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Calling all pregnant mamas due with 2011 Valentines!

Tell us about you! Include as much or as little info as you're comfortable with...some suggestions: due/guess date, how many kiddos/dogs/cats/fish call you mama, any birth plans/dreams, vital stats

Can't wait to meet all you wonderful mamas!


February 1st
Pat899 33 #9 GUESS
korey 34 #1 GUESS
greenmulberry 32 #1 GUESS
definitelydebbie 30 #1 GUESS

February 2nd
trekkingirl ??? #3 GUESS
debra_lea 36 #3 GUESS
kitgj 22 #1 GUESS
2ID_Wife ??? #8 GUESS

February 3rd
Jenne 33 #1 GUESS
understars 23 #1 GUESS
bamsmom 29 #2 GUESS
mamalara ??? #3 GUESS

February 4th
kitkat5505 26 #4 GUESS
mrforbes ??? #2 GUESS
burg 30 #1 GUESS
mauraa629 28 #3 GUESS
Anka 35 #2 GUESS
abeecharmer ??? #2 and #3 GUESS

February 5th
sarahkristy ??? #2 GUESS
carriebft 28 #4 GUESS
egmaranian 34 #2 GUESS
That Mom ??? #4 GUESS
cactuspear ??? #1 GUESS

February 6th
nia82 ??? #2 GUESS
luvtoknit ??? #4 GUESS
cate.dt ??? #3 GUESS

February 7th
pugmomma 29 #1 GUESS
mommymia 31 #3 GUESS

February 8th
pollyanna123 32 #3 GUESS
pixiekisses ??? #7 GUESS
finnegansmom 38 #3 GUESS
nintendork 28 #1 GUESS/WANT

February 9th
smeep 25 #2 GUESS
OkiMom 26 #3 GUESS
portlandmama 35 #2 GUESS

February 10th
segrau 31 #2 GUESS/WANT

February 11th
ComplexOphelia 23 #2 GUESS/WANT
Kitten 33 #3 GUESS/WANT
nosce 21 #2 GUESS

February 12th
SJ78 32 #3 GUESS
amandaanne ??? #4 GUESS
alicia9178 32 #6 GUESS/WANT
hollytheteacher 26 #2 GUESS

February 13th
youngwife 37 #7 GUESS
topmom 43 #6 GUESS
Stayathomemommy 29 #6 GUESS

February 14th
Twinklefae 29 #2 GUESS
andisunshine 34 #3 GUESS
Coco99 33 #1 GUESS GUESS
Chula13 ??? #6 GUESS
mommytoallh 34 #6 GUESS

February 15th
EvansMa 36 #2 GUESS
Hollyrose114 29 #2 GUESS

February 16th
OSUvet 27 #1 GUESS
momma-molly 26 #2 GUESS
Cujobunny 34 #3 GUESS

February 17th
Momma Moo Martin 23 #2 GUESS
Nuttybuddy 35 #1 GUESS
Janette712 29 #2 GUESS

February 18th
nikkitorrez 35 #4 GUESS
Mrs.Music 22 #3 GUESS
FMS619 38 #3 GUESS

February 19th

February 20th
penny's mamma 31 #2 GUESS
meg007 29 #1 GUESS

February 21st
Mrs-Mama 32 #3 GUESS
Family4Christ ??? #3 GUESS
fairymom 33 #7 GUESS/WANT
Megan73 37 #2 GUESS

February 22nd
echospiritwarrior 31 #3 GUESS
ChristineEileen 28 #3 GUESS
Ravin ??? #2 GUESS
dex_millie 28 #3 GUESS
RufusBeans ??? #2 GUESS

February 23rd
Bexo ??? #3 GUESS
lyterae 24 #2 GUESS
canadaap ??? #2 GUESS

February 24th
eakelly5 28 #4 GUESS
ombrooklyn 28 #2 GUESS
Ellenems 26 #3 GUESS
spatulagirl 33 #4 GUESS

February 25th
iheartmyfamily 31 #1 GUESS
Narmowen ??? #1 GUESS

February 26th
sweeteleanor ??? #3 GUESS

February 27th

February 28th
BunnyMcFluff 31 #5 GUESS

NinjaEema 33 #2 GUESS
::Babycakes:: ??? #4 GUESS
outerspacemama ??? #2 GUESS
baby3in2011 29 #3 GUESS
upnorthmama ??? #1 GUESS
LCB ??? #2 GUESS
LSUtwinMama 29 #3 GUESS
chrfath 40 #4 GUESS
Babina's Mommy ??? #3 GUESS
doulajamie 40 #3 GUESS

