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MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 12:00 PM 11-22-2010

Our little girl was born Sunday morning, 11/21, at 7:07. She came so fast that the midwife didn't get here in time. (I was a little panicked even though this is my fourth, but dh was awesome and caught her as she came out in the shower.) She is 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and 19 inches long (3 inches shorter than any of her brothers were). We are all doing well; my boys are so excited to have a little sister. heartbeat.gif

soglad's Avatar soglad 12:05 PM 11-22-2010

Congratulations! How exciting for you and your family :)

MoonStarFalling's Avatar MoonStarFalling 12:13 PM 11-22-2010


Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 12:13 PM 11-22-2010

Congratulations!!! joy.gif

BarefootGirl's Avatar BarefootGirl 12:17 PM 11-22-2010

congrats! so excited for you!

WifeofAnt's Avatar WifeofAnt 12:39 PM 11-22-2010

Oh Congrats!!  Every new birth makes me so anxious to meet my LO!



I'm putting together the birth announcements in the Baby Guess thread and was wondering what your due date was.  I don't have to list it if you don't want it posted.

sarahn4639's Avatar sarahn4639 12:42 PM 11-22-2010

Congrats!!  What an exciting birth!!!

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nova22's Avatar nova22 01:13 PM 11-22-2010

Congratulations on what seems like a very exciting UC! Enjoy your babymoon with your new little girl.


Babies are coming out all over - wheeee! :D

Fat Scottish Gal's Avatar Fat Scottish Gal 01:36 PM 11-22-2010

How wonderful. Sounds like an empowering experience, just you and DH. How awesome. Congratulations!!!!!! Well done!

MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 02:22 PM 11-22-2010

Thank you everyone! Looking back, it was an amazing experience to have with just DH ... I was freaking a bit, some of which came from being utterly exhausted after a weekend of almost no sleep, combined with then thinking all of that was for naught. But, as hard as it was, it was amazing. 

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Oh Congrats!!  Every new birth makes me so anxious to meet my LO!



I'm putting together the birth announcements in the Baby Guess thread and was wondering what your due date was.  I don't have to list it if you don't want it posted.

Oh, thanks for putting that together ... Dd's due date was 12/3, so she was 12 days early (makes up for ds#3 being 12 days late!). 

rad's Avatar rad 02:56 PM 11-22-2010

Congrats mama!!

grazy101's Avatar grazy101 03:03 PM 11-22-2010

Congrats! So happy and excited for you

porttack's Avatar porttack 03:17 PM 11-22-2010

Congrats, MyLittleWonders, how exciting! My MIL had 3 boys and then... another boy. I can imagine you're thrilled to have a little girl! : )

wholewheatchick's Avatar wholewheatchick 03:22 PM 11-22-2010

Yay!  How awesome that your DH caught her!  Nice sized little girl, too!

raspberry.swirl's Avatar raspberry.swirl 03:33 PM 11-22-2010

Great work, what a team!  All the best to you and yours.



aslmere's Avatar aslmere 04:24 PM 11-22-2010

CONGRATS!!! Here come the babies!!!!

NoraFlood 04:58 PM 11-22-2010

Congratulations! I love that all these babies are coming now!

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sonrisa's Avatar sonrisa 07:47 PM 11-22-2010 amazing.  Good job DH for catching baby and great work mom. I hope you and your family are all doing well.


TheDivineMrsM's Avatar TheDivineMrsM 07:55 AM 11-23-2010

Congratulations on your baby girl!


I hope I go that fast!

Funny Face's Avatar Funny Face 10:09 AM 11-23-2010

Congrats on your birth and UC!!!! Happy Babymooning! love.gif

Dichotomy's Avatar Dichotomy 08:48 PM 11-23-2010

3 men and now a little great!!



Congrats on your new little one, Im sure her big brothers will be great protectors!!



Have you given her a name?

lawmama1984's Avatar lawmama1984 09:21 PM 11-23-2010

Congratulations!! What a beautiful experience with just you and your husband!

mckittre's Avatar mckittre 11:31 PM 11-23-2010

Congratulations!  I would have been nervous to be on my own, but I'm glad it all worked out well.

oyinmama's Avatar oyinmama 07:16 AM 11-24-2010

what a ride! congratulations! :o)

MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 11:07 AM 11-24-2010

Thank you everyone - it was quite a ride, but one that we were meant to have. heartbeat.gif

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Have you given her a name?

Kate Astrid Margit Last-name. Her middle names are family names.