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Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 01:09 PM 03-01-2011

Born February 28 at 8:20 - 10min after our arrival at the hospital!!!


20 1/2 inches, 7lbs6oz


I was team green - It's a girl!

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aidenn's Avatar aidenn 01:36 PM 03-01-2011

Sarah!  Congratulations!  I am sure Orion is going to love being a big brother.  I hope your family is settling in well.  :)

upnorthmama's Avatar upnorthmama 01:42 PM 03-01-2011

So happy to read this! Congratulations!!!!!!

finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 01:44 PM 03-01-2011

Congrats!!  Beautiful name!

Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 02:20 PM 03-01-2011

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the story. We had Alice picked out for a girl name also, love it!

spatulagirl's Avatar spatulagirl 02:27 PM 03-01-2011

yay! I was coming on here to see if you had given birth!

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 02:29 PM 03-01-2011

congrats mama! welcome alice!

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Congratulations!  And get OUT, 10 minutes after you got there?  She certainly got the timing perfect, despite making you wait so long for labour to get started ;)


(I hope you don't mind me checking in - you crossed my mind the other day and I stopped in here and saw that you were still in waiting, so I've been watching for news...)



Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 02:52 PM 03-01-2011

More specifically, 10 min from arrival at the hospital, 4 from arrival in the birth room.  The weather was nasty here last night, and we almost didn't make it.


(Shauna, my water broke on Connaught St.)

clutterbug's Avatar clutterbug 08:08 PM 03-01-2011

Oh wow, 8:20 last night!  I had morning in my head for whatever reason.  Eeek, stressful drive! 

rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 08:41 PM 03-01-2011

Congrats, twinklefae! love.gif  What a beautiful name, I can't wait to see pictures!

milkmommie's Avatar milkmommie 06:39 AM 03-02-2011

Congratulations! joy.gif

debra_lea's Avatar debra_lea 02:12 PM 03-02-2011

Congradulations!  Can't wait to hear the birth story!!!


3xMama's Avatar 3xMama 05:46 PM 03-02-2011

Congratulations! Love her name!!

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Awwww, so sweet :)  Her just-born wet hair gives me a little thrill...I can't wait to have one of those again in a few weeks!!   And Orion is so grown up - the last time I saw him, he was still toddling around! 


Lovely family, Sarah.  Hope all is going great :)

Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 05:06 AM 03-04-2011

Thanks - when's the next LLL meeting?  This Monday or next?

clutterbug's Avatar clutterbug 05:23 AM 03-04-2011

Second Monday of the month, so the 14th :)  Hope you can make it!

Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 07:16 AM 03-05-2011

Birth Story:


I woke up Sunday night at 3am to go pee, as usual, and when I lay back down I was rocked by a huge contraction.  Lay still and trying to ignore them for about 15min, but they were pretty steady at 5min apart.  Got up, found my MP3 player and walked around the hallway for a bit, hoping that this was the real thing.  (we were going to discuss induction that day if labour hadn't started.)


At 4am I realized that if this WAS the real thing I should try to sleep more, as my first labour had taken 45 hours and I needed to rest up.  Dozed between steady contraction til a little after 5am and then I got up.  Sent DH (who'd been sleeping on the air mattress in the living room because of my snoring) back to bed for bit, since I was still able to deal with contractions on my own. 


I made eggs and toast around 6:30, and was eating them when DS got up, which surprised him.  (I'm not a morning person at all, and am never up before him.)  We all hung out in the living room, and I played around on the internet for a while.  By about 8:30 we realized that DS needed to leave - contractions were getting stronger, though still 5min apart - as the noises I was making were upsetting him.  We called my Dad and he came and got him. 


With just DH and I in the house it felt funny - like we should be doing something between contractions other than just hanging out.  We slowly got dressed for the day, finished packing the bags and in general decided that this might actually be real labour. (We had two false alarms under our belt at this point and didn't want to 'jinx' it.)  We went for a walk in the cold which was nice - we rarely go out together like that without a kid.


By about 10am we called the doula, who headed over.  Her arriving was fantastic - she was so calm, and didn't seem to think anything was wrong or that it was taking too long, which was reassuring to me.  We chatted freely between contractions and I spent most contractions either on hands and knees or the birth ball.  Lots of breathing and noise. 


DH did a great job making sure I had a constant supply of water, and making me comfort food like peanut butter sandwiches that he knew I would eat without protest.  The doula made Red Raspberry Leaf tea and in general, if I hadn't been having steady contractions every 5 min it would have been a very pleasant afternoon.


By the late afternoon, contractions were getting more intense and harder to breath through.  Dh was fantastic, dropping whatever he was holding when a contraction hit, and the doula was so calm, it helped me to stay calm.  I tried to eat some supper, but threw up.  Shortly after that we started to discuss heading to the hospital.  I elected to wait another 30min, just to be sure.


Shortly after that I began to feel 'pushy', which scared me.  It didn't seem possible that I could be fully dilated and I'd had issues with early pushing sensations with DS that resulted in an epidural and pitocin augmentation, so I was worried.  We started packing up to head out, but the weather had turned horrible at some point that day - 10cm of snow and then heavy rain.  All the drains were plugged and the roads were flooded and slippery.


While I was getting my coat on another contraction hit and I said that famous sentence "I don't think I can do this anymore."  My doula remained calm (despite the fact that she was apparently freaking out inside) and we got into the car (she was following in her own vehicle) she gave me a few tips on not pushing.  Obviously in hindsight, I was in transition. 


DH was fantastic in the car - he drove with confidence, kept encouraging me, made some small talk where appropriate.  I was having intense pushing contractions, and was failing utterly at breathing through them.  If I had known for sure that I was fully dialated, she would have been born on the side of the road.  However, I was going between being sure I was and ready to have the baby here and now and being convinced that there was no way and that I was destroying my cervix by pushing to early.  The ride took almost an hour, and by the time we arrived I was screaming ala TV birth as the only way left to release the intense feelings I couldn't act on.


When we finally arrived at the hospital, the doula (who had been praying we weren't pulling over every time the brake lights lit up) reappeared at my side.  I continued to shriek and scream as we made our way into the hospital (after a minor freak out about the doors - they lock them at night now, and we had to wait a second to be buzzed in) and skipped the admitting desk all together.  They sent a team down from the birth unit who quickly stuck me in a wheelchair and zoomed me to a birthing suite.  The doula looked at the clock and it was 8:16pm.


In the birthing suite, DH and a nurse stripped my pants off and I got up on the bed where the doctor assessed my dilation to be 10cm and +2.  I could push!  It took me a contraction and a nurse telling me to put the energy I was putting into screaming into pushing.  Two pushes later and she was out!  I'd had to pause a little once her head was out - the cord was tight around her neck.  They tried to get DH to say the sex, but he got stuck on 'no penis' so I got to be the one to say 'It's a girl'. 


She had meconium too (just like DS) and went to be deep suctioned.  Her Apgars were good, and she was quickly back in my arms (and pooping on everything.)  The doctor wanted to 'deliver' the placenta but listened when I asked her to wait, and it came out naturally a few seconds later.


My first natural birth and while quite the roller coaster ride it was wonderful in many ways!  I had a 1st degree tear and have to say that the worst part of a natural birth is getting the shots to get stitched up.  But again, the doctor, though a complete stranger, was very responsive and concerned about me.  The rest of our hospital stay was short and easy and we're loving being home as a family of four!

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Love the hat!


Congratulations!!!!  joy.gif Hope you get some well-earned rest!  sleepytime.gif

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Congrats Twinkle! She's gorgeous!