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Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 08:57 AM 04-20-2011

Now that most of us are past the really little newborn phase, what are your babies up to?


Alice is smiling up a storm, working on sleeping independantly in the crib for naps, love love loves her stroller for outings.  She can pick me out of a crowd, and loves to watch her big brother, and her Daddy. 


As of yesterday, she's 11lbs 2oz.  Nursing is going well, but she's not really willing to take a bottle, which I find hard since I have Girl Guides on the go as well!

LSUtwinMama's Avatar LSUtwinMama 09:10 AM 04-20-2011

Collin is 8 wks old already! And also smiling like crazy and starting to giggle. His twin sisters are madly in love with him.


He's currently 13 lbs, up from 6.6lbs at birth- so yeah, he's a GREAT nurser.

He also started rolling over from stomach to back the past couple weeks and can wiggle around the bed at night like an inch worm!


Zo and Collin

Getting tickles from sister! His favorite thing.

baby3in2011's Avatar baby3in2011 03:56 PM 04-20-2011

Mae is doing well. She will be 11 weeks tomorrow, and as of yesterday weighs 12lbs 13oz. :) She smiles and blows raspberries when we try to get her to say 'mama' or 'dada'. She has giggled once, only I heard it, haha. She is very interested in her older siblings, in return they always want to kiss her or hold her. She has been a little drooly lately which was a sign of teething in my other 2 kids, who got teeth at 4 months, so I'm sure some teeth are coming, I will miss her gummy smile!

rainbow_mandala's Avatar rainbow_mandala 07:58 PM 04-20-2011

Isabella is a little over 6 weeks old now and weighs about 14 lbs (10.5 at birth...yup, she loves to eat) winky.gif  She doesn't cry much, sometimes before we go to bed at night but that's it, she loves to look at everything, soaks it all up, she smiles and coos and loves being talked to...she is a delight love.gif  I feel very blessed.


ashleybrook's Avatar ashleybrook 09:55 PM 04-20-2011

phoenix is 8 weeks tomorrow. :) wow. he rolled over for the first time today...though i didn't get to see it! i'd put him on his stomach in the bathroom after i showered him off and was finishing showering me...he started chatting, so i thought i better hurry up, he's going to get impatient pretty soon, but when i got out, he was on his back! i hope it happens again soon, and i get to see it!


he's started being really drooly too the last week and i thought of teething, but then i thought it's way too early. but then i've noticed him having his hands in his mouth recently and starting to go nawing on my hands too. we'll see. i know they can be just droolers! 


anyways, we always have a fussy time at some point in the day, usually around 4 and then 7. i'm hoping that goes away in the next month like kelliemom says it can. :) and he's smiling up a storm...and just generally more involved with my dh and me...and even others...


he absolutely loves the shower, and has been in the pool a couple times and really likes it! looking forward to enjoying the pool with him here in so cal this summer.


no idea of his weight...but he sure feels heavy!

Ravin's Avatar Ravin 11:09 PM 04-20-2011

Elessar is 6 weeks old today. He weighed in at 10 lb. 14 oz., up from 9 lb. 13 oz. at birth and a low of 8 lb. 7 oz. (I think...percocet brain at the time may have fuzzed my memory).


He's started smiling real smiles, sleeps a good stretch in the first part of the night on his own, and took a trial bottle late last week with no problem. I go back to work this weekend.

Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 01:45 PM 04-21-2011

Kennedy is 8.5 wks old, he was 2 months yesterday- can't believe its going by so fast! he's 12lbs 2oz, up from 8lbs 1oz at birth. He has a bit of a cold I think, he's had some nasal congestion especially at night but a little saline in the nose seems to give him some relief. He coos and the big kids laugh and laugh. He grins so big it's like his face can't handle it :) He nearly rolled over yesterday but didn't quite make it. He likes to stand up on peoples laps.


He has a fussy period in the evening, usually around 9:30 for an hour- hour and a half. Then he sleeps his biggest stretch, 4-5 hrs. He usually takes at least one or two short 30 min naps per day in the crib but the past few days he wakes after 5 mins. I think it may be due to his cold, I hope it's not a trend. If so, I guess I'll work with it, I'll just start wearing him more. He takes his biggest nap of the day when I wear him to walk ds to school after lunch.


