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we had our 24 week appointment yesterday and apparently my blood pressure has dropped by around 10 points, and i'm already on the low side from genetics...can't remember the exact numbers. anyways, this morning i was feeling a bit lightheaded, so i came home for a rest. feeling better now, but was wondering if anyone else is dealing with low blood pressure.

apparently it's not really a problem (from the research i've done), but i just have to be careful not to faint/fall. i've increased salt a bit, though i already sea salt everything. and i'm already exercising regularly which is supposed to help. the only other advice that seemed interesting was to keep hydrated. i thought i was doing pretty good, but i'm sure i could do even better!

anyways, just wanted to see if anybody else has dealt with low blood pressure and what you found helpful. several places mentioned that it dips down the most right around now and will go back up during the 3rd trimester...so maybe it's just a simple as being patient and waiting it out! of course i have lots of patience! ha!


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Not dealing with low blood pressure - I'm at the other end and have to do mine daily since I'm chronic hypertensive which puts me at risk for pre-e, so I just wanted to let you know that I would LOVE to have your problem . Maybe it'll make you feel better to know how jealous I am...

Do you have any TV shows that you find particularly stupid? Stupid people on TV or in movies ALWAYS raise my blood pressure .

In all seriousness, I had a friend who also ran very low and who got a major second trimester dip to the level that she actually couldn't drive a car for fear of passing out. It should go up again around 28 - 30 weeks - until then, I hope that it's not too terrible to deal with and that you have lots of opportunities for naps! I know when I'm low it seems like I can't get off the couch!

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I am low, as in under 100 and under 50, each pregnancy. It can cause lightheadedness but aside from that none of my docs or midwives have even been at all concerned. Hydration, as in most things, is a big help. I have a valve defect and in pregnancy it's not an issue at all, almost no palpatations, so I welcome the low numbers.

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Mine's low, too, as low as it was back when I was a vegan/vegetarian, and a fair bit lower than it was before the pregnancy.

If it goes like DD's pregnancy, it'll go up some in the 3rd tri. I've had low blood pressure in the past for unrelated things, off and on since I was a young teen. I haven't passed out or anything, so far at least. Just sit down if you get dizzy, and stay hydrated. Not much you can do about it that you're not already doing.

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I'm dealing with it too. Even when I'm not pregnant my blood pressure never gets higher than 110/60, so now it's even lower. With my last pregnancy it would dip down to 80 or 90. I sometimes have weird things happen like my hands/face going numb and lots of dizziness. All my doctor said was "maybe you should drink Gatorade. The electrolytes might help."

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Mine is fairly low, and I love it! I have a risk of pre-e, and this low blood pressure is excellent for me in that way. It was 105/55 last appointment. It even makes me calm, that's not a pre-e BP.
I do get dizzy, and I have to be careful when I get up so I don't just fall straight down again. And I get the little lights popping in front of my eyes and such. But you know, rather that than a high BP.

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Another low BP mama here! I just make sure that I don't get up too quickly, especially in the morning. Like other PP's have said, mine goes up to a more normal level around 30-32 weeks, so only a little bit more that I have to watch!

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DD crashing.

I have this problem, too and I am surprised that everyone sounds so casual about it. I think maybe my low BP is more problematic as it seems to run my life during pregnancy. I faint and come close to blacking out a lot. No doctor have ever been concerned despite me complaining and being near tears when asking them about it. I am so fed up with feeling so loopy all of the time. I was hoping I'd find some suggestions in this thread. I know people would rather have low than high, but when you can barely take care of your kids and you are fearful to drive and you can't even stand long enough to wait in line at the grocery store...it really makes day to day life impossible.

My doctor also suggested staying hydrated until your pee runs clear. I've done that and now I have to pee every second of the day AND I'm super dizzy. It doesn't seem to help. The gatorade is an interesting idea...but it's so full of sugar. I am so bummed that there isn't a better solution for pregnant mama's who suffer from low blood pressure. It really is starting to make me feel depressed. It's so awful.
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Im feeling the same way. I know a couple of check ups ago my doctor said if he had my BP he would pass out. He said to make sure I stay very hydrated. Since then I had a couple of very dizzy spells at work. So bad to where I didnt think I was going to make it to a chair to sit down. Its scary! I mentioned it Monday at my check up and he said since I wasnt feeling jittery it probably wasnt a blood sugar problem but probably blood pressure and blood volume. He reminded me to stay very hydrated. My bp is always under 100. I think it was 90/something monday. It runs low as it is but pregnancy seems to make it lower. I also looked it up online and see that right now is the worst time for the BP and its totally normal for it to drop.

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mamas! i'm sorry some of you are really having a hard time...it would be scary to be fainting all the time, or to be afraid of it. i've only been lightheaded a few times, so it's been manageable. i've really upped my water to see if that helps, and though i do have to pee all the time, i know it's not a bad thing!

it is interesting there's no "cure". we can look forward to the later weeks it sounds like.

just wanted to send out some !


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Apparently, BP drops to its lowest level in the middle of pregnancy and rises gradually back to normal by the end. So it should pass.
I find getting dizzy every time I get up from a chair or from putting on my toddler's shoes annoying, too.

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At my last appointment, I was 88/54. The nurses couldn't believe it and took my BP four times! I don't feel dizzy or lightheaded, though. I went to see my internist and she said as long as I feel OK, not to worry about it. Also she recommended to add extra salt to foods if I wanted to.
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