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February 2011 > Brand new baby stuff, finally!!!!!!!!
smeep's Avatar smeep 09:50 AM 01-12-2011

So, due to the financial crappiness, I've been getting pretty much solely used stuff (hand-me-downs from friends, thrift store buys, and DS's old stuff). Not that I'm not happy that I have THAT, but sometimes it's nice to get at least a couple new things.


Well, for Christmas my mom got me a brand new Boppy (oh, so comfy, too!) and a bit before that a mama gave me a brand new pouch sling, and I've got a brand new car seat on the way and today a really sweet friend of mine sent me two brand new diaper covers! joy.gif


I just wanted to share my joy. It's really amazing how much the little things really mean when you don't have much. Even the used stuff that people have given me put me in tears every time, just as much as the new stuff. I'm just feeling really appreciative right now. Especially with these two covers, that means I've officially got 6 covers that should fit the baby from birth! orngbiggrin.gif Now all I need is the car seat (on the way), baby wash, nursing bras, nursing pads, andddd... I really think that's it! And my old nursing bras from DS might still work and I might be able to find a few more old nursing pads, so I'll be okay if I can't get new ones. 


(On that note...any really-good-to-haves that I might be missing? orngtongue.gif)

sweeteleanor's Avatar sweeteleanor 10:29 AM 01-12-2011

That is great!  So happy that you have some new to go along with the loved.  And good on you for your obvious deep appreciation.  Not everyone would feel that way!

bluebirdmama's Avatar bluebirdmama 11:21 AM 01-12-2011

I know what you mean smeep!! I'm so glad that you were able to get at least a few new things and that you have such great friends in your life!!

smeep's Avatar smeep 11:30 AM 01-12-2011

Thank you! orngbiggrin.gif I certainly appreciate everything MUCH more this time around. I was a single mom last time as well but it was a given the entire time that I had a place to live, I did get a job during the pregnancy, and I just had no reason to worry about BASIC things. This time I've had points where I didn't know if I'd be on the streets or not, or if I'd be able to stay in the same state. You start thinking about basic things... all babies need are a few clothes, diapers and my boobs. I could even forgo the car seat and just ride the bus instead. People don't NEED cribs, slings/wraps, bouncy seats, swings, nursing bras, as helpful as they can be. It really, really makes you appreciate the things you do have. Yes, it's been tough, but I can't say that I'm not happy about having been through it. The positive impact it's all had on me so far outweighs the negative.