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Ok, what's on your final "to do" list?


Jamie * Andy's Queen
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The laundry room, bathroom, bedrooms, and hall closet are Southern-Living-magazine-cover-ready.


The rest of the house...not so much. redface.gif It needs work. Other than that, I'm ready to go.

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Move roller shade in kids room

Put up roller shade in playroom

Hang curtains in playroom - purchase rod

Pick out baby's first outfit




Get birth linens washed and ready

Put together food basket of some sort for during labor

Strip CDs

Order Birth Pool ? - not sure this is gonna happen.

Get plan in place for kids - they want an activity (ie: make gift/cake for Birthday)


Cook/Bake for freezer:

Chic Pot Pies


Stuffed Shells

Spaghetti Sauce

Sweet Potato Casserole

Zucchini Casserole

Nut Bars

Oatmeal Squares


Mashed Potatoes


Both Andy & I

Shampoo Carpets & couch

CLEAN/Organize our bedroom (ie: the landing zone in our house)

Deep clean kitchen

Organize Kitchen

Put up the Christmas Tree



I'll be adding to this, I'm sure.  But it feels good to have a visual list.  :)

Jamie * Andy's Queen
Mama to: Kaleb 9/12/2005 * Adeline 7/02/08 (born at home!) & 'Dot' EDD 12/23/2010
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I've got to make up a list of phone numbers and empty files off of the flip camera. Otherwise I think I'm all done. House has been spotless for like 2 weeks. I'd like to clean the carpets one more time, because I'm weirdly obsessive about them lately, but my pelvis has packed in and I don't think I could physically handle it now :( So I guess the 6 times I've cleaned them in the past few weeks will have to do, lol. We've got the arms reach set up, clothes and diapers all washed, birth room set up and ready to go, bathroom scrubbed out, kitchen clean and organized. Just waiting on baby now. Come on baby.

Scottish Expat Mummy to: 1 angel and 5 earthlings (4 girls, 2 boys)
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  • clean car out
  • sort out the laundry (why are there wet clothes in a basket with garbage?!)
  • finish the things he has to do to go on leave



  • have baby




I guess I could do the dishes too but I just want him out.

This Mommy and Military Daddy are loving their son.
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Install car seat(s... we're moving other kids around)

Deep clean master bathroom

Organize freezers and pantry so I know where (and what) everything is

Finish packing kids' overnight bag(s)

Start AND finish Christmas shopping (99% online)

Clean and set up bassinet and clean out the playpen that is currently housing toys and stuffed animals

Sew some more wipes and a few more diapers

Stock the car with SROM and/or vomit control items, just in case!


Those are pretty much the main things.  My house is never going to be deep cleaned all at the same time, so I'm not wasting my energy!

Carrie .. 
Raising a full house- Kings (12, 3, new) over Queens (8, 7)
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Keep installing windows

Make and set up Squirt's mattress stand snug against my side of the bed

Install car seats into cars



Finish prepping postpartum and labor supplies; pack birth bag and postpartum bag

Finish my sister's cross stitch (this is going to be the death of me I swear!)

Send out Christmas/birthday presents

Buy a few last minute baby things (wipes, thermometer, a few more pairs of baby pants)

Put trash bags and towels in the car we'll take to the birth center



pick a name

watch vaccine info video on youtube

watch breastfeeding DVD from my mom

finish labor prep stuff; we're almost done with this, just a few more things we need to discuss


I was going to plant some spinach in our winter garden, but the way my pelvis feels now...that would probably be a very bad idea!

Emily--Married to the love of my life 2008--Joyful mommy to Rachel Elizabeth 12/10
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Floors need to be mopped.

I have some laundry to do. (Ok, I have a LOT of laundry to do).

Bathroom needs to be scrubbed out. I want to labor in my jacuzzi tub before heading out to the hospital, but my cat likes to nap in there.

Baby's room is done. 

I want to freeze another meal or two. 


Not a bad list... I might actually get through it all!

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~Dylan Thomas


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Dh has made my to do list stressful, by deciding to rip up dd's carpet and replace it with bamboo :(  So right now all that's in her room is subfloor (which he had to replace) and all her furniture is crammed into our dining room and her toys are in the living room even though we're having Thanksgiving dinner here for MIL and SIL.  So I get to clean for Thanksgiving around all this crap and it's stressing me out beyond belief.


On my before baby to do list:

install car seat

get bouncer out of garage and wash cover

heavy clean of bathroom and tub/shower

bring bassinet over from MIL's house and set up

finish last of Christmas shopping

wrap said shopping

Christmas tree



knit a stocking for the bean

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I'm done. I've found as long as my birth space is clean and organized, I'm happy. So really I'm feeling ready for baby. Now the rest of the house does need to be picked up and cleaned a bit for Thanksgiving brunch tomorrow morning. I don't want to have family over the way it currently looks.

Rachel , wifey to best friend Karl ,
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Oh gosh.. this is something I've avoided doing... writing it all down... but now's a good a time as any...  I need to wash the carseat and change it back into a baby seat... big sister was using it, it's an 8lb to 60lb type of carseat. Also, finish decluttering and dusting and wiping down the bedroom, getting clothes put away, completely clean the bathroom and get the kitchen floor mopped. If I could get all of that done, I think I'd feel ready. There's always more, but that would put me a long way towards feeling "done".  I'm off work as of today, with BP climbing I'm supposed to rest more, so hopefully I'll have time to get these things done and maybe do christmas cards and file the small mountain of paperwork piling up on my desk too. Then I'd really feel ready.  It'd be nice to clean out my car too, but if that doesn't happen... oh well.   I need to figure out a changing table space... I was figuring on the small bookcase we have in the bedroom, it's deep enough to work as a changing table... but I haven't bothered yet. Just too tired and worn out!