EARLY February
gemasita ??? #1 GUESS
babybirkel ??? #2 GUESS
theresa1 ??? #2 GUESS
laerhk 33 #3 GUESS
stormgirl 39 #5 GUESS
Monkey Toes ??? #2 GUESS

MIDDLE February
mamaw/two ??? #5 GUESS
Cujobunny 35 #3 GUESS
homemademom ??? #5 GUESS

LATE February
Aliy 25 #3 GUESS

Lighting Candles in Memory
Kailey's Mom

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I'm Jenne! I'm 33. Married to a wonderful DH. My guess is 2/3/2011 but I'm aiming for 2/3/2011 as that is my Grampa's birthday. Any date will be fine though! This is pregnancy #3 for me and *will* be my first babe in arms! I'm also mama to 2 cuddly pups--Molly (Blue Heeler, age 6) and Henry (Cocker Spaniel, age unknown but he is old). I have to decide between having the babe at The Farm with Pam or with another midwife at home. Lots of pros and cons to weigh but plenty of time!


joy.gifOur joy is born!  joy.gif
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I am Amanda. I am 33 too! We have eight kiddoes. Four by birth and four by adoption. The guess date for this baby is 2/1/2011. We have our babies at home so this one will be born at home as well. (As long as it is sticky.) I am cautious because it is still so early. But very excited because we have been trying almost 11 months.

Oh have not told DH yet. I always just blurt it out. I just don't keep secrets well from him. This time I am trying to announce it in a special way. I just haven't thought of that way yet.

Mama to 8 little ones by birth and adoption. S 14, E 12, G 10, C 9, K 7, N 6, R 5, Ch 3 and baby T 9 months

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Originally Posted by Jenne View Post
I have to decide between having the babe at The Farm with Pam or with another midwife at home.
Wow! I envy you for getting the chance to go to The Farm (or to have a homebirth)! That will be quite a decision
My name is Wendy and I'm preggo with my 5th child. My kids are 8,5,3, and just turned 1. I also have a 12yr old lab mix I found out the day before ds's 1st bday. I've never had babies this close together and am a bit nervous.
My edd according to ovulation is actually Jan 24th, but I've always gone about 2 1/2 weeks late, so I'm guessing babe will be here a few days before valentines day.
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Hi! I'm Kara. I'm 26, with a wonderful hubby and 3 adorable boys. My boys are 5, just about 4 (next week), and 1.5. So this is baby #4 (but 5th pg, one early m/c between DSs 1&2). Planning a vba2c in the hospital, lucky there is a hospital around here supportive of that. My edd is Feb 4, and my others were all born near their edds so I expect around the same.

Kara mommy to Jason 9/27/04 ribboncesarean.gif, Jacob 6/1/06 vbac.gif, Nathan 11/13/08 ribboncesarean.gif, and twin boys Isaac and Caleb born 1/10/11 vbac.gif
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I'm Katherine, will probably be the senior citizen of the bunch...lol.. and just praying that this little one sticks. We'll have been married 24 years in August and have been blessed with 9 children that we love beyond measure; ages 21down to 2 years old.

We've had several losses including 2 in the second trimester. We just had a m/c in March at 9 weeks, so I'm excited but honestly really nervous but I am working hard on having more faith and less fear.

Happy, Heatlhy Babies for all of us.

Oh my EDD is 02/01/11
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I'm Sarah, and I just found out that I'm pregnant today! 2 light positives on FRER

I have an 18 mo old DS and am nervous/excited for this new baby. As soon as we DTD, I knew I was pregnant and started having vivid dreams of being 9 months pregnant except that no one could tell. I have all the classic symptoms and I'm only 12dpo!

I'm so excited to meet this little one.... hoping to have a homebirth if I can convince my husband. if not, hospital w/ a midwife...REALLY want a home water birth though.

According to conception date, I'm due 02/05/2011....we'll see!!! Hoping for a baby girl!!

