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February 2011 > All right someone has to start it...BELLY PIC thread !!
rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 05:56 PM 01-24-2011



35 weeks orngbiggrin.gif

mommytoallh's Avatar mommytoallh 03:18 PM 01-28-2011

37w 5d I'm feeling pretty full of baby now :)


meg007's Avatar meg007 04:07 AM 01-29-2011

The right half was taken at 37 weeks, 2 days!  Pretty crazy how different the beginning and near-end of pregnancy can look!  I can't fit into the same bottoms, but the swim top is the same!



ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 10:21 AM 01-29-2011

looking good mamas...everyone looks so ripe! 

Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 01:53 PM 01-29-2011

Here's some of our at home photo shoot:




Taken by my DS



Also taken by DS


Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 02:46 PM 01-29-2011

Sarah, those are so cute!!!

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 03:21 PM 01-29-2011

twinklefae- your smile is so infectious!!! thanks for sharing those fun photos, DS did a great job capturing the joy!

Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 07:02 PM 02-04-2011

This was taken tonight (38w 5d) as I was getting the kids ready for bed, just about to read them stories. The baby was moving a lot in one spot & both kids wanted to feel it so holding my belly this way was ds' idea.



nosce's Avatar nosce 10:03 PM 02-04-2011

What a sweet, sweet pic, Cujo!

lyterae's Avatar lyterae 07:40 PM 02-05-2011

February 027.jpg


37 weeks - my first bare belly picture this pregnancy. I'm still amazed at how "smooth" my belly looks in comparison to last pregnancy. Last pregnancy it was covered in bright red stretchmarks, I'm enjoying the fact that they are far less noticeable (and itchy!) this time around.

sweeteleanor's Avatar sweeteleanor 07:24 AM 02-06-2011

How have I not seen all of the new ones here?!  Love them!  That dress, and your cute pregnant self in it, are awesome Amy!  Adorable!


Meg- LOVE the shots!  Can you even believe how much a body can change so quickly?  You look lovely and it's nice to see another mama in a bikini!


Sarah- Love that your DS got those for you.  So sweet and special!


Amanda- Precious, what a good capture. 


Lyarte- What a cute nakey belly!  Just perfect and round!


Can you believe how far we have come mamas?  Perfect and beautiful and round.  As it should

bluebirdmama's Avatar bluebirdmama 12:13 PM 02-06-2011

I haven't posted on this thread much. Here's a pic from 2 weeks ago when I was not quite 36 weeks:



sweeteleanor's Avatar sweeteleanor 01:38 PM 02-06-2011

Cute mama!  Oh, and we have the rainbow arches too.  By far the most played with toy in the house!

OSUvet's Avatar OSUvet 07:28 PM 02-06-2011

Love everyone's pictures and its nice to see there are still some other pregnant bellies around here!!  lol.gif


I can't believe it's 39 weeks!! :


39 weeks!!

lyterae's Avatar lyterae 07:29 AM 02-07-2011

Originally Posted by OSUvet View Post

Love everyone's pictures and its nice to see there are still some other pregnant bellies around here!!  lol.gif


I can't believe it's 39 weeks!! :


 Your dog is adorable! You look very nice too wink1.gif

Ellenems 09:27 AM 02-07-2011



37w2d at my Blessingway this weekend.

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 04:38 PM 02-08-2011

38 weeks!!! 



rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 02:13 PM 02-09-2011



37.5 weeks orngbiggrin.gif

sweeteleanor's Avatar sweeteleanor 10:09 AM 02-11-2011

A picture from a set my friend took!  Love them!  37.5 weeks._MG_6029 honey.jpg

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 10:14 AM 02-11-2011

eleanor-- love it! so symbolic with the bridge overhead too! :)


glad to see other pregnant mamas still in our group!

bluebirdmama's Avatar bluebirdmama 10:43 AM 02-11-2011

Love all the new photos! They are so beautiful.


Here's 38.5 weeks, taken last night:


38 weeks.JPG

baggybears's Avatar baggybears 10:35 PM 02-12-2011
37 weeks 5 days

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 06:48 AM 02-13-2011

wow baggybears...still looking good in a bikini!!! 

mommytoallh's Avatar mommytoallh 06:20 PM 02-14-2011

Adding my last pics from the night before I delivered.

Thank you for the idea of this pose Nosce (my 10 y/o dd took these)



And one during labor just as I was about to get in tub with dh :)


rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 02:37 PM 02-20-2011

I love the pictures you posted, mommytoallh!  They have a magical, serene quality to them love.gif


Here's me at 39 weeks:


finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 08:58 AM 02-23-2011

Well here are my last belly shots.


The first one is at 40w2d.  Notice how my clothes don't fit.  I apparently gave us altogether on dressing up.  I was measuring 45-46w at this point.  Also, I had just come back from the post office wearing that outfit.  LOL. 







This one is in early labor at 41w3d already in the hospital.





And this one, is the one no one every seems to post but it's me 6 hours post partum.  One big empty uterus.  My midwife told me it might take a little longer for it to contract since I was measuring so big, and I swear to God, the first person that asks me "when I'm due" is going to be sorry. 



baggybears's Avatar baggybears 12:57 AM 03-02-2011



40 weeks 2 days.

rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 11:44 AM 03-02-2011



My 4-year-old took this one...40 weeks along love.gif

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 12:41 PM 03-02-2011

very cute mamas! way to keep those sweet ones growing!!!

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