He has gotten waaayyyyy better in the car seat already, which is so great. He has fallen asleep in it a couple times. my dd hated her car seat for a year so I've been worried that he would be the same- for the first few weeks he screamed in it and I couldn't drive anywhere. He has even ridden his stroller once :) Again dd- no stroller for her first year. So far he's shaping up to be a bit of an easier baby than she was so I could not be more thankful for that!!!!


The bigger kids love him so much and they have been so amazing with him. Ds' teacher said though that she has noticed more aggressive behaviour and namecalling the past while and wondered if it could be attributed to the baby. He has always been a more physical kid than his peers but I'm going to try to work on giving him more attention and lots of patience and love. He seems to really respond to that whenever we've had difficulty with him.



finnegansmom's Avatar finnegansmom 02:52 PM 04-21-2011

Henry was 2 months old on Tuesday!  He was 14# 15oz at his 2 month check up.  He is so chunky and cute!  We are already wearing 6 month clothes and some 6-12 stuff.  So sad, I was whimpering when I put away his 0-3 sleepers.  He is our last baby....although I have had dreams 3 nights in a row about being pregnant again. 


He is smiling like crazy but I find myself holding him all the time, or my mom who lives with us holds him when I need to do something.  I don't think he's had much of a chance to learn to roll over yet!  LOL.  My other 2 boys are totally in love with him, it's been really great to have him in our family.  :) 





trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 09:30 PM 04-21-2011

Aubrey Rose is a chunky lil monkey. 15 pounds already. On Sunday she turned 3 months old and on Monday I went back to work. All is going well. She rolled over the first time I gave her tummy time but hasn't since. She is such a doll. She gives big gummy smiles and laughs out loud. Her hair is starting to look more strawberry blonde than it did at birth. She loves to nurse as often as she can and it's so funny when she starts grunting and rooting. Then once she's nursed she acts like she's drunk. It's so funny and cute.




nosce's Avatar nosce 12:00 AM 04-23-2011

Elliott is 12 weeks old and weighs 13.5 lb, up from 8lb 6oz at birth. He rolls from front to back and back to front and is doing those baby push-up things now. He smiles a lot and gives cute little smirks when his dad sings Elvis songs to him (because the smirk reminds DH of Elvis lol) and has the most irresistible chuckles. He sleeps 7-9 hour stretches at night 75% of the time- I seriously believed the moms who claimed their babies did this were full of crap before I had Elliott. Who knew I'd actually be sleeping well enough to dream? He also takes a really decent 2-4 hour nap at midday. The drool started about a week ago and with it came the gums clamping down on our knuckles and his little fists- my first child started teething at 4 months and cut her first tooth at 7 months. And she never did stop drooling- she's almost three now lol. So I guess we'll see.

We run a family business so I take him with me to work 2 days each week- other than that we stay home. The other day I shot video footage for our business with him strapped to my back- now that's multitasking. winky.gif




Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 07:40 AM 04-24-2011

The girls are 10 weeks old and weigh almost 13 pounds each. They are sleeping through the night 9pm-7am, on their own! They are easy babies, never really fuss too much.

Lyla is teething, the dr said so! And you can feel her tooth down there..its a drooling mess. I have to get some teething necklaces in quick! They had their shots and checkups 2 weeks ago and did fine with everything.

They smile all the time and coo and lyla rolled over once but hasnt since. They sleep in their own cribs in the same room.They are precious!



LSUtwinMama's Avatar LSUtwinMama 01:51 PM 05-08-2011





9wks and grasping/playing with toys. His sisters love to dangle toys in front of him and watch him bat at them like a kitten. ROTFLMAO.gif

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 06:56 PM 05-08-2011

Aubrey has that same toy mat thing and she loves it too! She has started the first signs of teething with the drools and knawing. I just love her so much!

Twinklefae's Avatar Twinklefae 05:24 AM 05-09-2011

We have the same toy mat too - Alice adores it.  Here's a pic.  100_3116.JPG

smeep's Avatar smeep 09:04 PM 05-13-2011

Allora is talking, ALL the time. And wants to sit up by herself so bad! Today we discovered a new game. I change her diaper on the bed and earlier after I changed it I pushed down on the bed a couple times to make her bounce. She arched her back and I did it again. She kept arching her back every time and if I waited too long she'd arch her back again. I guess it was her way of telling me to make her bounce more. :) 

LSUtwinMama's Avatar LSUtwinMama 07:08 AM 05-14-2011


My goofy little man @ 10wks. He wants to crawl *so bad*