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I can't take it!!!

I'm in bed all day, can't parent, can't eat or drink, can't work.
I'm nauseous all day and night. My saving graces were popsicles and fruit, and now I'm throwing those up too.

I have no hcp, no insurance, tho I applied yesterday for emergency state health coverage...I'm waiting to see if I get on it to go in for help...

Anyone else in this same rocky sickening boat???
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I am not throwing up 5 times a day (yikes!) but I am throwing up twice a day. I stay in bed from 11pm to 11am and when I'm out of bed, I'm just sitting...trying to stay still, doing nothing except trying to figure out what food I could possibly keep down. I have NO life. I can't take this for another month. I'm 8 weeks tomorrow so somehow hoping this is the worst part?

Jamie, DW to Jeff, birth and postpartum doula and Hypnobabies instructor.
4 years and 5 IVF cycles in the making, Elliott was born at home in water on 2/2/11.
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I am sooooo sorry you are going through this. I am hardly throwing up during this pg (which makes me nervous) but my first pregnancy was terrible. I was throwing up 5x a day easy in the beginning and unfortunately it continued throughout my entire pg. I did not have health insurance either so.....
Things that I did that helped:
eat very small meals and don't spread them out very much.
eat high protein foods such as nuts and eggs so that it sticks longer
eat things that are not terrible on the way up such as: baby food fruits, smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes, etc.
stay away from sweet foods (they made it worse for me. 100% fruit popcicles were fine but otter pops type things were terrible)
rest (I think I was overtired and overstressed which caused the vomiting)
bring extra pants along in case you pee yourself when you puke (I was grateful for this on many ocassions)

THINGS TO AVOID: The foods I found to be the worst on the way up were:
Spaghetti- the noodles no matter how much I chewed were whole and slimey, the tomatoes were acidic.
Rice - similiar problem as with the pasta
Acidic foods
Chips - especially tortilla chips, they scratched on the way up
breads - gaggy and scratchy on the way up
sushi - even the veggie kind just didn't cut it and I craved it tons but the rice mixed w/ the seaweed just didn't work on the way up.

hope I didn't make you puke but wish I had had a list and didn't have to discover by trial and error.

nicole wild.gif,  mom to 3 boys here on earth jumpers.gif 9, 7 and 4.5 and 2 girl's fly-by-nursing2.gif2.5 and 10/16/11. Always remembering my babies in heaven:  Sam (9/7/05) at 12.5 wks  angel1.gif, Morgan (2/13/06) at 6 wks angel1.gif , Emeric angel2.gif (8/9/10 at 17 wks) and Pepper angel1.gif (11/26/10) at 8wks. 

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Thx! I kinda knew what I was in for, as I was morning sick the whole pg with my youngest son, though I didn't throw up nearly as much, only once or twice a day, and I was bad with my last pg, also constantly nauseated and vomiting consistently...which I ended up miscarrying at almost 17 weeks after being given IV fluids twice.

I just had a fairy tale pregnancy in mind this time, you know, it's just I got the ogre/bad witch version again.

I want to believe that this will subside, become manageable, livable. I've lost so much work time already...and I want this baby.

theboysmama---your list is spot on with the yuck back up stuff. I try some of the above list...but even the things I was tolerating are turning up. (UGH!) And, yes, I always pee, darn it!!!
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I have NO life. I can't take this for another month. I'm 8 weeks tomorrow so somehow hoping this is the worst part?[/QUOTE]

I hope so!!!!! I hope this is the worst part. I'm 8 weeks tomorrow, too.
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I'm so sorry you're going through that! How awful. I hope you get the coverage you deserve. You may need medication.

Me, DH, and 2 babyboy.gif.
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Do you have any places near you that do chiro or acupuncture on a sliding scale or willing to work out a payment plan? I went on medication, but insurance only gives you so many pills at a time and you can't get a refill within a certain time period, so I wanted to make sure I got off as soon as possible. Last time I was sick for 26 weeks and was on zofran the whole time, but my OB had to fight with the insurance company and it was a real pain and stressful. Even on zofran I still felt bad and was also taking zantac daily to control the stomach churning pain I had when I did eat.

