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rlee*'s Avatar rlee* 03:39 PM 11-23-2010

hello ladies!

which herbs are you taking for after birth/post partum.  for bleeding, energy etc?

shepherds purse? RRL?

wholewheatchick's Avatar wholewheatchick 04:06 PM 11-23-2010

I just gathered my dried herbs to make baths with for the first week pospartum.  I have 2 oz each of lavendar, rosemary, uva ursi, and comfrey; 1 oz of marshmallow root.  I also have 2 oz of comfrey to make a tea to put into a peri bottle for "wiping" those first few tender days.  My comfrey plant and aloe plant are growing great, so I'll be making poultices from those fresh when I need them for my poor perineum. 


Although it isn't an herb, I am going to start taking probiotics at 39 weeks, and keep it up till I use the entire bottle.  I only get yeast infections when my estrogen/progesterone levels go crazy...last thing I want postpartum is a YI!  I'm still taking Floradix, and will buy another bottle of that in Dec., so I expect to keep taking that through late January. 


In terms of "energy" I'm not doing anything herbal.  We are keeping my placenta, though, and I'm going to make a tincture out of that (but that won't be ready till a month after the birth) as well as keep the rest of the placenta in the freezer in case I want to cut slivers off and swallow them like you would a piill. 

Jazzmin's Avatar Jazzmin 02:58 PM 11-24-2010

Thanks for reminding me, I need to find a good sitz recipe.


I have the same yeast issue PP. Definitely take a good probiotic!