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Yay!  I *think* I am almost done.


I just finished folding itty bitty baby clothes.

I washed the co-sleeper sheets, and the blanket I knitted... they are all hanging to dry right now.

Older two kids' car seats have been washed, just need to move one and install baby's seat.

My older kids cleaned the storage room for me this weekend.  luxlove.gif



From my first list I decided not to: PL DD (she's just not ready), and buy & feed the freezer.... we just don't have the money.


Since now I am delivering in the hospital, I still need to:  Pack my hospital bag, and sell my HB supplies.


Hubby is resting from the big "V" yesterday, so he won't be able to help me put in the car seat, but I can strap it in and get it *mostly* tightened down.  When he wakes up, I plan on cleaning the co-sleeper and swing, which I both got second hand.  I would also like to at least start gathering stuff for my hospital bag.  I picked the going home outfit and I am pretty sure my maternity jeans that I can barely wear now would be perfect for going home and I can do without them for the next month.

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Originally Posted by soccerchic21 View Post

Thankfully due to my obsessive cleaning/organizing a good majority of my house is baby ready.

  • Finish sewing diaper covers
  • Snap all diapers and covers
  • Get a diaper pail
  • Get a wipe warmer
  • Get oils for wipe solution
  • Get a toddler side rail for our bed
  • Have my shower (Nov 13)
  • Get a carseat
  • Get a stroller
  • Clean out and organize the bathroom get all baby toiletries together
  • Put up shelves around changing area
  • Go through and organize kitchen
  • Clean out and organize computer nook
  • Get our yard ready for winter before I am too huge
  • Brush up on Bradley Birthing
  • Get hospital bag together
  • Get nursing bras

Some of these are not necessary for having a baby but I want to get my house cleaned out and organized while I have the time. I did want to knit up a bunch of wool soakers but I hurt my hand a few weeks ago and I still can't knit.

I did find out that the JoAnn's by my house sells PUL so I bought a few yards for covers since I am able to sew.

So after crossing off a few more items on my list I think the only important items are the diaper covers, hospital bag and nursing bras. However, I am thinking I am going to buy nursing bras after Hannah is a few weeks old. I have some around the house nursing bras and I don't see myself going out much the first few weeks anyway. 

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Oh my gosh, who dragged up this stinkin' thread? I have done virtually nothing on my list—I guess I was feeling pretty ambitious back in September.


Better [tell DH to] get busy!


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Originally Posted by thebigfam View Post

HMMMM lets see!

knit covers  ok so really I just sewed some FOE around some recycled sweaters
finish knitting the blanket so I can knit covers  Not done!
Make diapers  Putting off until after birth I have an ok stash of newborn and smalls
feed the freezer Not gonna happen but my mom did move in so she will feed me.
finish house (mostly DH) Yeah right!
I would really like to teach DD how to read She is getting close
Deep clean the house (my mom is here this week so this one is almost done)  Mom lives with me so house is clean
Keep house clean

That is all I can think of for now

Big momma

  So look at my notes... it is quite laughable what I have accomplished... or not accomplished!  I did however order a TON of stuff on amazon!  :)


Big Momma

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Pull bed off ancient bedframe for safer cosleep.

Cover my side of bed with a few old towels then add fugly flannel sheets, and stained lightweight quilt... Fancy!

Finish decorating baby's room.

wash baby clothes and 2nd hand cloth diapers in charlies soap. 

Pack drinks for labor and husband, doula. Mmmmm coconut water, miso, and ginger tea, and unholy of unholy I love gatorade.


To do:

  1. Install car seat. I'm not exactly looking forward to this step.  Wasn't as bad as I'd heard.
  2. Pack snacks for labor, husband, doula.
  3. Continue to fill pantry/freezer with easy foods for post partum period. 
  4. Write positive affirmation cards for labor. This is an ongoing project.
  5. Pack bag for birth center. Because we live so far from our birth center we'll probably spend early labor in a hotel (this isn't so unusual here.) so, I'll be surprised if I don't pack the kitchen sick. :) Packing is an ongoing project of not bringing too much, but having what I think I'll need. 
  6. Finish birthing from within art project for birth center class. I'm crocheting, dying, felting a wool baby cocoon. Looks pretty neat so far.
  7. Write Birth Plan in case of hospital transfer Now, where to get it printed?
  8. Address and mail thank you + xmas cards. I wrote them. They're just collecting dust. Still need to do address + send xmas cards.
  9. Continue to work on labor mix, bother to put it on ipod, bother to bring ipod. :)
  10. Deep clean; like mop, scrub baseboards, wash walls, scrub fridge, vacuume, scrub toilets, bathtubs. I'm waiting until I'm full term next week, because I'm afraid the effort will put me into labor. 
  11. Sew more hot/cold rice socks. 
  12. Sleep train the cats. So sad and cruel, but the little one keeps sleeping ON MY MOUTH AND NOSE only stopping that to Attack my hair while I sleep. I'll have to get the poor lil one used to sleeping without us, lest he drive me insane/hurt the baby.  The cats are managing rather well. When I get up in their morning they are often snuggled on the couch. Cute.
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Looking back at my list is heartening... I have gotten more done than I thought!


Get my life back to normal after our fire

Things to buy:
-Maybe replace our backup carseat
-Co-sleeper plus a few sheets for it
-Nursing clothing
-Birth kit and other items needed for birth (including birth tub liner)
-Bottles for when I go back to work (already have the pump!)
-Disposable diapers for the first 2 weeks

-Sew covers for glider cushions and pillows
-Fill my freezer [have done roast beef and turkey slices for sandwiches, chicken pot pie filling, and shredded turkey meat for soup.  still need to do chili, meatballs, and maybe pumpkin bread]
-Finish potty training if dd is up for it (probably not going to happen, but we'll see)
-Make sure the clothes my mom brings make for a well-rounded January baby wardrobe. 

-Get in touch with a LC who can help me after ds arrives
-Practice tying a Moby
-Learn how to fold a prefold for a baby boy :-P
-Maybe get a chiropractic adjustment or two
-Talk to friends about watching dd while I'm in labor

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Good idea, I was just thinking about this this morning as I laid awake in bed at 5am. 

Knit at least a few more pairs of longs (I've knit ..almost 2 lol)
Find a soaker pattern I like, get knittin' some of those
Dye prefolds
Buy and dye flats
Buy anything needed to complete CD stash (almost there)
Get all clothes together and figure out what seasonal things we're missing 
Finish washing/stripping/fixing elastic in diapers
Find space to put all this stuff
Buy maternity coat

Finish DONA paperwork and send in
Finish sewing curtains (half done!)
Hopefully buy small chest freezer and feed it


Well... I've got a few things done LOL

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