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So with APing and midwifery and the things I have surrounded myself with I had never ever heard of this http://www.purplecrying.info/sections/index.php?sct=1&  "Purple Crying" phase that supposedly EVERY baby goes through... I am calling BS... but maybe I am wrong. Have you heard of this? Someone brought this up on FF saying all the FTMs needed to know about it because all babies would go through it. I said, "Um, no. Mine sure didn't." And explained a tiny bit about APing.... waiting to get flamed, LOL!

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DDC crashing.... I really don't remember DD1 doing it, but DD2 did go through a phase where she was much more inconsolable.  Maybe birth to 5 weeks?  My mom was with me and cared for DD1, so I know it was not because I was not giving her what she needed.  She seemed uncomfortable.


Just my experience.  

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ddcc - I don't believe in colic - I was told my daughter had colic, she had food intolerances. I would guess that no, it's not normal. That the baby is reacting to something and they just don't know what it is. I will add my sister's baby cried all the time for the first 6 months of her life, so badly that she would only be content in a swing, she wouldn't even let her mom hold her. They never figured out why, but there was a reason. I am guessing it was something my sister was eating while nursing because when she weaned and put her on formula at 6 months, it stopped. But there was a reason and cause.


"In my own case, I know my son was not sick. He was in the top percentile for growth and he giggled and was happy other times, and then he would start to cry, and cry and cry." 


Well the above statement is just silly...My daughter was in the top percentile for growth too, and she still had food allergies and reflux. Unless they did blood tests and x-rays, ultrasounds, etc, you can't say a child is not sick from a quick check up in the office.


I don't think AP would solve my daughter's issues, because even carrying her didn't help, I never let her cry that much, she slept with us, and I nursed on demand, but she still was an unhappy baby. But something was causing it.

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I saw the video (had to before I could leave the hospital) and, no, I don't believe every baby does it.  My oldest had colic, the youngest 2 never did anything of the sort.  Both were usually placated by the normal baby sorts of things (keep the appropriate end wet, and the appropriate end dry).  If that didn't work, a walk in the sling usually helped.

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My DD had a few weeks where she cried, and cried, and cried for a few hours everyday, I thought she did have colic. She didn't turn purple, but she would be bright red.  Turns out she was a once a week pooper, so I do attribute the crying spells to digestive issues, but no amount of wearing her or holding her would have prevented the crying.

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My DD was adopted and she came to me at 3 weeks. Never ever did she do this.... 


She was mostly FF, on demand. We used a wrap whenever needed and I quickly learned that when she fussed "for no reason" she needed to pee! We did EC from 4 weeks on. But never did she just cry inconsolably. Unless we were in the car. She hated the car.




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Certainly not every baby. My DS didn't cry till he was like 6 months old. Until then he was always at the breast and content. My DD had colic and I believe it was just a chiropractic issue.

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I never considered my babies to have colic. But they were all fussy in the evenings from about 4-5 ish weeks. Even my most content babies, the evenings are fussy times. I don't tend to over stress it, and having a feeding frenzie usually helps. My milk supply gets lots of stimulation then! I always assumed it's part of the design, and there must be a reason for it. I give my babies plenty comfort and milk and I remember it's just a phase.

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I'm also DDCC. I don't think that's necessarily true that all babies go through a phase like that. I don't think my first son went through anything like that. He often got fussy in the evenings but I think I had a tendency to keep him up a bit too late since my hubby often got home late from work. And there were the "my diaper is wet and/or squishy" crying and the "I'm hungry" crying.


I do think being an AP parent minimized my son's crying during his infancy. I believed in holding him since it calmed him rather than lying him down which tended to make him cry. I believed in feeding on demand even while I wondered where he was putting all that milk - well, 10 oz gains in a week showed he was definitely putting weight on! We coslept so I got more sleep but it also allowed me to respond more quickly to him during the night.


I'm sure there are some babies who do cry for extended periods of time and are difficult, if not impossible, to console but I don't think that's every baby. Not having been through it, I don't know if there is an explanation for it: colic, food sensitivities or something else. Could be something different with each baby....

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I definitely had a child that went through the "purple crying" phase from the second week of life until the 9th week. And believe me, I did all the natural mothering stuff to no avail. We considered food allergies & I limited anything I could think of from my diet. I focused on his bowel movements, massaged his tummy, changed his positions in case gas was the issue. He was breastfed on demand, worn in a sling, received skin-on-skin time, held constantly, talked/sung to, swaddled, co-slept, etc... Regardless, we could NOT soothe that kid in the evenings, and sometimes the crying sessions were 6 hrs long. Ok, sure, it has a cause, but we don't know what it is. Perhaps an immature "4th trimester" stage, who knows. But it is pure hell for parents.


Honestly, if you have never been there, you have NO IDEA what it is like. And you definitely can't judge. Every baby is completely different.


And the point is, if your baby didn't go through it, don't applaud yourself for your AP techniques. Parents with colicy kids do the same thing (and in fact are desparate & will try everything and anything). It is torture for the parents b/c the baby LOOKS like he/she is in pain, and you feel helpless to do anything about it. And it happens every night. And you are totally, mind-blowingly sleep deprived. Anyone who believes that their own parenting style prevented the "purple crying" phase did NOT prevent colic in their kid, and other parents don't cause it through bad parenting technique.

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