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Hey everyone. As starshine posted, our newest DS was born at 1:46pm on 12/2.


After running a bunch of errands, finishing up some Christmas projects, and furiously cleaning my kitchen cabinets and stove, I went to bed the night of 12/1 thinking something might happen soon. I woke up at about 3:15 to use the bathroom, went back to bed, and couldn't get comfortable. Then I realized I was having cramping way down low, next to my pubic bone. I waited it out and it got stronger, so about 5am, I woke up DH and we called the doula and my MIL to come over from where she was staying. I had been at 3cm on Monday at my appt and I wasn't sure how fast everything was going to go, so I wanted everyone ready. Also, my DS wakes up about 6am usually and I wanted my MIL to be there to entertain him.

Everyone got there about 6am and our doula sat with me in our bedroom, with me on the birth ball, while my husband went back and forth between me and our son. He wandered in occasionally to talk to me or show us something. He seemed to want to be around me, but also seemed a little anxious. Around 9am the contractions got strong enough that I needed to breath through them, so we closed the bedroom door. Like in my first labor, the contractions stayed about 4-5 minutes apart, even as they got stronger and stronger. About 10am, I started to think we should head in to the hospital. Called L&D and had to answer loads more questions about my progress than I remember with DS1. I later found out they were having a busy morning and wanted to make sure I really needed to be there.


We got to the hospital around 10:35, but they didn't have a room cleaned for me, so we walked the halls for about 30 minutes, with people walking by and saying all sorts of wierd things. My doula started recording them in her phone. One guy really freaked when we saw me holding on to the wall, squatting during a contraction. He really wanted to go get a nurse. :)


When I got into a room we spent 30-45 minutes doing the initial monitoring, asking all the dumb questions, convincing the nurse to stop asking me about my pain level, etc. About 30 minutes after that, the CNM came in to check me and asked me to lay down. I knew that would be bad and told her so and she told me she'd do it quick. I layed down, a contraction hit, which felt 10 times worse lying on my back, and I immediately rolled to my side and started puking. The CNM waited that out, then checked me on my side and told me I was 5-6cm. I didn't believe her. I was feeling pretty transistion-y. The puking had given me the sweats, then the chills, I was shaking, etc. The contractions were getting more and more intense, but still spaced out. I spent some time on the edge of the bed, sitting,and puked some more. Then I got really cold, so thought maybe I should get in the shower. While my DH was warming it up, I was on the toilet simultaneosly peeing, pooping, puking, and contracting with big globs of bloody mucus coming out. I was really, really hoping that I was as far along as I thought, because I I wasn't sure how much longer I could do that. We got in the shower, but it got cold really quickly, so we got out again. My DH and the doula were trying to dry me off while I was shaking with cold and contracting and starting to vocalize with each contraction. Then I was on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor and starting to bear down. Somehow we got me into the bed and our doula went to go get the nurse. She came in and started fussing because I didn't have any monitors on. I was backwards on the bed on hands and knees and she wanted me to turn around and ly down, which I told her I couldn't do. She then told me she needed to check me. At this point I was pushing almost constantly and could feel him moving down. There was no point to checking me, When she went to do it, I yelled "NO!!" at her and she ran to get the doctor. He came in and said he wanted to check me after my next contraction. Then he realized I was pushing, went to look and I heard "oh shit, she's dellvering!" and then a bunch of rushing around and then I was yelling while I pushed him out. I couldn't see anything, just waited to hear him cry. Our doula took pictures and brought the camera up to show me while DH cut the cord and I turned over to deliver the placenta. I needed some stitches as well, as I had torn a bit in the same place as the last birth.

We had to fend them off a bit to keep him with me for the first hour, but one of the nurses finally told them all to go away. I was still shaking from being cold and it took a while for me to warm up, but finally I stopped and we tried to latch Eamon on, but he wasn't really interested.


We spent less than 24 hours in the hosptal and have spent our first 24 hours at home now, He's nursing great and so far his older brother adores him.


This experience was much more intense than DS1's birth, but I'm glad I did it the way I did it. Thanks for all the well wishes, and I'll try to add photos later.




Massage therapist and artist, wife to English DH since 2002, Mummy to Oliver Finn 10/20/07 and Eamon Anthony 12/2/2010
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Congrats!!  What a speedy birth!  Those fast progressing ones can be hard, you did amazing!!  I can't wait to see a pic!

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Awesome! Well done! Congrats. I love hearing stories about woman power. You did great!

Scottish Expat Mummy to: 1 angel and 5 earthlings (4 girls, 2 boys)
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Great Job mama!!


And what a great birthday (its mine, too. hehe)




Welcome baby Eamon!

Fiona Rose  stillheart.gif12.25.10stillheart.gif

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Wow, what a story. Wonderful!


And welcome baby Eamon

Megan, mama to her little boy (Feb2008) and introducing our little girl (Dec 2010)
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That's a great story! Congratulations!

Proud new mom to J, 12/14/2010! Miss you Basia. candle.gif 
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Congratulations! What a great story, an inspiration! Happy babymoon mama! 

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Congrats, YAY for fast labours!! joy.gif

Mama to DD 4/06 notes2.gif  new DS stork-boy.gif born 17/12/10 familybed2.gifnovaxnocirc.gif
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Wow!  Glad you were able to get the birth you wanted, even it sounds like the hospital staff had other ideas eyesroll.gif

Emily--Married to the love of my life 2008--Joyful mommy to Rachel Elizabeth 12/10
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