 Speaking of that, I should get to bed so I don't go into labor exhausted.... not that I'm going into labor tomorrow, but you never know.. and I stayed up till 1am with my first baby, scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand, on hands and knees, and woke up the next morning at 7am to my water breaking ALL over my bed!!!  Not nearly enough sleep for me! I was exhausted during and after labor!

Mom of 5 working full-time and waiting to go to nursing school! Whew! I need a nap! joy.gif

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So...I made this ambitious list some time ago.  All of the red items are things I REALLY wanted to accomplish, the black items that have been crossed out are done, and the plain black text designate non pressing issues.  There is NO way that I am going to finish this list.  Silly me wanted the house to be perfect before the baby got here. HA!  Plus I'm due on the 21st and we are hosting Christmas (very small, close family only but still). 


Living Room:

·       Paint walls (gray wash) and repaint all trim (white)

·       Rewire projector and speakers

-       Repair hole in wall from projector

-       Rehang projector

·       Paint coffee table

·       Toy storage (for baby and Frances)?

-       New rug (possible Christmas gift request 8x10)


·       Reorganize all cabinets and drawers (including junk drawer)

·       Purchase cabinet metal mesh drawer inserts

·       Replace all tupperware with glass

·       New trashcan (metal step style), and recycling bin

·       Get compost pot

·       Clean oven and under oven

·       Clean fridge and under fridge

-       Under sink organization (bin or bucket) for cleaning products

-       Organizational solution for tupperwear

-       Sort and tidy top of refrigerator

-       Purge

·       New silverware set (not a top priority)

·       Acquire wine glasses (not a top priority)

Downstairs Bathroom:

·       Hand towel ring

·       Clean out medicine cabinet

Upstairs Bathroom:

·       New dresser/shelves

·       Go through and organize/throw away all personal care items

·       Organize under sink (cleaning products, storage etc...)

·       Get bathtub chip fixed

·       Deep clean grout and tile (figure out system)

·       New grommets for shower curtain

-       Have caulking around bathtub redone (Arrowwood)

·       Have doorknob fixed

-       Touch up sink cabinet paint

-       New large bathmat

-       Have threshold floor strip fixed


·       New Curtains

·       New rug

·       Artwork/wall hangings

-       Daybed with pillows and bedding

·       Dresser

·       Changing pad

-       Drawer organizers for dresser

-       Wash and put away all clothes

·       Labeled bins for clothes and toys (sort by age, season etc...)

-       Bookcase (on back order from Pottery Barn)

·       Quilt (ordered from Etsy, life fail)

·       Redo closet with hanging bar, shelves and storage bins

Office/Walk-in closet:

·       Desk

·       Filing cabinet

·       Shelving for books etc...

·       Task lighting

·       Have wedding dress cleaned and stored

·       Organize office items in drawers and labeled storage boxes

-       Clean out/purge desk drawers, make room for office supplies in an organized fashion

·       Mount computer monitor

·       Deal with all wiring

-       FILING (fill filing cabinet and deal with ALL household papers)

-       Paint

-       Jewelry storage

-       Scarf rack

-       Ceiling mounted curtain in front of clothing

-       Storage drawers for panties, tights, etc...


·       New rug for under bed

·       Go through contents of entertainment unit and organize 

·       New bedside tables (with drawers)

-       Underbed storage for fabric and off season clothing

-       Co-sleeper


·       Sell back stretcher

·       Get rid of futon chair, broken shelving, old coffee tables, and misc (set up pick up date with local charity)

-       Sell Ikea entertainment center,

·       Clean and reorganize (this means wires, holiday decorations, laundry area, boxes, craft supplies, gardening gear, electronics, and baby stuff)

·       Get laundry folding table

·       Get bike fixed (not top priority)

-       Consolidate boxes

-       Art supply storage

-       Artwork storage

·       Reorganize shelving and acquire necessary shelves and storage components


·       Re-pot indoor plants (Christmas cactus etc...)

·       Clean grill and get cover for winter

·       Bring umbrella inside

·       Finish front yard planting (including tulip bulbs)

·       Touch up front door paint

·       Hose butler for front yard

·       Prune lilacs

·       Rehab grass in front yard


·       Clean car thoroughly

-       Install infant car seat

-       Wash Frances' car seat cover

-       Midwife home visit

-       Get all birthing supplies

-       Clean inside of front door

-       Finish commissioned paintings

-       Retouch hallway paint (upstairs and downstairs, banisters and trim included)

·       Get car suspension fixed

·       Have Frances registered with Arrowwood

·       Find midwives

·       Get durable rug for front hallway

·       Wash all windows

-       Set up cloth diaper service

-       Decorate for Christmas (tree, household, outdoor)

-       Make Christmas shopping list

-       Purchase/make and wrap all Christmas gifts

-       Sell little car

-       Send Christmas cards

-       Baby shower thank you notes

-       Baby registry?

-       Baby shower?

Mama~Blogger~Artist~Homemaker. Family = DH (married 6 years), baby Elinor, and our puppy Frances.
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