Doula, Childbirth Educator, Happily married to DH heartbeat.gifand SAHMfemalesling.GIF 

DS bikenew.gif(12/08) and DD diaper.gif(02/11)



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I'm Anna, I'm 28 and " due" 02/06/2011... DH and I have been married for 4 years now. We have DS (08/08), two kitties.. Oh, and I'm a German living in Wyoming.
I had a light line on FRER yesterday, but it was hard to tell, but today it's obvious! I feel lots of pressure in my belly as I did with DS when I was about 8 weeks... I hope that's ok....
We'll either have this one in Fort Collins, CO with a midwife or in Denver, CO in a freestanding birthing center. I hope I remain low risk, with DS I developed preterm labor around 24-26ish weeks and had to take Terbutaline til 35 weeks. He was born at 36w+6 days, I hope to make it longer this time around!
We are hoping for a healthy baby, but we did try Shettles. So this is an ovulation day minus 2 baby, lol It's also a nice surprise we took back home from our San Francisco vacation 3 weeks ago!!!
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Hi All!
I'm really thrilled to be here and can't wait to get to know you all!

I'm pregnant with our first Little One! My partner and I conceived at home using frozen donor sperm. On our second try, too!

So many people--health professionals included--told us we would have a hard time because I'm 34 and had a 27-day cycle. And even more people told us that we were wasting our money TTC at home. (For those who aren't familiar, most women who conceive with frozen sperm get Intrauterine Inseminations at a doctor's office or fertility clinic.) I am so thrilled to have proved all those naysayers wrong!!

My due date is February 1, 2011. From the start, February felt like a good month to me.

I'm so thrilled to be pregnant! I'm also experiencing on-and-off anxiety about the whole thing, hence my signature. Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months for all of us!!

stork-girl.gif She's here! She's here! She's here!
Baby Girl T - January 30, 2011
6lbs, 9oz   19inches
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Hey, I'm Vic. I am a California gal in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a six year old DD my DH and I homeschool. I also have a DS who is three. He is a February birthday. Just found out this morning that were expecting baby #3.

I wish I could deliver at the farm, that would be a dream come true. In fact I would even be happy with a home birth, but I have kaiser so that's not an option. They don't even offer water births. They do offer VBAC'S thankfully. My DS was a natural VBAC. I hope to labor at home and then make the hour trek to San Francisco to deliver at the last minute so they can't cut me open.It worked for me last time.

I think my EDD is February 2nd or 3rd. I think I will probably deliver at the end of January though, DS was a week early. I have been having really consistent cramps for the last three days though. I really hope this is a sticky bean.

living with alopecia universalis (google it), learning alongside my children DD 2003blahblah.gif DS 2007fencing.gifDD 2011jog.gif

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Hello everyone! I'm so very happy to be here. I believe my due date is February 2nd, or close to it. Hoping I conceived on the 13th as that was my 36th birthday. This is my 4th time being pregnant, and I'm praying will be my 3rd baby (I had an early miscarriage between my first and my second). I have a 6 year old son finishing Kindergarten in the next 2 weeks, and a 21/2 year old son. I have an incredible husband and am just blessed all around.

Are you mommas feeling symptoms already? I am shocked by how much I'm feeling. Am I just getting old:-)??

Both of my boys were homebirths, and I am planning that for this little one as well. I just with BCBS should cover more of the expenses!

Happy to be here!

~Debra, wife to the best DH, Nuno (9/98). Blessed SAHM momma to DS Diogo (3/04), DS Cruz (9/07) and DD Beatriz 2/2/11!!  
Welcome Beatriz!! - http://web.me.com/ng0/Beatriz/Posts/Posts.html
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Hello! My name is Kristin, married to my wonderful husbandit for 3 years (together for 8). We live in Texas with our two spoiled dogs; he manages the computing and IT center for a local university and I am a grad student. This will be our first baby. Fertility says it will be due Feb 4th but baby center says Feb 1st.

I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago and when we started to TTC discovered I also have a LPD so TTC has not been exactly fun. I got my BFP on Wednesday and I am still kind of in shock. I was convinced I was out for the month. The doctor had me go in that day for blood work and then he is off on Thursdays so I had to wait until today to get my test results. SOOO LOOOOONG!!!

