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Mrs.Music's Avatar Mrs.Music 12:47 AM 08-31-2010
Originally Posted by mommytoallh View Post
I recently had a cousin who went through natural childbirth and told me her experience was awful. She went on to tell me that "obviously my births had never been as painful or difficult as hers." I was very hurt. Two of my babies were 9lb 7oz, and no matter who you are that's hard!
This makes me want to say impolite things about your cousin... That's just a very rude and hurtful thing to say. That's my absolute LEAST favorite thing that I get pretty much constantly because I had preemies. Since my babies were small, it apparently must have been this painless experience... Like I stood up and they just dropped out or something. Contractions are contractions. I don't know why people don't understand that while every experience is different... It generally hurts like a SOB.

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 01:07 AM 08-31-2010
Originally Posted by Milly_P View Post
And even still, with the Bradley method, I am really glad DH and I went through it, because the classes were fun, we got to know some really great couples, got one night a week to just focus on us, the baby, think about the birth, think about what we wanted and didn't want. It was nice to have that scheduled time each week, away from the kids and the res tof our busy lives, to just focus on the little miracle brewing inside, lol.
Hi Milly_P... i really debated whether to give input or not, i haven't been through 5 natural or not natural births, so i didn't want to put anybody off... but in the end, i'd like to give my encouragement. i have been through a intense later miscarriage and am in the natural birth world with teaching, writing, as a fellow doula, etc.

so, i'd like to encourage you, whether you decide to go hospital or no hospital, epi or no epi, to maybe look around and choose another tool to take into birth with you. something new that you haven't done yet. as you stated, even if it doesn't help you in the birth, it may help you to focus on the baby and on what you want...or even just to meet others and have a good time!

i really feel the more tools we have in our basket, the better off we are, sometimes we'll turn to a tool we learned long ago, sometimes a new one helps. for my drop down on my knees painful periods where i was vomiting and incredibly ill, to the miscarriage, to surving my tattoo (my most painful life experiences), i've used all the tools in my basket at one time or another, and am glad to have learned them all. i don't have a magic tool, it's just the bundle that i have available to pull out the one that's working most at the moment.

and remember, each experience really is different. the more we can get the fear, worry and tension out, the more likely we are to have a better experience...in all of life, and birth!

luck and blessings on your journey! again, i hope you don't mind my input, it is only meant to encourage.

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