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thankful85's Avatar thankful85 06:34 AM 03-05-2011

Asking a cervix question when most of us have had our babies...haha!!  It never ends!


I've been noticing a heavy-ish feeling once in a while and checked myself yesterday.  My cervix is really low.  Like..really really low.  About half a finger in.  Is that normal for 4 weeks PP?  Do I have a prolapse?

smeep's Avatar smeep 11:18 AM 03-05-2011

I would call your midwife or doctor. The dilation I think is normal but not sure about it being low. I'd check mine for comparison but I'm still a "eegh" at the idea of sticking something up there right now. lol 

ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 01:08 PM 03-05-2011

i'm only 8 days pp...nothing's going in there yet!!! thumb.gif


hope someone has some ideas...