When i did finally talk to him he said that my hcg beta needs to be over 5 to be positive and my progesterone needs to be over 10 (in the past it has been .1 and .4) SO (drum roll please) my HCG is 24 and my progesterone is 40!! can you believe it? 40! now that is with the supplement but it is still good. I have to go back Tuesday and have the tests done again to make sure my beta is doubling like it should and to make sure my progesterone is staying high but so far so good!

BTW I love my doctor! he is fantastic!

I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you as we take this journey together. My husbandit and I are terrified and excited and hopeful. Fingers crossed!

Wife of the husbandit and mommy to the wonderful G-Mack, born 1/30/2011
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Hi ladies! This is going to be a HUGE group! I'm Laura, age 32, and I got my BFP yesterday at 10dpo. I'm due Feb. 8, 2011 which also happens to be my 33rd birthday!

I've been married to the love of my life, Daniel, for 9.5 years. We have one DD, Claire, who will be 4 next month. Our DS, Andrew, just turned 2 in April.

This will be our last baby, so I want to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest!

ETA- I had my DD at a birthing center and my DS at home. Both waterbirths. I'm definitely planning another homebirth with this one. I'd be happy to share my birth stories sometime.

Laura, married to Daniel 12/16/2000
Claire b. 6/29/06 and Andrew b. 4/20/08 and #3 due 2/8/11!!
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Hi guys! I was hoping that I could sort of straddle DDCs because I am due Jan 28th but thinking the baby will most likely show up in early Feb.

I am Jamie and we've been trying for 4 years and this is my first ever BFP! I had to go the IVF route because of tubal issues so we did 5 IVFs and finally one worked. (Which I was in shock about. I really didn't think it would work for us).

I'm a birth and postpartum doula and Hypnobabies instructor so I have been very involved in birth for about four and a half years now and once we found out we had fertility issues, that made my job very ironic. But I do love what I do. It's just that I have helped other people do things their way and have kept hoping that I would get a chance to do things MY way! I've been on MDC for a long time but I'm happy to say that I feel "official" now! We are planning a homebirth.

P.S. Hi Laura!

P.S.S. Nintendork - I was in beta hell last week. It was SO nerve-wracking! More nerve-wracking than actually finding out if the IVF worked or not! (It was THAT bad!)

Jamie, DW to Jeff, birth and postpartum doula and Hypnobabies instructor.
4 years and 5 IVF cycles in the making, Elliott was born at home in water on 2/2/11.
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Melaya (29) - Mom to Z (9) and soon to be I (due Nov 2013) stork-boy.gif

Birth mom to M (7), O (5), & C (2). winner.jpgnovaxnoIRC.giftriadadopt.jpg

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Hi Everyone!

I belong here now! Yeah!! DH and I have one DS who is 21 months and we decided to try for a second and got pregnant the first cycle EDD is Feb. 4 I believe and we're planning on another homebirth.

I'm feeling pretty good just really really hungry....and realizing I need to work on DS w/his sleeping... We're really excited and looking forward to welcoming another wonderful being into our family.

Baby wearing Mamma to DS, dealing with all his allergies....and thriving w/another little bundle due in Early Feb
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Originally Posted by mrforbes View Post
Hi Everyone!

I belong here now! Yeah!! DH and I have one DS who is 21 months and we decided to try for a second and got pregnant the first cycle EDD is Feb. 4 I believe and we're planning on another homebirth.

I'm feeling pretty good just really really hungry....and realizing I need to work on DS w/his sleeping... We're really excited and looking forward to welcoming another wonderful being into our family.
ddcc to say: hi! i'm stalking you, that's how excited i am!!

robina. unschooling mama and midwifery student.  building my nest with my husband, our daughter (born at home 11/07), our son (home waterbirth 5/10), and our newest little girl (born at home 4/13)!

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Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm 38. I work from home and my DH is in grad school right now, so I take care of my boys mostly during the day while I work (yikes).

We've been trying for #3 since July of last year. I had a mc at 12 weeks in Feb and my due date this time is 3 days after the 1 year anniversary of the mC. I hoping this one sticks around. We are thrilled but anxious.

I already have a midwife who is wonderful, and we'll have a med free hospital birth with her. Homebirths are not covered by insurance in Mass, and sadly we can't really afford to pay out of pocket right now. But I'm pysched about my MW and hoping these 9 months are stressfree and peaceful.

