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YasmienHill 04-27-2011 01:53 PM

Atticus is 3 months old now and we have my Mother-in-Law staying with us and helping with him. She's great! Except she doesn't stop talking to him. She says that when you talk to a baby he's building his vocabulary and learning how to talk... Great! We want that! 

   BUT, she doesn't stop talking to him.  In a 60 second period she will have said nearly 60 words. And this goes on all day long non stop. I get so tired of hearing her talk that I end up taking the baby to our bedroom to get away from her. Then me and Atti just sit and stare at eachother because I'm so exhausted from hearing her blah blah blah that I can't even talk to my own son!


   I just think that she's probably doing damage. Maybe he'll learn to just sit and listen and never say a word. Maybe he'll start tuning people out when they do talk. I have tried saying something and she will repeat the benefits and continue the non stop chatter. I'll say something again, and she'll say "okay" but keep going... I feel like I'm not getting her "Buy-in". 


   Am I wrong? Is there no problems with her talking too much to the baby? I feel like there is a benefit, but that she's over doing it and therefore killing the benefit.


   Any ideas out there?


Yasmien - Wife and now Mother

Lady Love 04-28-2011 08:24 PM

Hi Yasmiem,

That would drive me crazy! I wouldn't like that either, because it's just not natural. When I'm trying to come up with insight regarding something like that in with my children, I imagine what they would have experienced over 1,000s of years- who would have had time to talk to a baby that much? I wouldn't worry about it doing any permanent harm though. I think the most likely scenario would be that he would start to tune your MIL out specifically smile.gif Maybe you could say "It's time for a little quiet time now" and disappear with him (or something like that.)

Good Luck!

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