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January 2011 > Would anyone like to be pampered or surprised or a baby shower before baby.....but not getting it?
DusterGal72's Avatar DusterGal72 03:38 PM 01-03-2011

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This is my first and I didn't get a shower, either. It's not that I feel entitled to gifts, I just wish people cared. I walk around at church with my big belly and nobody says a word. Other than my parents, my relatives and in-laws show little to no interest in the pregnancy. I just want someone to ask how I'm doing, or how I decorated the nursery, or if there's anything I need.

I understand what that feels like. With my first, I had the exact same thing. Now that I'm on my second baby, I'm dealing with it all over again. Because there were already kids on both DH and my side, we got hand-me-downs from everyone in boxes, and the baby shower got bypassed completely. Even though my second is supposed to be the first boy on both sides, I'm still not getting a shower... Guess the baby is going to be wearing pink for a while. wink1.gif


It's not selfish to want a baby shower. I too would love to be pampered-- maybe have a day away from DD... Or even a few hours... I can dream.

allisonrose's Avatar allisonrose 06:20 PM 01-03-2011

kblackstone444 - I don't think you should consider yourself out of time to find a student doula to be with you. A student doula might really enjoy the instant gratification of signing on with a mom so late actually! I hope you decide to make a few calls and see if you can find someone. Perhaps posting in your tribal area might get you a lead or two....


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I just wish men could somehow feel for ONE day what we go through being pregnant - the exhaustion, the aches and pains, the heartburn, the feeling of being kicked on the inside, the crazy hormones and mood swings, the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by life and kids and husbands and everything else that we have to deal with!  Maybe then they would have a little empathy and give us some time offdizzy.gif

I wish I could get my hands on a pregnancy suit so that my hubby could get the experience a tiny bit! Not pregnant, getting up off the floor or couch isn't a big deal but it's a whole other story pregnant...

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