Michelle, Mama to ~ F (10/06) ~ S (7/08) ~ H (2/11) ~ B (11/12)
Expecting a surprise (5/15)
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hey everyone!
I just took a test and was happily suprised to find it positive! Im Heather, Im 26. Ive been married for 4 1/2 years and we have two kids (a girl 3 and a girl 1 1/2). We also have three babies in heaven waiting for us, I miscarried at 13 weeks right before DD1, at 8 weeks right before DD2 and DD1 was suppose to be a twin who didn't make it. Right now we live in Japan but we will be moving back to the states anytime from October to December. Probably sooner rather than later since they have to fly us back before Im 32 weeks.

Other than that Im hoping for a home birth this time. Last baby was an unexpected UC since she came way to fast to get to the hospital. My first was a hospital birth. Id really like a homebirth this time.

~Heather~ Mama to Miss E (1/07), Miss A (11/08), Mr.T (2/11) and Miss A (10/12) Expecting our newest blessing sometime late Sept/early Oct.. Wife to my Marine since 11/2005
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Hi Mamas, im so glad im here

I’m Sharifa, 32 yrs old Married on the 4th Feb 2010 to 2nd husband and just got my BFP yesterday at 10dpo, i have a 7 yr old DD from my first marriage. i have a stepson as well he is also 7

as per my LMP my due date is 12 Feb 2011 and I’m hoping for a valentines baby

Feb is going to be a month full of special occasions for me, i was born on Feb 6th , my mom was born on the 5th , my wedding anniversary is on the 4th and baby #2 is expected on the 12th and surely Valentine’s Day on the 14th !

i really want to go for a waterbirth this time (fingers crossed)
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Hi, my name is Limor and I feel really weird about posting. I just found out that I'm pregnant, due 2/11, and planning on a homebirth. I'm 33, been married for almost 6 years, and have a 4 year old daughter. I had a m/c at the end of Jan. (11 wks) and two previous m/c (prior to DD). I'm hoping this one sticks.

DD born April '06, m/c Jan. '10 (at 11 weeks, my third), due Feb. 11, 20011
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Hi! I am 30 years old and my EDD according to FF is February 4th. My birthday is 2/10 and I could not ask for a better gift DW and I have been together for almost 6 years and were married this past November. I am lucky that this was only our 2nd month of trying and am grateful that we were able to conceive at home with a known donor.

So very happy to be here!!


J & A together for 6 years love.gif married since 11/09 & so in love with our DD, Reed Kylie born 2/5/11! stillheart.gif
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Hola all! My name is Sarah and I just turned 31. I live near Phoenix, AZ and I have a little boy who will be 3 in July and Dh and I have been together for 10 years in November (though only married for 4 in October.) I have now had 5 BFP's in a row, though the first was so faint that I think only I would've seen the line. I haven't even missed my period until Thursday on a 28 day cycle, so I almost feel like I'm jinxing it by posting this early. But here's hoping that this one's sticky! I've never miscarried, but I've been hanging around the TTC forums long enough to know that it happens.

My due date is 2/10/2011. I've been trying for a year with Shettles to get a little girl (here's hoping we both see pink, Nia28!) and this was the first promising cycle since weaning my son. I'm so excited! It's funny, I was so specific about wanting an Aquarius baby a year ago (though I've since said I'd love a healthy baby born under any sign) and I ended up with that due date anyway. Hopefully my request for a daughter will be honored too!

I picked out my midwife and changed our insurance to something she'd accept (albeit out-of-network) a year ago. She's opening the only freestanding birth center in Phoenix soon, and that's where I want to have my little one. It's called Babymoon Inn, and I want to have a waterbirth there.

I'm an active mama who does Crossfit. It's a fast-paced, intense exercise program that does anaerobic exercises at an aerobic pace. So now I have to look into modifying my workout, but I've heard of a lot of other women who've done it, and I'm game. I only gained 27 lbs with my son, but I started at 40 lbs overweight. Now I'm about 16 lbs overweight and hoping to keep this one to 20 lbs of baby weight.

I'm Wiccan, super crunchy, and got my BFA in Art from Arizona State in 2006. I love yoga, hiking, reading, writing, sculpture, and drawing. I can't wait to get to know all you ladies better over the next 9 months. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for everyone!