I started chiro sessions about 2 weeks ago, I have had 6 treatments, and I don't have all day nausea anymore and can actually eat and want to eat. I am only 10 1/2 weeks, so I have to think it has to be the chiro that has helped, since I was sick for so long last time.

I know around here some chiro don't even take insurance, but will work out options if you can't pay.

I have been there, it's terrible. I hope you get coverage quickly.

Mommy to 2 beautiful girls dust.gif4/07 and babyf.gif1/11
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Oh Stormgirl, I hope you get relief soon! Have you tried the over the counter remedies like unisom/B6, sea bands, ginger, etc? I also second the acupuncture, I didn't have a chance to try it before my M/S faded, but I heard it works wonders. Here we have places that offer group sessions and a sliding scale fee, so each treatment is between only $10-40, I would call around and see if you have anything like that; you may find someone willing to barter or offer a sliding scale fee. 8 weeks was the worst of it for me this time, around 10 weeks I was feeling a little more human, by 11 weeks it was on and off, and by 12 weeks it was gone. I REALLY hope yours goes away soon!

Heather: Mama to my amazing boys A-14.5, C-13, & M-5.5, and my sweet girl S-2.5 and introducing our little surprise Liam Michael, born 12/28!
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Yes, I have been throwing a lot until recently; could have been more than five times a day, I never counted as everything seemed to cause it. And imagine it is my fourth pregnancy. There is some relief for the past one week or so. Thanks God.
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Five times a day is a lot. I am usually doing it twice a day, but I feel crappy all day whether Im throwing up or not.
Ive been able to keep food down enough that Im not losing weight.
Ive got bloating/gas (not the good kind that at least escapes), which only makes the nausia worse!

I live in bed, thankfully I am not working so thats one less thing to have to worry about. My dad who is retired has been taking care of my son. They are very close, my son considers him "dad" rather than grandfather, so we are very lucky to have him.

I sleep a lot, and it's also the only time I dont feel sick, it sucks big time.

Ive been taking antacids, gasex, and ginger capsules (not fun if it comes up), as well as progestrone capsules/cream.

I am now 9 weeks, I know the m/s went to about 2nd trimester w/my son maybe a bit less.

I have actually had a couple of good days this past week or so, so Im hoping that's a sign of the beginning of the end of this m/s.

I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Oh, I wanted to add that phenergan is another typical RX anti-nausia med that many dr's RX, it did not seem to help me much and it flared up my restless legs I get w/certain meds.
There's at least another med they offer for the M/S but getting to see a MD dr for does not always help =/

I live in NM and here if you are pregnant you automatically get emergency medicaid, you go in and apply at a clinic and they see you that same day.
You have till you have the baby and then you have to reapply, but this happened automatically for me I think.
It's truly a saving grace, Caden and I have had insurance ever since, I have to renew it via phone once a year.

HSing mom to Caden 02/17/03 , and suddenly expecting #2 due 01/11
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Within an hour of being up this morning, I'd thrown up three times. But then I didn't have nausea for about three hours afterwards so it was kind of a good trade off!

A supportive military wife and mama to my busy boy and sweet girl.
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Yep, I was throwing up 12+ times/day by 8 weeks. My OB gave me 8mg Zofran and Phenergan to take as needed. I had the same issues with the last pregnancy and my OB was able to submit something to override my insurance quota on the Zofran. They basically said "look, give her more Zofran or I'm going to put her in the hospital... which would you rather pay for?". Of course the insurance would rather pay for the Zofran... that's a lot cheaper

I agree on the small frequent meals, but nothing really helped me aside from medication. I literally spent days lying on the bathroom floor sobbing in between throwing up. I had lost 7lbs when I went to my first OB appointment. As long as I take the 8mg Zofran as soon as I get up and in the early afternoon, I am ok. I usually take a phenergan before bed, otherwise I wake up and have to throw up in the middle of the night.

My friendly foods included ruffles potato chips, fruit smoothies (especially made iwth Sorbet as a base), potatoes are good, chicken noodle soup, this probably sounds gross, but I drank pedialyte to avoid being ridiculously dehydrated (I am still nursing DD2), avoiding all dairy products, also, sometimes lemonade helped a little.

Mama to two wonderful DDs (10/06 and 09/08) and expecting a DS 1/1/11!
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