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baileyb's Avatar baileyb 12:00 PM 01-14-2011

After my last delivery I was totally blind-sided by the after pains, which didn't start until the middle of our drive home. I had never even heard of after pains before and was confused why the doc had Rx'd me Vicodin when I was leaving the hospital. I have heard that after pains can be even worse in subsequent pregnancies. I am wondering how to ease these pains and if there are *better* or more *preferred* pain killers to take when you are breastfeeding. I have already been drinking RRLT and will hopefully have some in the hospital and at home after wards. Is there anything else I can do?

homemademom's Avatar homemademom 12:26 PM 01-14-2011

I don't know either. I'd love to hear some non-pharmaceutical ideas.  My after pains last time were HORRENDOUS, and now, with baby #5, I expect they will be worse. I know that frequent nursing will get them over with sooner, but not necessarily easier.

upnorthmama's Avatar upnorthmama 01:09 PM 01-14-2011

In the same boat as you ladies. I heard that belly binding post-birth helps. So that is my plan.

dex_millie's Avatar dex_millie 03:16 PM 01-14-2011

I would like to know the answer too. I didn't have with my first but with my 2nd I was on my knees..I just couldn't believe it..

mumofmak's Avatar mumofmak 03:27 PM 01-14-2011

My afterpains have always been worse than labour. With #3 they were terrible and I had a new midwife - she recommended a Calcium/magnesium supplement. I used Vitamist brand which is a spray vitamin and it was easy to take so often. It didn't get rid of the cntxs but it did help the intensity. And nursing often does help the cramping end sooner  - just hard to bring yourself to do it when you know it'll bring on more afterpains. Anyway, I've order my Cal/Mag spray already to make sure I've got it and I'm only 13 weeks right now! Another thing my other midwives recommend is a herbal tincture called Afterease by WishGarden.  HTH!

baby3in2011's Avatar baby3in2011 03:52 PM 01-14-2011

i guess i should consider myself lucky that i havent had after pains as bad as some of you, advil liquid gels are my best friend after having a baby though. after i had dd1 (at a birthing center) my midwife put me in an herbal bath (it smelled a lot like spaghetti sauce) but man i think it helped a ton as far as vaginal pain after the birth. the most comfortable way for me to sit was with my legs crossed and everyone was surprised i could sit like that. i also drank a bottle of liquid chlorophyll with grape juice after the birth. i don't remember what that was for exactly but i felt better overall after it. Ok I looked it up and the chlorophyll is to help after blood loss.

upnorthmama's Avatar upnorthmama 05:01 PM 01-14-2011

Previous C-Section mama's...I was wondering about afterpains? How did they feel for you with the added pain of the incision? I can't imagine and it really scares me. With DD I knew about afterpains but called the midwife because I was sure something must be wrong. They were so STRONG and painful.

Mrs-Mama's Avatar Mrs-Mama 06:43 PM 01-14-2011

I've had two c-sections and I can't say that I recall any afterpains.  Maybe the painkillers take care of it?  I take 800mg of motrin for pain.  The most painful thing about my c-section recoveries (esp with the 2nd one) were the awful gas pains.


sarahn4639's Avatar sarahn4639 07:01 PM 01-14-2011

DDCC  I had terrible after pains after my 2nd birth.  with my recent 3rd birth i planned ahead!  i still had them, but they weren't as bad as last time, here is what i did: AfterEase tincture, a dropper full under the tongue as often as needed,  belly binding, ibuprofen consistantly for the 1st 36 hours, and heating pad.  I felt like these all helped.  Good luck mamas!

outerspacemama's Avatar outerspacemama 07:05 PM 01-14-2011
My midwife recommends crampbark tincture. I don't even know what that is but I think I'm going to get some because I just learned about how afterpains are worse with each birth!
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 07:10 PM 01-14-2011
soz ddcc i actually posted this question in the mums of many thread i'm expecting number 5 and my after pains have gotten worse with each one so i'll be keeping a look on this thread to see what helps you when that time comes smile.gif
sweeteleanor's Avatar sweeteleanor 07:22 PM 01-14-2011

Well crap!  Now you guys have me all worried!  They always sent me home with a giant bottle of Motrin or something and I never took one...am I doomed with #3?!  Oy!

lyterae's Avatar lyterae 08:23 PM 01-14-2011

Originally Posted by Mrs-Mama View Post

I've had two c-sections and I can't say that I recall any afterpains.  Maybe the painkillers take care of it?  I take 800mg of motrin for pain.  The most painful thing about my c-section recoveries (esp with the 2nd one) were the awful gas pains.


