung yet.


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Last time I had a different midwife and she just wanted things washed and in totes. This midwife wanted more organization. She asks for 12 towels on the list! To be sterilized.

So we had to buy some! I've got 5 grocery bags full of sterilized items like towels and sheets and washcloths. I have a bag of clothes for the baby, hats etc and receiving blankets.


I've cleaned out our 3rd bedroom (since all 4 kids prefer sharing their tiny room just now! And most of the time DH ends up sleeping on the floor in there too because they get scared and want him with them. hehe) and we've turned it into a birthing room. I have the pool inflated, the new lead free hose sitting in it, ready to go. I washed everything down and cleaned with iodine. I've got my camera charged and in the room. There's my birth ball in there, a birth stool, a drawer of herbal water and a drawer of snacks, a drawer with depends and pads and things and one with my herbal after bath. It's like a hotel in there. I have the oxygen and emergency equipment in there too just in case. It's all set up and ready to go. We have a lock on the door so the kids can't get in and mess with the supplies. Last time my midwife didn't make it in time, labor was super fast, so I wanted everything ready this time so we can get the pool and everything set up nice and quick so I can actually get some decent use out of it! Last time I pushed on the second contraction in the pool and then out came baby. I'd like to actually labor in it for a while this time!


I'm basically totally ready to go now, I'm just waiting for baby. I'm not usually this organized - I always want to be, but this time I actually am. But it's going to make waiting this last 2-4 weeks really difficult! I'm glad it's Christmas so I can start obsessing with that to occupy my mind.

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I washed 7 towels,a sheet set,receiving blankets, a bunch of wash cloths and a newborn outfit on hot and packed away in trash bags, next to all the other supplies that don't need washing. My MW just requested everything be assembled in one place. Tub is set up right in our bedroom, since there is nowhere else for it to go, and it's cozy in there anyway. I'm just missing the snacks and comfort lighting. I secretly wish someone would gift us one of those lights in the shape of a star. I finally feel prepared!! I haven't had any sugar in many weeks due to my predisposition of a high chance of YI at birth, so I am also organizing ingredients to bake a chocolate cake during the early stage of labor when I am supposed to be walking around and keeping busy with something anyway.

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For all 5 of my homebirths and this one, I just put the bigger things (towels, water proofing sheets, chux pads, etc) into a laundry basket and keep it by the bed. Then I have a smaller basket on my dresser that I put the smaller items in. I figure if my midwife is coming in quickly, it's all right there and ready for her. And usually since my labors move really fast, they need it handy since they're coming in right as I'm about ready to push. I've never had a homebirth attendant that wanted it all sterilized, they just wanted it easily accessible.


Currently I have everything ready for baby. The supplies are out and my birthing space (my bedroom and bathroom) is cleaned and organized. I feel totally ready for baby.

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I'm washing things in advance, but I'm not following any special washing/sanitizing instructions.


My midwife has a birth kit listed under her name on a few different birth kit websites, so I just looked her up and ordered that. It contains:

  • disposable underpads
  • disposable pull-up
  • OB pads
  • mesh brief
  • peri bottle
  • cold peri compresses
  • infant heel warmer
  • infant heel lancet
  • flexible straws (so I can easily drink from any position)
  • paper tape measure
  • lubricating jelly
  • bulb syringe
  • umbilical cord clamp
  • gauze
  • sterile gloves 

All of those things are either on my closet shelf, or hanging in what is supposed to be a diaper holder in my closet. 


She also requests that I have these things, which are already on shelves in my closet except for the crockpot and food/drink stuff: 

  • emergency phone number list by each phone
  • map to hospital
  • 3-4 bath towels
  • 6-8 wash cloths
  • crock pot (I assume this is for heating cloths but I have no idea; we didn't use it last time)
  • cookie sheet with sides (to use as a tray for birth supplies)
  • electric heating pad
  • plastic bowl (for placenta - I'm using one of those pink tubs that I got from the hospital with one of my other babies)
  • shower curtain liner for the bed - as soon as I go into labor I am to put the shower curtain liner down and then cover it with a fitted sheet so after the birth, the midwives can remove the top sheet and liner, and I will have a clean and dry sheet on the bed 
  • 2-3 fitted sheet sets and extra pillows with cases
  • garbage basket and liner
  • laundry basket
  • several kitchen garbage bags (to cover pillows and for extra garbage)
  • roll of toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels
  • gallon-sized zip-lock bags (I have no idea what those are for, honestly)
  • plastic wrap (???)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • ammonia for postpartum laundry
  • space heater if needed to keep the room 70-75 degrees after birth
  • fan in case I get hot during labor 
  • sports drinks, popsicles, sour candy, coconut water, simple foods and beverages
  • thermometer 
  • q-tips, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, peroxide or goldenseal powder


I have a little basket full of receiving blankets as well as some heavier fleece, wool, and cotton blankets. 


Newborn and 0-3 month clothing and a swaddling thingie (what is that thing called - it looks like a baby bag and it has velcro in the middle so you can wrap the baby up) are in a drawer in my bedroom.


On the floor of my closet I have approximately six thousand diapers and boxes of wipes - DH's coworkers surprised him with a baby shower, which is especially surprising because this is our 6th, so we got a lot of great supplies! I have cloth diapers set aside too but they're not in my room yet; I use sposies for newborns because I don't have the energy to go up and down the stairs to do diaper laundry, and my husband does enough without having to worry about that. I also have some gargantuan overnight menstrual pads with wings on the closet floor. Hanging up on a hook is a mesh bag with my cloth pads. 


That's all I can think of :-)

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