Sarah~ Crunchy, Wiccan, AP, Gemini mama who loves her amazing 3 year old little man and energetic DH. Learning to cope with the idea of a 2nd son.
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Hi, I'm Alissa. My due date is January 28, but I think I'll be in this group because I am pretty sure I O'ed later in my cycle. I have a 16 month old little boy, Sam. This is my second pregnancy. I have been married for 5 years to a really great guy. We're both really excited, and a little terrified as our kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart. It's funny how different this pregnancy is...the first time around I was so excited and thought about being pregnant constantly. This time around I feel like I can go days without even thinking about it. I'm just busier and don't have as much mental energy to devote to thinking about it all the time. I am excited, this baby was very much wanted, but I am just less enamored with being pregnant this time around.

I'm also a WIC peer breastfeeding counselor part-time. I love it.

Anyway, I am happy to be here and excited to get to know all of you as we go through our pregnancies together.

helpmeet. mama to Sam (1.18.09 ) and another baby boy (due 2.1.2011 ). planning our first .
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Congratulations, everyone!

whistling.gifMe, love.gif my wife, blowkiss.gifour son (2.5), and luxlove.gif our daughter (5 months)
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Add me to the Club!! My EDD is Feb 3rd, 2011

familybed1.gifnovaxnocirc.gif nut.gifMommy to my amazing 6 yr old dd, we homeschool.gif, and  27 weeks belly.gifpuke.gifand have been sick the whole time so far, grrrrr!!!!!!!

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Hi, I'm Maura 28 yrs old, just got my bfp for #3 due date is 2/4/2011 but so far i have gone early so maybe this one will come in January. My husband and I have an almost 3 yr old and an almost 5 month old both girls. Just took the test this morning and told husband, the poor thing is already all stressed out about the labor, he seems to have a really hard time seeing me like that. I would really like to have a homebirth this time but don't think that it will happen, our insurance doesn't cover it, so would be a pretty big expense, so maybe I will just try to stay at home for as long as I can and then go in. I have a great midwife so I know she will make it as close as possible to a homebirth for me even tho will probably be in a hospital.
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We are due Feb 5th with our 4th child. It's my husband's birthday!

This one was very unplanned, so we are still adjusting to the news.

I had a homebirth with my last, but our house is on the market right now and money is tighter, so we are doing a "wait and see" if we will be having another home or hospital delivery.

"Parents are simply trustees; they do not own the bodies of their children"-Norm Cohen  Martial arts instructor intactlact.gifhomebirth.jpgnak.gif and mom to 4: DD1 (1/05) DS (7/06) DD2 (5/08) DD3 (2/11)
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Hi everyone, it is GREAT to be here!

My name is Amanda, I'm expecting our 4th child. Sounds so crazy to say that--FOUR kids! We have a 7 year old boy, an almost 5 year old girl, and a 17.5 month old boy. I just found out today, so I am still adjusting, but very very happy. I get to have a BABY!! EEEEK and WOOOO HOOOO!

I'm planning my third UP/UC. I'll be 40 weeks on 2/12/11.

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I'm Kelley, due with #2 on 11 February 2011!

This baby is a surprise, unlike our first, and while s/he's very welcome, it's a little scary! With my first pregnancy, I developed very severe preeclampsia in the 27th week, and my son was born on the first day of the 28th. The chances of pre-e happening again are below 25%, though, so we're very optimistic! The spacing is much closer than we'd intended - we were going to wait at least another year - but sometimes life doesn't wait, I guess!

Since he was so early, I had a c-section, so this time we're going for the VBAC. I'm excited, nervous, in awe - all those wonderful things that come along with a new baby! Mostly I'm just in disbelief, though .

Wishing all of us happy, healthy babes!

ETA: My first son is a wonderful, healthy toddler now, just in case anyone was wondering. He'll be two in September, and, yes, he's still nursing!

Kelley, lucky partner to my Canuck and momma to Peter Gwydion (9/08) whistling.gif, Eliot Theoden (2/11) sleepytime.gif, and Harper Ophelia (m/c 6/12) rainbow1284.gif . We breastfeed exclusively, cosleep peacefully, vax selectively, homeschool joyously, and love each other unconditionally! luxlove.gif 
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