 This! We had just left the hospital and we were getting scripts filled when they started. It was terrible.

Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 09:49 PM 01-14-2011

Mine were worse after baby #2 and I expect they'll be even worse this time. I know the hospital & midwife sent me home with some super strong Advil (maybe 400mg? I dunno) so I'm gonna stick with that. I'd love to go with something all natural and all that but I dont' trust anything to work as well as the ibuprofen and for the couple days I"ll be taking it, I don't fear it.  

thankful85's Avatar thankful85 05:18 AM 01-15-2011

Oh wow! I don't remember the after pains at all....am I just blocking them out??  I'm going to read up and see what to have on hand if they get bad....great ideas so far!

mumofmak's Avatar mumofmak 12:15 PM 01-15-2011

I guess I forgot to mention that I took advil as well. There's no way I would have done without it, in addition to the natural stuff.

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 03:44 PM 01-15-2011

Did you take just the regular over-the-counter Advil or a Rx kind?

homemademom's Avatar homemademom 05:03 PM 01-15-2011

Originally Posted by mumofmak View Post

I guess I forgot to mention that I took advil as well. There's no way I would have done without it, in addition to the natural stuff.

I've always done that, too, and will again. 

mumofmak's Avatar mumofmak 11:03 AM 01-16-2011

I took 4 regular, over the counter advil (so 800mg) every 6hrs. Max dosage is 3200mg in 24hrs. And then decreased the dose as things got better.

cagnew's Avatar cagnew 07:30 AM 01-17-2011

I had a c/s with my second, so the pain meds must have covered up any after pains. I'm worried about them this time though. I know it's not terribly popular, but I think I might ask for the pain meds just in case advil doesn't cut it. Once I have gotten through labor and birth, I want the bigger pain to be OVER and I am willing to pop a pill or two to help with that. Of course, my doula (who is a midwife) might have something to say about that, lol.

upnorthmama's Avatar upnorthmama 07:37 AM 01-17-2011

As long as there is something that is safe for nursing I am right with you.

leahmn12's Avatar leahmn12 07:44 AM 01-17-2011

Ugh. After-pains. I'd forgotten all about them until this posting. With my last birth, they were horrible. The first time I nursed DS after my epidural wore off, my partner looked at me in panic and said "Are you O.K.?! You look AWFUL!" All the blood had drained from my face and I couldn't even speak. Ugh. The nurse gave me a heating pad which seemed to help, but I don't think I'll hesitate to take something for pain this time.

beanbean's Avatar beanbean 09:55 AM 01-19-2011

For births 3 & 4, I took some Motrin & AfterEase right after the birth (before the pains started). I think I took one or two more doses of Motrin, tops, but continued with the Afterease for 48 hours or so. The afterpains were not nearly as bad as they were after #2 (in that case I only used Afterease and didn't start it until many hours after the birth). Totally manageable. I also used a belly binder after #4 and think that was a huge help as well. The afterpains in all cases were gone within 2 days.


FWIW, after birth is the only time I ever take NSAIDs, but that's one instance where it's totally worth it, IMHO. Personally I would avoid Tylenol since it stresses the liver.


HTH somewhat!


OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 03:10 PM 01-19-2011

The hospitals Ive given birth at have been very proactive when it came to pain aftercare.. luckily because I wasn't after I got home and I could barely move with DD2.. DD1 I don't remember them being very bad and they couldn't have been since DH and I went food shopping the day after DD1 and I were released from the hospital and other than increased bleeding I don't remember any problems.. DD2 however, woozers! The NICU doctor was extremely worried to the point he called in an OB to look at me because I was in so much pain and swelled horribly. They almost readmitted me because nothing was working to manage the pain and swelling. Took a while for it to go away which took me by surprise. I figured it wouldn't be that bad because DD1 wasn't that bad.


I'm hoping that this one doesn't end up in the NICU so I can go home and recoup without having to get up every 1 1/2 hours to go walk to the NICU, feed him, come back, pump, and do it all again 45 minutes later. I think that is why it was so bad last time.


Honestly I suck when it comes to pain so I take what they give me (Motrin first time, vicodin in the end last time until I could move without looking like I was going to pass out from the pain). The after pain was a lot worse for me than the actual labor.